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Friday Favorites: Recent Loves

In truth, my real recent loves are you guys.

But since I can’t plaster you all into a computer screen (well I probably could, but I’ve never been good with technology – and probably not without cramping all your killer good looks) I’m here to share some other recent loves.

I just feel like partying today.  So here’s to it!


This pancake mix from Vitacost

Now of course, nothing beats homemade or single serving pancakes from scratch, but when your mornings are pressed for time and allllll you want are a stack of nice fluffy pancakes, these babies have been life savers. I’ve eaten more pancakes in the past month than I have in a year – all because it can now take me less than 3 minutes. All I need is almond milk, egg whites, the mix and poof – perfect pancakes plated up and ready for all my toppings.  The ingredients are incredible:  Brown rice flour, garfava flour (garbanzo, broad beans), baking powder,natural vanilla flavor, salt and xanthan gum. Bam. Loving these.


These Chocolate Greek Yogurt Snacks from Nutster

Strawberry, almond, greek yogurt and wafer filled chocolates. Such a yummy and unique little snack that I’ve been munching on all week.



Vitamin C packs

So good – especially at this time of year – for keeping up my energy and immunity.  And help all those neurotransmitters zoom about.


Celestial Tea


I FOUND THEM. After years of hearing about the Celestial Holiday flavors, I finally spotted them when at home for Christmas. Who knew they are more of a western Canada thing?? Regardless, thank you Safeway.  Sadly, I did see the flavor “sleigh ride” which I’ve been wanting to try, but foolishly did not buy it on my first trip to the grocery store thinking, “oh I’ll get it later this week.”  Yeah….  Not smart.  I went back and of course they were completely sold out.  But these other 2 have been just lovely. Bengal spice is not a holiday flavor but it is soooooo good.

I’m still having my cup of Tulsi every night, but I’ve been loving these during my rehearsals through the day.

Hemp Seeds

No surprise here. These nuggets will forever have my heart (get it get it?)


Manitoba Harvest


Howww did I forget about maca? I somehow let a bag of this stuff go unused in the back of my pantry for over a year. Fortunately, I’ve now updated my post on hormone health to include this – rather obvious – super ingredient, and have given it a proper resurgence into my diet as part of my health goals.  Hormone balance, libido and healthy skin… come at me. I’ve been adding maca to my oatmeal and smoothies and hope to try it in some baking soon. My favorite this week was by far this maca peanut butter smoothie bowl. It was like a malty, caramely, peanut buttery frosty.  Topped with magic.


1 cup vanilla almond milk + 1 frozen banana + 1 tbsp peanut butter + 1 tbsp maca powder + cinnamon and vanilla

Topped with toasted buckwheat, cacoa nibs and candied ginger.  Inspiration from Georgie



My new oatmeal strategy

This may all be old news to everyone else, but I’ve finally hammered down my own strategy to make the perrrrfect, most creamy, huge bowl of oatmeal in next to zero time.  Seriously.  So creamy.

  1. Soak oats overnight. I simply put 1/3 cup regular rolled oats with 1 cup water or almond milk in the pot I will be cooking them in and leave it on the stove (turned off, please). I add a touch of lemon juice or yogurt to help in the break down of phytonutrients. Soaking the oats makes them much easier to digest, and most importantly, makes their cooking time way quicker in the morning.
  2. Simply turn on stove element to medium until they start to boil. Add cinnamon and salt. Add water, a few tablespoons at a a time, stirring frequently throughout. I usually add an equivalent of an extra 1/2 cup of water – adding some anytime the oats begin to stick to the pot and stirring well. Don’t worry about using too much water – it will absorb and this is what makes the bowl HUGE. Process usually takes about 5 minutes.
  3. When almost finished, mash in a frozen banana and whisk whisk whisk. It will plump up like ca-razy.
  4. Pour into bowl and add all the toppings

This was my favorite bowl of the week: “Caramel” Apple Peanut Butter.  Soo creamy. 


1/3 cup oats + 1.5 cups water + frozen banana + 1/2 apple + 2 tsp maca powder + salt + cinnamon 

Topped with peanut butter and hemp seeds

How to make yourself feel like an adult when eating a kiddie meal

Aka adding cauliflower and schmancy salmon cakes to your kraft dinner.

Pulse cauliflower in a food processor. Throw in the pot with the cooking pasta and drain. It becomes one with the pasta and sauce so you don’t even notice its there.


Kraft Dinner + Cauliflower + Salmon Cakes

Did anyone else grow up putting canned tuna with your macaroni and cheese?? This is what we had evvvverryyy sunday when my dad would make his super fancy after church lunch for us (macaroni noodles + cheese whiz baby). When I made these salmon cakes, all I could think about was pairing their fishy goodness with KD.  So that’s what I did. It brought me right back to those mac and cheese tuna days of my childhood.  This dinner was da bomb. And no, this is not Annie’s.  This is real Kraft Dinner.  All the way.



Suz’s balls.  Er, turkey meat balls.  MAKE. THESE.


