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A Rant: Why Do I Feel Like I Eat More Than Anyone Else?

A Rant: Why Do I Feel Like I Eat More Than Anyone Else?

So I actually wrote this post over a month ago, and then chose not to post it. But over the past couple weeks, I’ve had a few experiences that brought me back to see what I had written. 

Specifically – I was in the dressing room (oh the wonderful things you hear when you spend hours a day in a small dressing room filled with women looking at themselves in wall sized mirros). It was almost 1:00 in the afternoon, and one of my cast mates said, “Wow I’m hungry! Why am I hungry? I ate breakfast and everything!…” 

…. I ate breakfast and everything!? It’s 1:00!!! By that time I had already eaten breakfast, snack AND lunch. 

Hence… why I’m bringing this post back. Here goes. 



…when the person next to you says, before you even begin, “looks like I’ll have dinner tomorrow!” … but you sure as heck know you won’t. 


Okay.  I don’t know if this is so much a rant…. or just a plea for clarification. Maybe its me just being sensitive and confused and kind of frustrated and needing to get out a lot of rhetoric questions which I already kind of know the answer to…. 

But guys – I don’t get it. 

Why does it seem like I eat so much more than anyone around me?

I’m not talking about the blog community here. You guys are different. I think its safe to say that most of the people who hang out here share a common love of food and a sense of “health” which stereotypically includes eating on a regular basis, having snacks, home cooked meals, packing lunches, regular eating schedules etc. 



I remember this night clearly – on the way to DQ – both my brother and soon to be sister-in-law told me they had not eaten anything since lunch. It was 11 pm.

….Yet I was the one to get a regular sized post dinner blizzard. 


No, I’m talking about the people that I am around on a day to day basis. Colleagues, classmates, cast members, employees, friends. Young adults in their 20s. And even directors and teachers much older than me. 

I’ve admitted to my struggle and frustration with the schedule I am often given. I very often have rehearsals scheduled right during typical meal times. 12:00 to 4:00 and 5:00-10:00 with a 4:00-5:00 meal break, for example. Well a recent week of mine was another example of that. We worked from 9-2:30, had our “lunch” break from 2:30-3:30, and finished at 8:30 for a 9:00 “dinner.”

But here’s the thing – I seemed to be the only one who thought anything of it!  (I didn’t say anything out loud – but when the director at 2:30 nonchalantly said “is it time for some food?” I seemed to be the only one thinking, “um…. ya think!?!“).

So I went to my bag of tupperware and gave my hangry soul immediate sustenance. Some others did the same, some went to McDonalds, but the rest? They laid down. They talked. They hung out. …… where was their food!?!  


lunch bag eat

My daily lunch “bag”… literally 


But the REAL thing about that day was – in the morning we did a little exercise which involved saying what we ate for breakfast that morning. There were 23 of us in that room and I think 3, maybe 4, of us said something that was somewhat reminiscent of a real meal. The rest of them?

“An apple and coffee.”

“One of those kasha granola bars.”

…some chocolate…”


I’d say almost half of the room hadn’t had anything for breakfast. 


pancake-tupperware eat

Not having breakfast doesn’t even cross my mind as a possibility. Even if I have to throw my panake into a tupperware and take it out in public…


So – here I am – I ALWAYS eat breakfast, always eat three square meals a day (preferably spaced out and at regular eating times) plus a snack and always come home to a plate full of something sweet. And yet, I am underweight. 

Everyone around me? Why does it seem like they eat maybe one… maybe two?… meals a day (I mean the amount of times I hear people saying they hadn’t eaten breakfast astounds me!!!) and yet they maintain normal/ healthy weights?!? Why was I the only one eating before our performances last week? …AND after. 

It doesn’t make sense.


snack-performance eat

Post performance bed time snack: Two protein cereal squares + applesauce + chocolate 


Now, okay, I rationally know some explanations for this. The meals these people DO have – even if just one or two a day –  are possibly higher in calories than my average meals. These people, perhaps. splurge more than me on higher calorie snacks more frequently. They eat things and don’t count it as “eating.” They go out and drink much more than me on the weekends. Maybe they actually do go home and have their biggest meals before bed – when I don’t see them. 

