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My Little “Routine”

You know those articles that present us with lists of things we should incorporate into our daily lives? “9 Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life.” etc…

I stumbled upon one the other day,  and it got me thinking about all the years I spent trying to find my own routine.  All those times I tried to follow lists of health guidelines and suggestions thrown at us in countless web posts, but more often than not, failed to keep any of them for more than a day… or failed to even begin.

And you know, that’s so okay.  It takes time to establish our own routines. Own” being the critical word here.  Not all those suggestions will feel good to everyone.  I, for one, have definitely discovered many that don’t work for me, or simply weren’t relative to my personal needs – even if this gives me a ‘D’ in Dr. Oz world.  A routine will only stick when it actually does feel good and does provide you with a sense of benefit.  Otherwise, what actually is the point?

So I don’t know if I’d actually say I have a “routine,” but I can say I have finally – after years of trial and error – come to discover little things that I like to do each and every day.  Not because the inter webs have told me I should do so, though.  No.  They’ve come about as all routines should…naturally, organically, and over a long period of time.

Nothing crazy.  Nothing new and exciting or splashy like maybe you would find on some of those other posts.  Just little things that keep me relaxed and smiling inside – which is what I’m needing most in life right now. “My little routine for health and calm,” I could call it (or “A little Help for my Hormones Part 2: The Soul Edition”). 

Wake up early to the sound of the Radio.  CBC Radio 2 gently reverberating through the walls amidst the dead silence of morning.

Pour my warm water with lemon.  A soothing massage for the throat and gentle hug for the belly. Said to get the metabolism and digestive system going, increase energy and mood, a wonder for the immune system, and rid the body of toxins.  Also just feels really nice.

Lemon Water

Wash my face with honey.  Mother Natures’ best cleanser.

Raw Honey Face Wash

Stretch.  Bend.  Yoga.  Breathe.  20 minutes… Or even just 5.  



Fill my body with whole, nutritious ingredients.  Focus on hemp seeds, nut butters and maca (healthy fats and omegas for the hormones, mood and skin).  Even just knowing I have given my body a real dose of nutrients to start its day makes me feel good.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Oats

Take Vitamins. Holy Basil (for relaxation), Magnesium (for stress and anxiety), and Vitamin D (for mood). 

Spend time in a coffee shop.


Come home.  Immediately put on sweats and big second hand sweater.  Turn on radio. 

(If I’m lucky enough to have come home early)  plate myself a nice dinner. “Nice” meaning on a real plate, at a real table. Leftovers are very much welcome.  Pour a glass of wine or kombucha. Evening Jazz in the background.

Kombucha Dinner

Hot Shower  (Or epsom salt bath if time). 

Redress in everything warm.  Boil the kettle.

Pour myself a mug of Tulsi tea.  Plate chocolate.

IMG_1291 2

Cozy myself onto the  couch, turn on lamp, tea and chocolate by my side.  Read whatever it may be that evening – play, blogs, homework.  

My little “hippy box” sitting on my coffee table. 

IMGP4525 2

Slowly retreat to bed.  Read a page or two from my little book of Pema Chodron – encouraging words of compassion to end the day.

IMG_1176 2

Turn off radio.


Right now, I’m really enjoying this little routine of mine.  Who knows how long it will actually last…but that’s okay.  These things are what are keeping me calm and happy.  Even after a tough day, I can always find sanction in thinking of coming home, or waking up, to these little daily bits of “me.”

Having even one or two things that are a constant in your day can really make a difference. Whether that is having your morning “cocktail,” a morning meditation, drinking out of the same mug, or ending each night with that same piece of chocolate, these are the things that can keep our feet on the ground. And keep us rooted in who we are.

Welcome to a little peek into my life. I’d welcome you all to join me any day.

Do you enjoy having a routine?

Are there any little things you love to do each day? Each morning? Each night?

What little thing in your day makes you happy? 