Spinach + zoodles + ricotta + artichokes + marinana sauce + turkey meat balls + parmesan



There’s more to the images! I cropped them to fit within the post so check out the source to see the rest

Life Advice From 50 Beloved Characters in Kid’s Entertainment

“Today is a good day to try…” Oh Quasimodo.


Creating Your Own Life

“…To invent your own lifes’ meaning is not easy… but it’s still allowed…”ambition 2

That was fun. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Heather (what a lioness to still be hosting this link up and focusing on the good – please go over and send your love) and Katie for the link up!

Until then – I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, whatever you have planned.  Football fans? Enjoy those tights. Rawr.

Any new favorite products or tips you can share with me?

Tuna in your KD?

What are you excited for this weekend?



  1. Jen @ Chase the Red Grape | 29th Jan 16

    That pancake mix is awesome! I am so surprised by the ingredients, normally mixes like that aren’t so great. Now if only I could nip over to Canada to get some!!
    Aren’t oats a funny one… I think everyone has their own perfect way of cooking. I actually adore how the oats go when they are cooked in the microwave! I also add a tablespoon of chia seeds – takes it to another level! But I think everyone agrees that a nut butter topping is a must!
    I love Pinocchio and ‘always let your conscience be your guide’ is one of the best Disney quotes for life!
    Happy Friday Cora! 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      Right? I keep re looking at the ingredient list because everytime I have them I swear there must be more to it. You are so right about oats – everyone seems to have their own method. I’ve never done them in the microwave – but I’m sure it does something unique to the texture. Nut butter for some reason seems to allllwayyyss make its way in there 🙂

  2. hungryforbalance | 29th Jan 16

    Thanks for the reminder about soaking the oats! I used todo that ALL THE TIME, but some how got out of the habit! I love the idea of adding a frozen banana tithe cooked oats! I will have to give that a try!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      I love the frothiness the frozen banana adds and soaking them makes it so much creamier. Mmmm.

  3. Kate Bennett | 29th Jan 16

    So I read this last night and did the oatmeal trick! I love how soaking them helps to break them down! I enjoyed mine with a banana and pb! So good. I haven’t had actual oatmeal in a while… too stuck on single serving pancakes and BAKED oatmeal.
    I also reallllly love that character quote photo. Definitely saving it! Mulan was my favorite.
    Happy weekend!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      Oh cool!! I hope you enjoyed them! You’ve been stuck on those other two for very good reason. Baked oatmeal takes out even more of the morning work!

  4. cookiesnchem | 29th Jan 16

    I thoroughly loved this post and enjoyed every one of those pictures. I’m going to try the oatmeal thing too! Do you use rolled, quick, or steel-cut oats? Mmmm I can imagine how yummy that would be with fresh fruits and nut butter. And cinnamon! Do you refrigerate the pot of oats or keep it on the stove?

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      For this I use regular/large rolled oats. I’ve always been a steel cut girl as I love the extra chewiness, but lately I’m loving this even more and going more of the “creamy” rather than “chewy” route. Plus steel cut doesn’t make as BIG a bowl as regular. You just leave the pot right on the stove! No fridge required when soaking 🙂

      • cookiesnchem | 30th Jan 16

        Mmm fantastic! I know what you mean. Mom got a massive bag of steel-cut so I need to finish those up. But I do like the whole chewy vs. creamy debate! Once I did a mix and really enjoyed that 🙂 3 tbsp rolled and 3 tbsp steel cut! Yummy. I am going to try your genius technique.

  5. SuzLyfe | 29th Jan 16

    yay! I’m so glad you loved the turkey meatballs! Aren’t they amazing?? I just had oats this morning, and even a 5 minute soak beforehand make such a difference. I’m going to have to check out all of your other finds! I am scared of how many blue boxes I went through when I was a kid. I have totally mixed tuna into my mac and cheese! Also love veggies and garlic and tomato in there.

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      I can’t get over the texture, not to mention flavor, of the balls. I swore lean turkey meat would make watery tasteless goo. You are so right – even if you forget to soak the oats before going to bed, its not too late to do even a bit in the morning.
      Leave it to you to make KD sound like a 10 star restaurant dish!

  6. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood | 29th Jan 16

    I love overnight oats, but usually stop there – I totally need to try out your method! Yum!

  7. katalysthealth | 29th Jan 16

    YES to candy cane lane!! Absolute favorite tea EVER. I buy like, 10 boxes each season and hoard it all year long. It’s kind of my thing 😉
    And I love your oat method! I do something similar as well and the oats are so much fluffier and fuller in the AM!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      Haha I’m not going to lie, I totally thought of you when putting in the tea section. You had me craving tea like carazzyyy all over those Christmas months.

  8. Ellie | 30th Jan 16

    This is so funny because, being my dad’s birthday yesterday, he told me that he requested tuna noodle casserole as his dinner! I was thinking, so grown up dad! =P I never mixed tuna and kraft mac&cheese but my favorite way to eat tuna as a kid was called “creamed tuna on toast”. Essentially tuna, peas and milk mixed and heated till bubbly and poured over toast. Sounds gross, but it was good!
    Have a great weekend Cora <3

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Jan 16

      I like your Dad!
      Pea mush on toast…. sounds interesting. But hey, not all masterpieces look like van gohs.

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