And then here’s a question for you…. when people say “I haven’t eaten all day!” (which I hear ALL the time and it drives me CRAZY)….. do they actually mean it? Or, to them, does “eating nothing,” just mean they haven’t had a full, real meal yet? I feel like I’ve asked a few people to elaborate after they say this statement and usually they end up saying they had a granola bar… snacked on some chips… a pop… etc. No meal, but still definitely calories. Maybe – to them – this equates to “nothing?” 

While to me and my disordered past, “eating nothing” literally means I haven’t eaten anything all day. Nothing


post-rehearsal-snack eat

Another post-rehearsal “snack” plate: A shortbread/chocolate magic bar + Astro cappuccino flavored yogurt


So I hear this and I get…. annoyed. 

I haven’t even been focused on eating to gain weight, I’ve just been focused on eating normally, and yet here I am – the one who was hospitalized for not eating enough – and yet I seem to be the only one concerned that we are not being given proper breaks to feed ourselves. Maybe I should just be more like them and skip breakfast and only eat one meal at 3:00 in the afternoon…. maybe then I’d be normal!?


Sorry. I’m being facetious. But help me out here. Everyone around me appears to not eat very much. Can it really be that I just don’t see when they do eat? Or that they make up their calories in just one or two meals? Are people serious when they say “I haven’t eaten all day?” Am I just food obsessed and time rigid and hangry more than a normal person?? 

Linking up with Amanda for some Ranting Thinking Out Loud 

Edit to add: I’ve been catching up with Ellen’s blog recently. My respect for this young woman is so high. She’s written eloquently about her struggles being thin and her troubles gaining weight, despite eating a good healthy amount of food. It is a really tough place to be when you are very thin, yet feel like people are constantly watching you eat. She, and this post of mine, have me thinking back to my post about how hard it is to gain weight. 

And WHILE WE ARE RANTING. Remember my post on calorie counts on restaurant menus? Yeah. This has been driving me more crazy then ever lately. The numbers on the menus are growing! They are everywhere!! Now they are right on the main  McDonalds Menu screens – not even in small fonts, either, but right there big and bold, as if it is part of the meal’s name. And starbucks. Don’t friggen get me started on starbucks. 

Tell me,

Are there people in your life/workplace who seem to never eat on their breaks and talk about not eating breakfast?? What’s the deal?!?

Do you believe people when they say, “I haven’t eaten all day?” 


  1. Jen @ Chase the Red Grape | 23rd Feb 17

    This is definitely one of those moments where I wish we could have a phone conversation about this topic rather than writing in the comment box! Ha!
    As someone who eats a lot in comparison to others, I truly get your frustration but I have realised that for us eating solid meals, 3/4 times per day and giving our bodies what they need, we are the ones that will flourish. We are the ones with energy, vitality and the ones who will live longer healthier lives. Simple as that. In focusing on others and their habits we are allowing ourselves to get stressed out and frustrated. What others do we have no control over, it’s their decision. But what we can control is our reaction to it and recently I have chosen simply not to care. If they want help, if they want to feel energised and happier then I am willing to help, but until then, they can do them, and I will do me. I know what I need and that’s all that matters. And if I get any comments, I either ignore them or carry on enjoying my tasty delicious, nourishing food knowing I would rather be in my situation than in theirs!
    And it took years for me to get back to a healthy weight. Our bodies need to be able to trust us once more, they need to be fully aware that this food is going to be a common occurrence and we aren’t just going to suddenly take it away again. If you are giving your body the fuel it needs then you can rest knowing you are doing your best. Your body will catch up with you, it’s just going to take a lot of time and everyone in recovery has a different speed.
    Always happy to chat about any of this if you need me 🙂
    Jen @ Chase the Red Grape recently posted…5 tips to unleash your inner warrior #5TTTMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Thanks Jen. This is only one of the reasons I find you such a help/motivation/inspiration. You give your body what it needs to be healthy (and happy). These other people will forever confuse me, but I am not letting it get to me anymore. Their choices will no longer change mine. I may still feel a little weird or embarrassed when I’m the only one getting out my tupperware, but when I feel happier and energized afterward, I have zero regrets.
      I do have some questions about this whole “body catching up to us” notion…. I think I’ll shoot you a question if thats okay.

  2. Kristy from Southern In Law | 23rd Feb 17

    Hello fellow normal eater!

