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Friday Favorites: Recent Words, Quotes and Synchronicity

Friday Favorites: Recent Words, Quotes and Synchronicity

It has struck me that I am quite the, “word hoarder” if you will. I love articles… I love words… I love things that speak to me (unless you stand on two legs and try to talk to me when I’m hangry). I also love synchronicity – when I see something written that aligns with where I am at emotionally or is connected to something I am currently reading about. This happens quite a bit. Maybe I imagine it. But hey, my imagination is allowed to do its thing.

It’s also struck me that I’d like to share more of these finds with you. 

Here are my recent favorite finds from the past week or so. I’d love if you shared one of your favorite finds with me, too!


Favorite truth:

Via bethdrawsthings

Me…. every morning.

#toomuchcoffee = #imgoingtobeafuckingrockstarandchangeeverythingiwillbeawesome


Favorite laugh out loud:

Via mommydearestinc

Thank you, friend. You know me so very well 


Favorite current life challenge:

Via mantramagazine

Ha. Well ain’t that the truth.

If my written thoughts about my struggles with self care say anything…. it’s that learning to relax, take care of myself, show myself signs of love…and actually feel good about it….is proving to be a long journey. Self care doesn’t always feel good in the short term. But over time, I hope to be able to be a person who is addicted to self care. Addicted to taking care of myself. Addicted to rest and relaxation and peace. 


Favorite continual discomfort:

Via awake_spiritual

I’m continually learning that speaking my truth and being vulnerable with Dan is what brings us closer. Everytime it is scary to do so, and I often go too long without saying what is on my mind. But every single time I do, I am amazed at how these “hard conversations” – like the one I mentioned having the week before – leave us 10 times wiser, 10 times closer, and me 10 times more grateful and amazed that vulnerability actually is a beautiful thing. My hope is that if I can continue to be honest with Dan, especially with all my changes and challenges and fears I am currently facing, he will continue to learn about what I need. How I need to be loved. Spoken to. I cannot expect him to know this if I don’t help show him. 


Favorite current discovery:

Via therealflyingyogini

I’ve mentioned a few times recently how hard this time of year is, and especially how truly awful I am finding my work shifts. This time of year is hard for all of us, and depression is far too easy to sink in. But what I’ve been learning recently, is the power of the inner smile. At work, even if I’m feeling blue, if I put on just the tiniest little smile – a smirk; a lift in the eyes; a relaxing and slight lift of my face – my entire ambiance shifts. I feel soft; I feel kind; I feel empathetic and open to everyone around me; I feel at peace. And the little things. When Dan is gone for the day, I leave out a little note card – on his side of the bed, on the coffee table etc – with a silly little note for when he gets home. Or I text him in the morning with a simple few words to make him smile. These things, as a result, also make me happy. 


Favorite…. favorite: Mmmhmmmm…


Other favorite reads:

Two articles that Ellie shared in one of her recent newsletters really spoke to me. 

“The Insecurity Of Hard Work”I am not a runner, but the notion of needing to be busy and constantly working hard to get what I want is definitely something engrained in my psyche. And it’s a bit of a hindrance. 

“This is what I call the Insecurity of Hard work. The need to do something, anything, to feel like we are making forward progress. It’s what happens when driven individuals lose sight of the big picture and believe that hard work is the only ingredient to success.”


“This Is How To Train Your Brain To Get What You Really Want.” I read this article before I began reading, The Law of Attraction” but this week I went back to it and was fascinated by the sychronicity between it and the book I had just read. 

“….people who know what they want in life see the world differently. All people selectively attend to things that interest or excite them. Our focused attention is on what we care about….once you know what you want — and it intensely arouses your attention — you will notice simpler and easier solutions to your questions.”

Also, “Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.”

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Tell me,

What quibble recently made you laugh?

What little thing has someone done for you recently that made your day? 

Are you vulnerable with your partner/family in order to help them know how you need to be loved?

How long do your “I’m the king/queen of the world!” moments last…?



