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Kale Pesto Recipe (plus WIAW: The Gym Was Closed…)

Today I bring you a super delicious, super colorful and super nutritious recipe for Kale Pesto. A lightened up, less expensive take on the classic – but with all the flavor that’d you expect (and twice the nutrients!).   Hi everyone – and welcome to my “new and improved” site. I’m still figuring stuff out and seeing if I like this current layout etc, so bare with me as I…

Healthy Baked Onion Rings with Miso Gravy

“You made onion rings!?” Sounds pretty daunting, doesn’t it? Well I assure you it really isn’t! This recipe for healthy baked onion rings is suuuper easy, fun and fast. A completely healthy, dare I say sophisticated way, of serving a normally greasy fast food favorite. Yes I am talking about Onion Rings on a so called “health blog.” Homemade Onion Rings to be exact. In Toronto, there is a glorious vegetarian/vegan…

Cauliflower Shortcake Pancakes

This week was busssy, but there was still enough time for at least a bit of kitchen fun. After what seems like weeks of scones, muffins, cereal and bagels (convenience to the win), I was craving something a little more creative for my morning off.  And who doesn’t like PANCAKES? Mmmmmm. Next question. Who doesn’t like CAULIFLOWER in their pancakes? Okay… fair enough. How about CAKE for breakfast? Now you’re talking. I had…

Chicken and Fig Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing (plus Lately: Kitchen Creations)

This Chicken and Fig Salad with Goat Cheese Dressing is possibly one of the most unique salads I’ve made up to date! Its combination of unique tastes and textures make for one seemingly fancy, delicious and filling meal.  But first! My recent installment of “Lately: Kitchen Creations.” Some hella-sweet creations happening lately! Here’s to taking time off work and treating yourself to kitchen dance parties (complete with apron gown and spatula microphone…

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