    Every time I look at someone’s day of eats I’m like “dude… and HOW are you not eating your own arm off by the end of the day?!”. I eat A LOT of food – because my body needs A LOT of food and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

    I am often judged by others on how much I eat and that’s really showed me how ridiculous food judgement is. Why can’t we just let others eat what works for them without analysing things or trying to “fix” them.

    You do you, girl! That’s what’s the most important thing… and keep on eating more because food is delicious and your body needs that fuel to totally own your performances 😉 xo
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Easy Vegan Baked Rice PuddingMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      First off Kristy – your comment on my Wednesday post wouldn’t let me reply for some reason, so I just want to say THANK YOU for putting in your say about the “wheat debate.” I was really hoping you would, being someone who can’t have gluten. I wish you didn’t have to have food limitations, but you continue to be a motivation for health in all areas and support people to follow whatever diet feels best to them.
      And now for this… your first comment in of itself made my day!! Fellow normal eater is RIGHT. Other people judging is just plain silly. The only reason for it must be some sort of jealousy or self consciousness on their part.

  3. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 23rd Feb 17

    I think that part of it is that you are super sensitive to it, but I also think that you have to remember that they are likely drinking their calories, while you probably tend to eat them? Just a guess. A lot of people get extra calories in through alcohol–that is one of my strategies while I can drink (not to go nuts, but to use that to help cushion my calories during the day). I also think that you are sensitive to helping others, so for you it is something to fix–you want to fix disordered tendencies. The difference is that for them, they might not have a truly disordered tendency, or even realize that it is a possibility because they happen to be someone who just doesn’t “think about food” that often.
    People are going to judge if you eat too much, too little, or at different times of day. Keep doing you and eyes on your own plate when it comes to the comparison trap!
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…I am an Infertility Warrior… But Am I?My Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Drinking their calories – yep. This is definitely something I realize and think is true. About the sensitivities…. damn girl you are too smart. Though, this is something I actually didn’t consider when writing this. I am probably extra sensitive to it, both because of my disordered history, my continual existence of ED thoughts, and my sensitivity to people in general. I don’t want to see these things because I worry they are or may lead to something worse, maybe with the person not even realizing it. I do tend to forget that most people don’t think about food as much as me, so these tendencies may actually mean NOTHING to them. I need to let what I see pass off me, which I do think I am doing. Thanks for opening my eyes to this.

  4. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 23rd Feb 17

    Oh my gosh, this is mind blowing. Sometimes when I’m around family/friends and they say they haven’t eaten all day, I am FLOORED. Maybe they just don’t have hunger cues? Like you, I never feel too busy to eat. Proper break times are important! I would find it quite confusing and frustrating to be around people who don’t prioritize food. But, know that you are doing moreso what’s normal – eating square meals plus snacks, and it is important to help with your energy and help you perform!
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Wellness Wednesday: Promoting Heart HealthMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      I don’t get it. When they say that, they MUST have eating SOMETHING, right!? What is normal, who knows, but what I know is we will feel happier, more focused, and more energetic for making food a priority.

  5. Kat | 23rd Feb 17

    I actually deal with this a lot as well because although my husband can eat massive amounts of food, a lot of times he doesn’t. He doesn’t eat breakfast, he barely eats lunch and sometimes by the time he eats anything in the day it’s nearly 2 in the afternoon. Like, whaaaaaaat?! I don’t know how he even survives. And sometimes it pisses me off because I’ll have breakfast at 8 and then need a snack before we leave the house at 10:30 and he’s just looking at me like, “ready yet?” More and more though I am just focusing on MY body and ITS needs. I know its hard – gosh sometimes its so dang hard – but we just have to ignore all the outside crap. Because what THEY do with THEIR bodies ultimately doesn’t effects us. <3
    Kat recently posted…TOL #122 – Firsts, Frequents & FinallyMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Yup. Dan hardly eats anything for breakfast. And never eats dessert or bedtime “snack.” I’ll be sitting on the couch after dinner with my chocolate and he won’t be having anything. In fact when he’s over I often don’t have as much as I usually do…. boo. I know he often has meals that are WAY bigger than any of my meals – and has may more drink calories – but most days I feel like I’m eating way more than him. But, the “extra” food we think we are having is only doing good things for us, and hey, we get to experience more chocolate!

