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Current Foodie Health Stuff: Grass Fed Butter, Supplements and Farmers Market Excitement

I’ve now shared with you what I am currently doing to improve my mental health. I am unplugging more, finding more ways to spend time off a screen and spending more time slowing down. I am reading my novel almost every night before bed, I am leaving my phone behind for near full days and using things like a real paper planner and writing prompts. I have most definitely felt a difference in my anxiety levels and the habit of going to things like books and journals has settled in as the new norm. It’s been quite fascinating. 

So now I want to share with you some things I am doing for my physical health. I’ve gotten back to some foodie things that have got the organic-hippy-all-natural-wannabe-babe in me titillated. And that excited nerd/babe wants to tell you about it!

Starting with my most recent AMAZING farmers market haul:

grass fed butter

Free range eggs …I’ve said it before and am sticking to it. I will never go back. 

All natural, local farmers sausages

Homemade Sweet Potato Hamburger buns!!

And, my most prized find… grass fed butter!

grass fed butter

I really want to give my body good things. And by good things, I mean things that I know are whole foods, as local as possible, and without unnecessary additives, preservatives or pesticides. I am not strict by any means and will definitely eat things that do not have these labels (though for the record – that Toris cinnamon bun I die over? Yeah, it’s organic). But I’d really like to make certain products more of a priority. One of which being grass fed dairy products. I have been on a mission to find grass fed butter for a while now, but as I quickly learned, it is next to impossible to find such a thing in good ol’ Canada. We ain’t New Zealand and there’s no Kerrygold found over here, or if it is, it would take the roof over my head to be able to afford. BUT I DID find this full block at the farmers market! Its as close to grass fed as you can get in Canada. The cows at the farm are out free during the summer months. In the winter months (damn Canada) they obviously have to be put inside, but they continue to be fed all natural/Non GMO sources as close to grass fed as possible. So I’ll take it. And it was only 6$!! 

One reason I really wanted to find grass fed butter, besides the fact that it has so many health benefits and actually has far more nutrients than regular butter, is I wanted to start putting it in my coffee. NO I am not giving into the whole “bulletproof coffee” fad, but I have learned that I have some difficult sensitivities to caffeine which could be implemented by the fact that I metabolize it very quickly. I have read a number of things that says adding that healthy fat source will slow down the metabolizing process and make the energy it gives you less intense and last much longer. Plus I want to give my body more healthy fats in general, so the best quality with the most nutrients is what I’m wanting.

grass fed butter

Bring on da butter!

Now if I could finally find some Ghee!! Ooo or maybe I’ll make my own. 

We won’t get into that one today, but for an article describing some of the differences between butter, grass fed butter and ghee, see here.

grass fed butter ghee

Now Carrying on with my grass fed goal… I found organic grass fed yogurt!! It was at a nearby health food store I had been wanting to stop in. And it was cheaper than greek yogurt found in the grocery store!                                            
grass fed butter yogurt

Tumeric Ginger Tea.…I’ve been giving myself all the extra ginger and turmeric I can. 

grass fed butter tumeric

Okay and then onto some not-so-natural things. 


I am not one usually for supplements. I much prefer to advocate getting your nutrients from whole foods. That being said I think the one supplement I would support for absolutely anybody is Omega 3 fatty acids, specifically DHA and EPA. Sarah reminded me a few months ago about their importance and how we should be looking for a mix of atleast 250-500 mg of DHA and EPA daily. I’ve gotten back to taking a capsule or two each day (300-600 mg). Even if you can’t see the difference, I trust that it is doing good things for my cell membranes and think tank.  

grass fed butter omega 3s

I’ve also gotten back to taking Vitamin D and Magnesium. A few months ago I was taking 2000mg of Vitamin D, as prescribed by my doctor. Soon after I started however, I began to experience that crazy body high anxiety that I wrote about. I have no idea if it was related, but I have read some things about too much Vitamin D giving some people anxiety – especially if you are deficient in another nutrient, specifically Magnesium. Maybe 2000mg was too much for me?? Regardless of the connection or not, I stopped taking it. I started back on on a low dose of Magnesium (I took it before in a larger dose and it gave me, er, poopy problems) and then started back on Vitamin D as well, but only 1000mg this time. 
grass fed butter magnesium

So far everything is feeling good. I notice a much better balance of my mood when I take Vitamin D, and Magnesium is known to help with stress and anxiety. 

A note about Magnesium. It is an important nutrient to combat stress, especially physical recovery after exercise, but there are so many different options out there which makes it all very confusing.  Try to get Magnesium Bisglycinate as, from what I understand, it has the best absorption rate. Dietitians correct me here if I’m wrong. Also, watch your intake, as I mentioned, you could have… side effects. And of course, only take it after you speak to your doctor. 