  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 19th Jan 18

    Love this! 🙂 Wholeheartedly agree that good morning texts and random compliments go very far.
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Reading List 2018My Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Jan 18

      It’s the little things 🙂

  2. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 19th Jan 18

    That vulnerability thing in order to help you understand how you need to be loved. So true. I’ve become more and more frank with my bf about certain things in my life–stuff I don’t always want to share on the blog–and it’s been really reassuring to have someone who knows and is able to support me in that. But sometimes there’s also this heart-in-my-mouth moment where I’m like–I can’t do this! I hope this helps you and Dan grow in your relationship and feel more supported by one another!
    I need to read that Insecurity of Hard Work thing. Definitely sounds like something I experience–being not okay with not working hard at all times.
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Currently: January 2018My Profile

    • Cora | 23rd Jan 18

      Reassuring is such a good word to use here. It’s like a comfort. Knowing someone really “knows,” so you don’t have to put on a face or keep on with a lie or explain yourself when you aren’t feeling like talking. It’s huge. But it takes a lot of time and bravery to get to that place. I’ve loved hearing about how yours and fuzzers’ relationship has grown and strengthened over these years. Feel like we’ve been doing this side by side <3

  3. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 19th Jan 18

    I am a quote loving fanatic and all of these is right on. I especially love the notion of little things, that seemingly make a big difference. I”m sure Dan appreciates your little gestures! And I’m totally guilty of feeling like I’m not getting things done if I’m not busy and constantly working – I think this is a cultural/societal thing – how do we change it?

    • Cora | 23rd Jan 18

      Ugh, I don’t know. I wonder how far back it goes? Were people in the 1900s the same? They had much less to do – technology and work wise – so it doesn’t seem like they were (on all the netflix shows and movies at least, haha). Was it the rise in technology that did it to us? I don’t know. But I’d like to have a mental paradigm shift to know that we are okay if we aren’t busy working.

  4. danielle | 19th Jan 18

    so many things make me laugh – honestly i’m easily amuse. especially by bad jokes! my partner thoughtfully chose a movie for our movie date last night, Molly’s Game. i loved it so much, he always thinks of my likes when he chooses things. he loved it, too. he used to be a poker player and i have never been into it, but we both loved it because it is a story about a woman.. not about poker 🙂
    i’m still learning how to be vulnerable, it is NOT easy for me.
    according to my calculations i have the feelings that i am queen of the world about twice a month! i’ts all hormones, damnit.

    • Cora | 23rd Jan 18

      I haven’t heard of Molly’s Game! Is it a new one? Will have to look it up. Especially if it comes highly recommended by you and made you LAUGH.

      Queen of the world twice a month….. lol.

  5. Emily Swanson | 20th Jan 18

    It’s so true. I love little texts and short but meaningful conversations just as much as the longer ones. Also I’m really praying that the Lord would help me be more vulnerable because it’s hard for me. It’s hard for me to reveal/share my honest/raw feelings with my loved ones, but it is AMAZING how much it opens up relationships when I do.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Comment on WIAW: When You Eat More But You’re Not Training by KatMy Profile

    • Cora | 23rd Jan 18

      Just keeping working at it. Little by little. That’s also I think what blogs are good for – somewhere to start. I’m not sure it ever gets easier with family or loved ones, but the more proof we collect that speaking our truth DOES release us and our family does NOT leave, the less we have to convince us to stay quiet.

  6. chasetheredgrape | 21st Jan 18

    I know one day I will get to a point where ‘self care’ isn’t even a word on my repitoir. And it shouldn’t be. Self care should just be looking after ourselves, our needs and listening to the desires of our mind and body. I always remember that doing is so is actually the way we are wired. We are wired to want to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves as a priority… It’s just been a little lost throughout the way. Let’s get it back!

    • Cora | 23rd Jan 18

      It really shouldn’t even be a “thing.” Because its a “thing,” it is easy to bring up feelings of guilt. Like you aren’t doing something “normal.” But… it is normal. Its just living in a way that makes you happy and healthy. I wish we didn’t have such a weird mindset about that.

  7. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 25th Jan 18

    Gotta keep those throat chakras open. 🙂
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Food, Family and Fatigue (#116)My Profile

  8. Kaylee | 27th Jan 18

    I am a word lover/hoarder too. Hmm, synchronicity. Never heard of it but I love the meaning! Thanks for always introducing me to new words 🙂
    It makes my heart so full to hear those uncomfortable conversations are helping you as hard as they feel in the beginning. Despite knowing how necessary vulnerability is for growth of any relationship, I still struggle with it so mad props to you.
    Kaylee recently posted…Must-Reads of the Week (35)My Profile

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      I don’t think it’s something that ever becomes easier or less uncomfortable….for anyone. The difference lies in learning to welcome in that discomfort, knowing it will be there and trusting it’s magic to lift a weight off of our souls. Just keep working at it my friend. It’s a life long journey.

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