  6. Emily Swanson | 23rd Feb 17

    I have so much to say about this; I think sometimes a busy culture has been unhelpful in helping us skip meals and forget to eat meals like breakfast. It’s taken the delight out of eating together, out of enjoying food together, and the temptation is there for me every day. It’s hard to sit down and enjoy a good hearty meal, but it’s such a blessing from God. He made our bodies to need that fuel, and I think it’s a reminder to me that I’m so dependent on Him. I have definitely felt the guilt when I have a huge plate of spaghetti, and everybody else well…. they don’t have quite as much. But I have to remember that we’re all on different health journeys, and I’m not quite sure where everybody else is, but I do know that I need to eat, and it’s OKAY to eat. I LOVE you Cora, and I LOVE your hearty appetite.

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Yes, that whole “being too busy” thing that seems to be glorified. Not having “time” to eat seems to be another way to prove your worth through your business. Which is the most counter productive thing I could think of. Being too busy to eat is not something to feel good about.

  7. Jess | 23rd Feb 17

    Wow, these are my thoughts exactly! It always baffles me when coworkers or school events want to have “lunch” at 2-3 p.m. Meanwhile, by that time, I’ve had breakfast, lunch, and probably a snack. Or when people at restaurants stare at my meal and say, “Looks like you’ll have leftovers!”… and I’m staring at it knowing I’m going to eat every single crumb to feel satisfied & nourished. Even during college, I was amazed at how extracurricular activities or group projects wanted to schedule events during dinner time, and when people would leave night class at 8-9 at night & only just be eating their second meal. I’ve tried to catch myself judging people when they say they haven’t eaten all day, but I’ll confess it does make a little part of my old disordered self feel guilty when I think I’ve “eaten so much.” But what helps for me is remembering that I function better when I eat more, that I don’t become hangry, that I have more concentration to do my job. I know what’s best for MY body, and I need to honor that–even when it’s so gosh dang hard! Love your honesty, and know you’re not alone with your healthy & happy appetite!

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      THANK YOU. I’m glad someone else has experienced these exact things. Sometimes I feel like I’m just making them up in my head! It is amazing and hard to understand how some people live off these schedules, but at the end of the day… it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to us because what they do is what they do, and what we do is what we do. People can eat whatever/whenever they want, and we will do the same. Thank you for your comment Jess!

  8. Jennifer @ Fit Nana | 23rd Feb 17

    I never understand people who say they haven’t eaten all day. I don’t even know. I would die. Or bite someone’s head off. There’s just no way. I feel like I eat all the time. And I get told that sometimes – and then I’m all self-conscious and whatnot. UGH. What also kills me is when they don’t drink water, either. HOW CAN THAT BE?! How can their bodies even handle all that mistreatment?!?!?!?!?!
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted…COLD BREW, COOKIES, AND ONE CRAZY KITTY (TOL#15)My Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Yeah. I really don’t get it. Maybe they are a bit grumpy or something, but I would be like… not even able to be AROUND people if I hadn’t eaten all day. There’s just no way.

  9. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 23rd Feb 17

    I totally, totally know what you mean. I’m trained to eat every three to four hours–I’m often the person who magically produces a snack out of my bag because it’s about that time–but a lot of people are not regular eaters like that. And yeah, people have some friggin weird eating habits. I know a lot of people who eat a small breakfast, small lunch (or one or the other) and then a lot for supper. I’m like…how do you do that? My boyfriend for example eats in a completely different way from me. One day, he’ll eat like two small meals the whole day. But then one day, he asked me for a snack, so I gave him a bag of pretzels. He ate almost the entire bag of pretzels! and then an hour later was like, “So do you wanna go get supper?”
    And I know it’s not always useful to compare, but it is a comfort to me that many people around me eat a lot more like me. My mom for instance is definitely a three square meal with frequent snacks type person, and she has been for as long as I can remember.
    On a final note, a fair number of people I know who talk about skipping breakfast or not eating all day…I have reason to believe many of them are disordered eaters. Not all, but many.
    Thanks for sharing this honest post.
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Eating to Gain, Part 2: Eating “Healthy”My Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Many things to say here. I do think that people like us who have been on a type of meal plan, at some point, are extra “trained” in regular-scheduled eating. I mean that’s what the whole ED program was for me… learning a proper meal plan with proper/regular meal time, so I do understand that this plan is till extremely regimented in my head. And even when I’m not exactly “hungry,” the notion of eating every 3-4 hours is just engrained in me. Whereas others who haven’t been on a plan have always just eaten whenever/whatever they want… at no matter the time of day. I didn’t write this in my post but probably could have.
      Your BF with the pretzels is a perfect example of these “other” “normal” peoples’ way of eating. Maybe we don’t see them eating 3 square meals a day, but they WILL grab a liter of coke or a big brownie an hour before a meal and not even think about it, and probably not even categorize it as “eating.” It really, really helps having someone around you with very solid, good and regular eating patterns. That is my Dad for me. He’ll eat a huge breakfast at like 10, and still be expecting lunch at noon.