Lastly, I guess you can say I took the bate. Collagen is all over the blog world right now, and I’m not one to usually give in to those things (especially if it involves lots of money), but after doing my own research, I thought collagen could actually be a real benefit to my health. I worry about my bones, I already feel some discomfort in my joints, and my hair isn’t great. I figure anything that could help me start to strengthen these areas while I’m still young-ish is better than nothing. Immediately I began to see a difference in my nails. They are shinier and stronger. I’ve also been experiencing zero problems with my SI joint (knock on wood). No idea if there is a connection, but its something. 

grass fed butter collagen

Other things I make a part of my daily life? I continue to drink my warm lemon water each morning (for them antibacterials). I use only himalayan rock salt (for them extra minerals), and I’m continuing with heaps of my beloved sauerkraut (for them probiotics)!

Oh hey, and did you know mushrooms are jack full of surprising health benefits? Thrive magazine recently put out an article on the nutritional value and health benefits of mushrooms and included my Vegan Mushroom Gravy recipe. For this and other mushroom recipes go here, and for the health benefits article go here!

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Alright that’s all the nerdy nutrition excitement you get from me today. Go forth and be healthy!

Tell me,

Do you buy grass fed or organic butter? 

Do you take any kind of supplements? Have you ever experienced side effects from taking a vitamin supplement?

What is one thing you’d ideally like to add to your health regimen?



  1. Carlie | 3rd May 17

    Heya Cora!

    I just wanted to drop by and say I’m a huge fan of the blog! I also just wanted to gently convey my concern- I notcied in your last couple of posts your meals seem (I know I can’t truly tell) on the small side at the moment.

    The hair problem will most likely vanish if you really kick up the calories (& it can be surprising just how much it truly takes to consistently feel better- 3000 is often way to low!)

    Anyways- hope you’re ok- keep on keeping on- & way to go on finding grass fed butter (but don’t fear eating non-grass fed sometimes too :))

    Carlie 🙂

    • Cora | 7th May 17

      Hey Carlie. Thank you for this. I hear your sincere desire to help, and I appreciate it. I’m definitely working on the calories thing and know it takes much much more than most people would expect. And don’t worry, regular butter is a daily occurrence as well. Just want to get all the extra nutrients in I can and support those farmers!

  2. chasetheredgrape | 3rd May 17

    High fives for grass fed butter! I love love love it and have no hesitation on using it everyday!
    I don’t buy collagen but I do eat a lot of meat that have been cooked with their bones/ I use the stock in other dishes so I’m pretty happy that im getting a good dose in my diet!
    And the one great thing about living in Australia is that I never need to worry about my vitamin D levels again! Yay!

    • Cora | 7th May 17

      That’s awesome!! I do not eat a lot of meat and zero broth of any kind, but if I did I would be right with you. Natural all the way.

  3. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 3rd May 17

    That Jack Sparrow meme—hahaha!! Woah I can’t believe you found sweet potato rolls!!! :-O
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…WIAW: 32 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

    • Cora | 7th May 17

      I know! They are SO perfect!!

  4. Emily Swanson | 3rd May 17

    I love your finds; grass fed butter is always the best. We don’t have a lot of options here, but I would like to buy some more of it. Also, I am not one to get on the supplements train, but…. I’m definitely doing collagen. And I’m actually thinking about doing magnesium now that you shared it on your blog; I’ve seen it recommended by a great deal of my blogger friends, so maybe that means I should do it!
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Why I’m Doing a ‘Loose’ Elimination Diet (WIAW)My Profile

    • Cora | 3rd May 17

      Just make sure you check with your doc first!! It’s not needed for everyone!

  5. Lana | 3rd May 17

    As a fellow Canadian here is what I found.. organic meadow have grass fed butter in the summer! It’s labeled as such and it’s a deep yellow colour! Try it. I stick up and freeze in 1/4cup chucks. Rolling meadow also have grass fed butter..called kiwi butter..and the same yogurt you found but red is my favorite 🙂 oh…the cheapest place to get all this is healthy planet. Enjoy all your new finds!

    • Cora | 3rd May 17

      Thank you Lana!!! You rock!! I’ve definitely seen the organic meadow but chose this one because it was the same price for double the poundage! But so glad to know there are a number of options.

  6. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 3rd May 17

    I love Kerrygold butter, it’s my go to. Fortunately, it’s not too much more expensive here so I make sure to get it. Congrats on your mushroom gravy recipe!! I’ve heard Magnesium glycinate is the most bioavailable and easily absorbable forms – maybe it’s similar to the bisglycinate?
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Listening to What You Want to Eat Vs. What you ShouldMy Profile

    • Cora | 7th May 17

      Hm, I do not know! I’ll check it out when my bottle runs out.