  1. bucketlisttummy | 22nd Jan 16

    I’d love to start stretching, bending, and yoga-ing in the morning. I just don’t let myself have the patience just yet, but I love the idea of it. I start off the same as you, except 2 cups of coffee instead of the lemon water. Then I LOVE spending time catching up on blogs, and stalking you alls’ lives. Kidding, sort of…But reading posts like these prepare me for a happy day. Chocolate after dinner (or any form of dessert) is a must for me!

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      Coffee definitely comes after lemon water, with breakfast. And I also definitely could have (should have) included “stalking you alls’ lives” in here as well. Absolutely a part of my day (and one of my favorites). 🙂

  2. hungryforbalance | 22nd Jan 16

    My routine has changed so much over the past few years, some parts for better and some for worse. I love your idea of morning quiet breathing/yoga/stretching time. I would love to add that to my day.
    Coffee, breakfast, and usually gym time are all a part of my routine, but calm is not. But the chaos is good, right?

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      Routines definitely change… it would be strange if they didn’t. Though hopefully they change more for the better and to accommodate the rest of your life as it is in that time. I think that’s why mine right now is so focused on relaxation – its what I need most – but at other times in my life this probably wouldn’t be happening. I tend to feel a lot of anxiety in the morning and I find the few minutes of stretching is what helps most to calm that down. Those are all great parts of a routine! Hopefully you can find even a moment of calm at some other point of the day, when it works for you?

  3. blondepancake | 22nd Jan 16

    I love spending time in coffee shops! It’s so peaceful 🙂 And that chocolate looks absolutely divine! I like having a routine but I wish I was more okay with “going with the flow” sometimes! Have a great weekend Cora 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      Yes yes yes – that is also something to be very wary of. I love my routines but also need to continuously push myself out of my own “comfort zone” so I make sure I’m not isolating myself. Spontaneity – and busting out of your routine once and a while – also feels wonderful. It’s a balance! And knowing what is best for you at the given time. Thanks for this! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. cookiesnchem | 22nd Jan 16

    Your day looks so enjoyable and relaxing. I love getting little glimpses into other people’s lives. Thank you for this post – it’s like a twist on the usual “Day in the Life of…”. Amazing!

    What little thing in your day makes you happy? Hmmm, definitely chocolate. And blankets. Fuzzy socks. Yoga. 🙂

    Do you think I could totally rip off this idea and make my own rendition of the “Routine” post? 😀 I just love the whole concept so much!

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      I did realize this was sort of a “day in the life”… but wanted to put my own spin on it :). And yes absolutely!! I’d love to see what your own little routine looks like!!

  5. cookiesnchem | 22nd Jan 16

    Also, forgot to mention that I’m curious as to how you wash your face with honey! How does that work? 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      Haha. As long as it is 100% raw and organic, you literally just wash your face with it. Put a little on your fingers, massage into skin, and wash off. I like to use a natural toner after as well. Honey is so chalk full of vitamin E and enzymes that are good for the skin…for for microbial and moisturizing…it is all you need. My skin has never been better.

      • cookiesnchem | 23rd Jan 16

        That’s fascinating. Thank you for telling me about that: something totally unheard of in my family is using honey on the face! I would imagine that it’s very sticky but smells so yummy. My sister does coconut oil on her hair, so what’s the difference? 😉 Will tell my parents about this cool technique! Thank you!

  6. Kate Bennett | 22nd Jan 16

    Routines are awesome. And yours looks both productive and cozy! I wish that I made time for more leisure reading rather than watching TV at night. Before I got married I rarely ever watched TV, now it is something we do together at night to relax.
    I think my morning routine is my favorite, because it is the most quiet and peaceful time. I don’t have much a routine down any other time of the day.

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      Well whenever Dan is over we always watch TV, so this makes complete sense. And that right there sounds like a wonderful routine in of itself. Relaxing together and having a show you both enjoy – nothing better. Mornings are the prime time for any sort of routine. The perfect way to set yourself up for the day. Days are too unpredictable, and definitely without time for any routine, so they are literally my “bookends.”

  7. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 22nd Jan 16

    I think your routine sounds perfect, mainly because it works for you. I’m a big fan of routines and the one which makes me happiest is those first couple hours each morning. I usually have the house to myself, I write my lists, pen my posts, drink my lemon water and coffee and gradually embrace the day.