  10. Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday | 23rd Feb 17

    Yesssss. I agree that we’re probably more sensitive to it than other people, but this is something I see all the time in college. Just one example: I met a friend at the library, probably around 3pm. I’d had a pre-run snack, breakfast, lunch, and then a very substantial snack/hour-long feeding session. We were working on homework till about 7pm, at which point I was definitely ready for dinner and my friend was questioning *how* she was ready for dinner. “I had breakfast AND lunch AND a protein bar! How am I hungry?” I was more like, “How are you not totally famished?!” And then I proceeded to have dinner and a couple large snacks/small meals before bed.
    It feels wrong. It makes you feel kinda like a glutton. But it’s what you need. And honestly, you’re probably taking better care of yourself by eating what *feels* like too much than they are by not nourishing themselves.
    Plus, like we’ve talked about, when you’re trying to gain weight… you need more than anyone imagines. Definitely one of life’s little cruel tricks. If you ever need/want to talk, I’m always around. I can (unfortunately) talk about this stuff forever. 😛

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      Yep. That’s exactly the type of thing I see/hear every day!! Its weird, and its hard to understand, but at the end of the day… it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to us because what they do is what they do, and what we do is what we do. People can eat whatever/whenever they want, and we will do the same.

  11. Suzi | 23rd Feb 17

    Totally feel you on this. I think I’m just hyper aware of it, and hyper sensitive to it. But when I think back, it was probably me at one point too (I just don’t remember, because there was once a time that I didn’t think about my food at all..sigh!) – although my ED brought a lot of negative things into my life, it did give me an awareness of health and nutrition and the knowledge that I personally work best if I have a big breakfast, lunch at lunchtime, a snack midafternoon etc. If other people don’t want to do that then fine, but physically and mentally it’s best for me to do so. Doesn’t always make it easy though!
    Suzi recently posted…Little things that make me smileMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Feb 17

      You know, this actually did get me thinking back to myself in high school, before my disorder began, and how I never used to eat breakfast. I’m sure I had days where I didn’t really eat lunch either, or ate at weird times, or hours on end without anything (in a completely non disordered way). I never thought anything of it because I did not have an eating disorder… I just actually didnt ever think about or fixate on food so it was just something that happened when it happened. Hm. I almost wish I could be like that again. HOWEVER like you said, going through recovery and being set on a meal plan has given me this knowledge about nutrition and health and “normal” eating patterns and the ability to know how to properly feed myself. I guess there are pros and cons to being this aware.

  12. Abigail T | 23rd Feb 17

    I don’t really have any answers. I can sympathize with hearing “haven’t eaten anything all day” a lot. I think it was Jen who commented about this but we’re the ones that are going to have energy.

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      Yep. We are going to have energy and not be the grumpy ones. I hate being hangry. So what anyone else does is what they do, what we do is what we do. Thanks Abigail!

  13. Ellie Pell | 23rd Feb 17

    Oh Cora that is so frustrating (triggering?) for people to claim righteously that they haven’t eaten anything all day. At my work, there is one woman (who I like, she’s great) who has a problem taking breaks. Honestly like the whole rest of the staff takes our half hour break, usually eats and we enjoy it. She however has this hang up in her mind that she can’t take a full break. She also told us the other day she doesn’t eat all day until she gets home. Her boyfriend who also is on out staff does the same thing, so I think they must get each other. In the past, I could see myself struggling with this like you do. However, like you, I know myself. I know I like to eat and enjoy a full break. I like getting hungry at regular intervals. I don’t want to “save” my eating for one time.