  7. Kat | 3rd May 17

    Love this girl! Like you I also try to get the most nutrients from my diet as I can, so I don’t supplement much. I am however, a HUGE fan of collagen as I’ve seen just great benefits from using it. I add the powder daily to my smoothies and coffee 🙂
    I’ll be honest though – butter freaks me out! I’ve never been a fan of the taste and pretty much only use it so that I can make garlic bread, which is why I haven’t tried it in my coffee yet. I’ve heard awesome things about it, but I don’t know if I can purchase an entire bar just yet. I love my coconut oil though!
    Kat recently posted…Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos with Cilantro Avocado SauceMy Profile

    • Cora | 7th May 17

      Do you put coconut oil in your coffee? I’m trying that too and seeing which I prefer. I loveeee my butterrr. Maybe not in coffee yet, but on everything else…

  8. Evangeline | 3rd May 17

    Unplugging sounds like it’s working well. I’m 142% ready for the summer and time away from my phone and computer, but it’s kinda hard to put them down at this point in the school year. I have essays and test prep materials coming out of my ears. It seems like school systems are moving, more and more, toward electronic everything and incorporating technology in the classroom. I’m cool with it, especially when means that my tree friends are saved, but I know all the blue light has some not so great effects. It’s an interesting thing to think about…what will all the exposure do to us (physically and mentally) years down the road.

    Woohoo for local goods! Isn’t it such a rewarding feeling to support the farmers and businesses near to us? There’s such a sense of connection and unity. Sweet tater buns sound scrumptious, and I think you should do a post on ghee (if you haven’t already?) because I need to be educated.
    Evangeline recently posted…WIAW #20: When Balance Feels ElusiveMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th May 17

      Ugh that is such a hard one isn’t it? I get that technology can enhance our education in terms of quick accessibility and… well I’m not sure what else…. but I don’t agree with the onslaught of technology going into schools. Kids are being given laptops at their desks. Who knows what they are looking at!? With greater accessibility also means more chance for distraction, games etc. etc not to mention just an inability to pay attention. How much technology do you use in high school classrooms these days?? I’d be really curious to know.
      Also, the blue light… yeah it can’t be good. There are apps you can get for your computer and phone to turn it off/down and even schedule it to go with the natural rise/fall of the sun. Have you heard of them?

  9. Hannah | 4th May 17

    We raised chickens when I was growing up so I am a total egg snob…fortunately our grocery stores carry several local options!

    For as long as I’ve taken vitamin D I’ve only used 1000 IU. It’s more than the recommended amount, so even though you don’t absorb everything in the pills it seems like it should be enough? I don’t actually know much about it, but that’s how I’ve always taken it.

    • Cora | 9th May 17

      I would happily take the “burden” of being an egg slob if that meant I grew up with chickens!! Its absolutely worth it and important, both for our health and support of farmers. Yeah I think maybe my dr. was a little panicked when she prescribed me 2000. Now I’m just taking the 1000 and I think it is much better, and good for everyone!

  10. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 6th May 17

    We are on the same wavelength! I’m literally doing all of the same things. I freaked myself out reading about our food supply and I refuse to buy stuff that isn’t organic/grass-fed.cage-free etc. I also take all of those supplements, and have for years. I do Natural Calm at night with magnesium and calcium. It helps me sleep better and recover. And it has a desirable side effect… which is a nice start to the morning. 😉
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Easy 3-Ingredient Mexican-Style HummusMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th May 17

      Do you find it tough to find a balance between what the food industry could just be instilling fear in us for, and what is actually legit important to get organic/grass fed etc? I would love to be 100% all natural/local/organic, but I also know sometimes its not necessary and often a way for the “health” industry to get more out of us. I don’t know, I’m just trying to feel myself through that one.
      I;ve been looking into Calm…. I should try it.

  11. Lisa @ Lisa 3D | 7th May 17

    I take a vitamin D supplement because I’ve had a vitamin D deficiency for several years. I’ve never tried grassfed butter before, but it’s something I’m interested in since I know it’s so much better.
    Lisa @ Lisa 3D recently posted…Influenster Poppy VoxBox | ReviewMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th May 17

      If you can find it, and are a butter fan, I’d definitely give it a go. It really does have so many more health benefits than regular butter!

  12. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 12th May 17

    I love farmers market finds. I can’t wait to get to my first one this year. My toes are twitching in anticipation.

    You should try prenatal vitamins. They do wonders for your nails and hairs. I’m still making mine (so long as we’re still nursing) and I take an additional vitamin D every day, along with my warm lemon water. I also add lots of flax powder to our food: granola and oatmeal for both the baby and I.

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