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      Mmm those first couple hours of the morning will never lose their magic. They are so lovely, and so important for setting yourself up for the day. Best time for list making.

  8. Stephanie Leduc | 22nd Jan 16

    Oh, I love this! I never gave myself a real routine but I know that I definitely follow one. Yours looks so relaxing! I especially love the part of cozying up into bed and eating chocolate :)!

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Jan 16

      That’s cool that you just naturally know you follow one! No need to label it. I’m allll about cozy 🙂

  9. gracefulcoffee | 22nd Jan 16

    I love having a routine! It gives me a sense of peace and stability 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  10. Ellie | 23rd Jan 16

    I like having a routine in the morning and before bed. In the morning I like to finish my run with enough time before work to eat a good breakfast and drink coffee while reading blogs and news. I also watch YouTube videos in the background (no TV humph). At night I like to make dinner, warm up my cornbag and sit it in my bed, eat dinner while reading and snapchatting friends and listening to podcasts. It’s a nice way to relax after a long day 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Jan 16

      I love every part of this. Our routines sound very similar (forgot to add in my part about heating up my bean bag), yet distinguished with our own little uniquenesses. Its so nice to have those moments of relaxation to end off a day 🙂

  11. Juli | 23rd Jan 16

    Until not so long ago I was rushing out of the house every morning. From waking up to leaving in under 20 min. I have changed that now. I get up early and leave the house at least 1,5 hours later. I drink coffee, watch TV, read or write a little have breakfast and then I am ready for the day. I start my day so much more relaxed and that’s paying off. I am much calmer and more relaxed during the day and those extra few minutes just for myself are a huge part of my sould maintanance routine so to say.

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Jan 16

      This is so cool Juli. I love the sound of your morning now. I love how you actually made the transition because you learned – through the trial – how it helps you even through the whole day. A calm morning can really make all the difference I think – to which you speak proof!

  12. sprint2thetable | 23rd Jan 16

    This sounds like such an amazingly peaceful day. I have to have my drink every morning – CV, BCAAs, cayenne, and mineral water. I’ve never seen honey as a face wash! I’m about to go try it. My face has been crazy breaking out lately!

    • mylittletablespoon | 24th Jan 16

      I love that you always always always have your morning cocktail. I’m sure it works both for how you feel physically and mentally. I’ve been using honey for a few years now and will never go back to store bought anything!

  13. chasetheredgrape | 25th Jan 16

    I love a routine… Just those little parts of my everyday life that I do because I adore them, not ‘have to’ do them.
    Mine include a mug of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning, and a peppermint tea last thing at night while I read in silence. Watching the news with my breakfast in the morning, watching a movie on a Saturday… Even down to little things like how I read the newspaper and check my phone in the morning – just little things that make me, me! 🙂

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  15. masala girl | 30th Jan 16

    hi Cora! So, I think I’ve visited your blog a few times randomly in the past, but now I came here for a WIAW post and have stayed to read many. I love your voice and the way you write!
    Your day has reminded me to relax and enjoy myself a bit more. I love lemon water, and stretching, and did it every day. They have both been slacking lately as I find myself rushing for not reason; I just lay in bed putting off getting up! Hah.
    I definitely start and end my day with tea, though. It *is* so comforting. (and jealous that you have so many blueberries!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      Hi!! Thank you so much for perusing through some of my posts. It always means so much to know that it is not just the most recent one that gets attention.
      I am so glad that this one resonated a bit with you – taking time to relax and enjoy yourself is so so necessary isn’t it? It can have affects in so many other aspects of your life. No need to feel bad about those times when your routine gets a little off though – happens to all of us – and staying in bed a bit more is a pretty good substitution. I give my approval 🙂

  16. masala girl | 30th Jan 16

    also, how do you wash your face with honey??

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      Literally just put a tiny bit on a couple fingers, massage it into your skin and wash it off! Like an other face wash. Just make sure it is raw and organic. 🙂

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