    I think also the people who don’t eat breakfast or don’t notice what time it is don’t have EDs and they don’t think about food as much as foodies. These types of people are who you read about and connect with on blogs. To us, food is life and fun. Embrace it girl, don’t be embarrassed. You’re much healthier for it 🙂
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Long Run Fuel: Run GumMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      Honestly, I don’t find it triggering. I don’t even feel embarrassed. I just find it frustrating….which could be because it tinkles on those old disordered tendencies…. but I never think I should do what they do because if I did I’d be RAVENOUS and so, so grumpy. It is hard seeing those people who don’t give themselves breaks or work themselves “harder” than we do because of course its going to bring up at least a little bit of “wow should I work harder?” But also because I just feel bad for them. I just want them to be nicer to themselves.

  14. Kate | 23rd Feb 17

    Girl, it drives me crazy! So many of my coworkers don’t take lunch breaks! I never understand it. My husband will sometimes wait until 2 pm to eat! I think it is proof that we cannot compare our bodies to one another and how they function. We are all so different. I know some people can get by with 3 meals- I like snacks! Also I think it’s true that many people don’t count it as ‘eating’ if it’s not a meal, so they say they haven’t eaten when they’ve only had a snack. And some people, like my husband, simply decide they’d rather laze around than fix something to eat. Just different mindsets, I suppose.
    Kate recently posted…A brief rant about health headlinesMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      I don’t get it. Taking no lunch? How??
      It is proof that all of our bodies are different, but I think it is also proof that the general public just needs to take better care of themselves. Are they even aware that they aren’t eating for that amount of time? Is it completely mindless? Its just weird that these types of eating patterns are what we say “normal” people do.

  15. Bess | 23rd Feb 17

    I relate to this post too! (and your last post). I think people eat without really thinking, and don’t count it as eating. like reaching for the candy jar absentmindedly or eating free pizza at an event (i’m in college, and that’s everywhere). or the person who had coffee for breakfast could have had a frappuchino or added 4 packs of sugar and lots of cream to a regular cup of coffee. not that that’s a real breakfast, but it adds up! i think the key distinction is that most people just don’t think about food as much as people with EDs do! and they will probably eat a lot when they get home. try not to compare yourself 🙂

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      Yes that’s exactly what I think. They must be having these types of things and just not counting them as eating…. and definitely having more things like alcohol, extra cream and sugar in their coffee etc. without thinking of it as any form of food or calories. So in a way, I sure wish I could be this way!! Its weird being in the middle where I want to be “normal”… like this…. but then can’t help but see all that’s wrong with it, too.

  16. Casey the College Celiac | 23rd Feb 17

    Girl, I can totally relate. I’m a big night snacker, so I often find myself eating long after everyone else has stopped and sometimes, that makes me self conscious or makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong. However, I feel like everyone has a routine that works for them (though some may work better than others, nutritionally or health-wise). Not questioning your own hunger is definitely the hard part.
    Casey the College Celiac recently posted…A Healthy Chef’s Guide to Cooking Gluten Free with (Sweet) PotatoesMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      I think its also important to remember that these “other type of people” eat this way because they just do not think about food… at all… or nearly as much of us “foodies”….so if they WERE to see us eating “a lot” or “more” than them, chances are they wouldn’t give a crap and hardly notice.

  17. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 24th Feb 17

    Y-E-S!!! This is a daily thought for me too! I eat like every 2 hours (even when I’m not pregnant)! When someone tells me they havent eaten yet and I’m on meal 3 or snack 4 I just don’t get it. If I did that I would be dead on the floor somewhere?!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Foodie Friday: Eggplant Pizza BakeMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      I just don’t get it. I just donnnttt geettttt itttttt. But hey – they can do what works for them.

  18. Runwright | 24th Feb 17

    Love Love Love this post. I found it via the linkup and found this to be such an engaging article. I know for a fact that I eat more than some people around me. And when I say I haven’t eaten anything, I am serious about not having eaten. On the days when I don’t get to eat for hours, I am ravenous and unhappy. I did once do some research on fat fasting (You can read it here: https://runwright.net/2015/12/03/40-days-of-yummy-day-14-the-fat-fast/ ) but honestly, it wasn’t a lasting habit 🙂 I need regular meals
    Runwright recently posted…What do you do whenMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Feb 17

      I could never fast. I get WAY too hangry WAY too quickly. Food has a big big effect on my mood and energy. Maybe more than others. Maybe that’s why they can do the eating schedules they do and I just can’t. I’m just going to accept it. Thanks for sharing Runwright!!

