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Happiness Touchstones

Happiness Touchstones

I am currently making my way through the wonderful Artists Way by Julie Cameron. For those of you who have not heard of it, this is basically a book course on unblocking your creativity. There is a large spiritual component, but I would honestly recommend this book to anyone, whether you follow any sort of religion or are completely atheist. This book has been a massive part of my recovery. I’d recommend it to anyone going through any form of recovery, especially if you like to write or find writing therapeutic, or if you see yourself as an artist of any sort (and I argue that we are all artists in some way.).  Along with writing daily “morning pages,” Julie gives you writing exercises that ask important questions about your behaviors, help you dig into your past, and begin to sleuth out your fears and what is blocking you from living the life you want to lead. It’s technically a 12 week course….I’m on “week” 10…. meaning… month 10. I have no idea how people do it in 12 weeks… But anyways… one little exercise in the book is to list your “happiness touchstones” – a quick list of things you love. Just those little things in your every day that make you smile. As a way to introduce myself a little more, I thought I’d share a few of mine.

Coffee. That first sip in the early morning. In a round mug that fits perfectly in my hands. Mmmmmm…


Mornings. When everything is still quiet and at peace. This is when I get the most done.


Hiking paths. Early morning walks.


Cafes. If I have an afternoon free, chances are you will find me hunkered down in a little indie cafe with a delicious Americano, some sort of baking,  and my journal.


To do lists. Checking things off to do lists.


Farmers Markets. My favorite part of each week is early saturday mornings where I stroll the isles, sipping my McDonalds coffee, buying all sorts of homemade baked goods and listening to the farmers chat about the robins.


Picnic Tables. Or just picnics… with no tables. Eating outside in general.



Baking. Cinnamon buns. Muffins. Scones. My favorite breakfast.


Big Bowls. Full. Of everything.

Dancing. Literally like no one is watching. With your arms up to the sky like you did when you were three.



Dan Mangan. Hey Rosetta. Hawksley Workman. Those songs that just fill your heart so much you are certain it will explode.

The lake.



Gratitude doesn’t have to come in golden treasure chests… it’s about the little things. What little things make you smile?


  1. cookiesnchem | 21st Sep 15

    Oh my goodness that scone looks heavenly!

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    […] had one seriously epic trip to the Farmers Market. As this post tells you, one of my favorite things to do. Holey market HAUL!! You see the size of that kale!? […]

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