  19. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 25th Feb 17

    OMG. I am right there with you. Those people who say they “forgot” to eat… what the actual fuck?! I have forgotten my keys, my lunch, and even – on one occasion – my underwear. But I have NEVER forgotten to eat.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Shoulder Building Workout for WomenMy Profile

  20. Chelsea Cross | 26th Feb 17

    I feel the exact same way and I fully believe its because we are more sensitive to that. We feel self conscious. After years of restricting, our focus is still on food to some degree and we feel weird eating when others aren’t. I know that my body is still not 100% and generally it needs more energy ‘upkeep’ for lack of a better word. Because I’m still trying to gain, I feel jealous of those who can have light meals and seem to do just fine hunger and weight wise. I have to constantly be on a schedule to eat because my hunger hormones are not right and when I have to force feed myself when I’m not hungry or my IBS is acting up simply because if I don’t my weight drops and a I panic, I find myself looking at others and getting slightly angry that they can just forgo eating if they don’t feel like it.

    It’s tough I know. I still have that thought even though rationally I know what I need more and I know that my anxiety around it is because I’m fixated on food while others are not. I hope to one day let some of that fixation go because maybe that would mean that my body has come around to feeling hunger when its needs it and my mind has let go of some of the hold on me and my actions.
    Chelsea Cross recently posted…Don’t Flatten Yourself Out…Fitness Friday 37My Profile

    • Cora | 26th Feb 17

      Honestly, Chelsea, that probably is a lot of what is going on subconsciously, underneath it all, for me. I damn well now I am probably jealous of all these people who can “get away” with just eating once a day etc. I find myself asking, ‘but how come they don’t just lose weight like I would!?” That… I may never have the answer to. So I need to learn to accept that my body does work very differently from theres – because of my history of eating and because I am underweight – and that its just what I have to do. Maybe not forever, but definitely right now. So blinders blinders blinders and maybe some rejoicing that we get to experience all that much more deliciousness! Thank you. I always love your input.

  21. Dee | 26th Feb 17

    Wow I can’t believe how in sync we are with our thoughts. This again was so refreshing! So I agree with everything that you said. I have to work to gain weight too and I feel like I’m eating way more than everyone around me. My schedule is planned around meal/snack times. I TOTALLY get those annoyances of people not being mindful of mealtimes. Now I realize that when we are underweight we are much more sensitive to eating timely because we do not have the reserve that others do. I attribute that to some of it. I have a lot of orthorexic tendencies and I have heard others say it’s hard to gain weight w/o eating some processed foods-not saying they are right or wrong-but I do not eat many processed foods. When my weight is higher, its usually when I’m in the habit of drinking more wine (which is not a healthy way to gain but it also says something to the power of liquid calories like everyone else mentioned). I have a girlfriend who eats one meal a day around 5pm and she has virtually no appetite. At that time she might have 2 pieces of pizza. She never eats much but it’s always some SAD choice of an ultra ultra processed food (we are not talking about processed foods at Whole Foods). She is overweight, pre-diabetic and has high blood pressure. I just think a lot of this shows that there are so many variances-individual metabolisms, the reality of how our body stores calories if they are strictly from the ultra processed/less nourishing foods, actually not eating enough (slowing down metabolism) etc. Just my 2 cents. 🙂 I think there is a reason we all flock together and find each-other. You speak to me and let my words be encouragement to you as yours are to mine that WE ARE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT ! This is what we need. We shouldn’t feel guilty for eating way more than others and we are on a path to taking damn good care of ourselves. So the next time you are in that annoying situation or have those thoughts, think of us!

    • Cora | 26th Feb 17

      Oh Dee you are just awesome. I love and appreciate your words and input so much. “….because we do not have the reserve that others do.” —> I’m always thinking about this. Being underweight, not to mention still probably hyper metabolic from my history of eating and weight gain, it just has to be that my body can NOT go hungry or without food like other people can. It must get hungry to a much more severe degree because I/we don’t have the physical reserves to go on for as long without food. It simply doesn’t have the stores! It is both fascinating and confounding how some people, like the woman you mentioned, “get by” with just the one meal or so little food. Especially we are told an average person should need X calories and if you eat too little you will lose weight (which is what happens for me)…. yet some people don’t. All we can do is wear blinders and keep tabs on our insides. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement love <3 <3

  22. Bess | 26th Feb 17

    Also – these people probably eat much bigger meals than you! You seem to eat pretty small, measured out meals, so you probably get hungry faster! 🙂

  23. Cindy | 27th Feb 17

    This post really speaks to me. It’s 2:48 PM and I just sat down to have my lunch, feeling super hangry and irritated at my coworkers and patients.

    I hate the word “trigger”, but in all honesty, it truly upsets, frustrates, and TRIGGERS me when people say things like that. At my work, we have a scheduled lunch break at 2:00, occasionally 2:30 depending on patients. By the time I sit down with hearty microwaved leftovers, my coworkers are often talking about how they aren’t hungry yet because they had “breakfast” (i.e. coffee or some dry cereal, which apparently counts as breakfast…?).

    I know I need steady meals to keep me going, and by that, I mean a big bowl of oatmeal with nut butter or toast/eggs/fruit for breakfast, a large container of leftovers (and dessert!) for lunch, and more for dinner. It always makes me feel annoyed when I feel like I need food regularly, whereas my coworkers have an orange here and a cookie there.

    There’s so much more I want to say about this (although I truly think you nailed it here), but most of all I am annoyed and angry.
    Cindy recently posted…My Top 10 Cooking & Baking TipsMy Profile

    • Cora | 1st Mar 17

      I get it Cindy, and I’m with you. All we can do is wear blinders… let them do their thing… and remind ourselves that WE are living healthy lives, giving our bodies beautiful nutrients to THRIVE off of, and that we are going to be happy and have energy because of it. I just feel sorry that these people aren’t enjoying all the amazing eats like you make. They are no doubt jeeeallloouuuusssss.

  24. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 28th Feb 17

    I’d say you are definitely in a position to be more sensitive to what other people are consuming or not consuming as the case may be. Forget about them and keep doing you is my best advice. Also remember, your way of eating is healthy: meals, especially breakfast, snacks, spaced appropriately throughout the day. There was a woman I used to work with who was very overweight and yet she skipped breakfast every day and her lunch was fairly normal. Turns out she was overcompensating at dinner and eating ALL the things, with a side of unhealthy things.

    Last one of the reasons I stopped hosting WIAW aside from time constraints, was it hurt to see how little people in our own community ate or how many super healthy swaps they made (egg whites, rice cakes, etc.). Trust me, you’re doing just fine and fueling your body appropriately.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: The Little Things (#72)My Profile

    • Cora | 1st Mar 17

      We can never know how someone may eat/live/spend their time when we aren’t with them, and thus we can never judge or make assumptions… I need to keep my mind open to this. I can definitely see why you would quit doing the WIAW… I wondered if this was part of it. I go back and forth with it. I hope that the eats I show aren’t showcasing any sort of diet foods. I do like to experiment with my veggies, but I am striving to be an advocate for real foods. You remain one of the best healthy eating motivators out there in this crazy blog world of ours. ‘Cause you eat REAL food.

  25. Kaylee | 1st Mar 17

    Cora, THIS POST. From the first couple of paragraphs alone, you’ve basically summed up my struggles. Seriously, I can’t even figure out how to express how much this resonates with me. THANK YOU. I’ve been struggling with this so much lately, being surrounded by the same people for lunch, snacks and occasionally dinner. And when they do finally eat something they’re focused on how “healthy” something is, or what’s low in calories. When people make comments like, “Looks like I’m skipping dinner tonight,” or “I didn’t eat breakfast.” ARGHHH. ?

    What sucks the most is I know that this shouldn’t get to me. Unfortunately, being the person that is constantly comparing myself to others that I am, this makes it so much harder to eat like I know I need to for recovery. Maybe it is because of our ED pasts that we are just so bogged down with thoughts around meals both our own and others. What’s important to remember, which is also what I am constantly reminding myself, is that a) not eating anything is unhealthy too and b) more importantly, you are not them. Plus, it’s their loss for not digging into breakfast foods. I mean, eggs, pancakes, oatmeal. They are missing out for sure!
    Kaylee recently posted…Week in Review: LessonsMy Profile

  26. Jen | 6th Mar 17

    Jen from Jetpack support just testing your comment form. 🙂

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  28. Marti @fitwithheart | 11th Mar 17

    Yes I feel the exact same way!!!!!

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