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Friday Top 3 (#2)

Friday Top 3 (#2)

Kate is working away at getting her site self hosted so she can make this lovely “Top Friday,” of hers a link up. Sending her all the good luck vibes and hoping the transition is going smoothly! Whether or not there is a link up, I was really looking forward to joining in the Top 3 fun again this week. I’m also linking up with the lovely Heather

Top 3 Eats:

  1. This Cherry/Shortbread Bar from my new work that I took to have with me – picnic style – in-between appointments. So so delicious. 

cherry bar Top 3 mylittletablespoon

2. Falafel Salad from work. Our homemade falafel balls that are made on site mixed in with the best homemade hummus I’ve ever had and a homemade dill mayo with pickles and lotsa veg. 

falafel salad Top 3 mylittletablespoon

3. Totally unpictured Chicken Taco Salad Bowl from Taco Time – eaten the utmost messily in the car on the way home from my day in the city with mom. It was in one of those massive edible fried tortilla bowls. 1) What’s better than being able to eat your salad AND your bowl 2) Those things are delicious. 

Top 3 Highs:

  1. To basically repeat my “Top Eat #1:” This moment of spending 2 hours outside on the grass by the lake in-between my two appointments. Enjoying the lake, the warmth, the sun (!!), my cherry bar and some soul-filling reading. I just felt so content and so at peace. 

cherry bar lake Top 3 mylittletablespoon

2) A whole day date with my Mom. I had an appointment in Winnipeg (2 hours away from my town) – so we made a road trip day out of it by doing some shopping, going out for lunch etc. We stopped for an afternoon latte and just talked about everything. 

Latte Top 3 mylittletablespoon

3) Feeling really safe with my new therapist and nutritionist. 

Top 3 Lows:

1.Not exercising and the sadness that arose when I chose to go to a very basic yoga class instead of to the gym. 

2. Figuring out eating at work. I need to get more used to my job so I can figure out when and how I can eat my meals. You know when you are new, and no matter how lovely and chill your manager/co-workers are, you just don’t want to do anything even remotely “wrong” or weird? Even though I know they are cool with eating “as you go” while it’s not busy, I still feel super guilty doing so. I’ve been eating my breakfast this way – standing up – which is just not ideal, plus that underlying anxiety of getting in trouble or something sucks.  And, being a restaurant, you can’t take a break between 12 and 2 so my “lunch” ends up being at 2:30 and then I don’t get in an afternoon snack. It is so bloody easy for my ED to take advantage of all these opportunities to not have enough. 

work breakfast Top 3 mylittletablespoon

Whistle Breakfast while I work

3. A triggering comment from my Dad. Of course he just doesn’t understand – and doesn’t get what not to say to someone with an Eating Disorder – but its hard not to feel resentment and disappointment.  

Top 3 (4) Instagrams and Reads:


Top 3 mylittletablespoon

2. Top 3 mylittletablespoon

This is what was written beneath the picture:

She Let Go

She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

She let go of fear. She let go of the judgements. 

She let go of the confluence of opinions swarming around her head.

She let go of the committee of indecision within her. 

She let go of all the ‘right’ reaons. Wholly and completely

Without hesitation or worry, she just let go. 

She didn’t ask anyone for advice. She didn’t read a

book on how to let go…She didn’t search the scriptures. 

She just let go. 

She let go of all the memories that held her back. 

She let go of all the anxiety that kept her from moving forward. 

She let go of the planning and all of the calculations about how to do it 

just right. 

She didn’t promise to let go. 

She didn’t journal about it. 

She didn’t write the projected date in her day-timer. 

She made no public announcement and put no ad in the paper. 

She didn’t check the weather report or read her daily horoscope. 

She just let go. 

She didn’t analyse whether she should let go. 

She didn’t call her friends to discuss the matter. 

She didn’t do a five-step Spiritual Mind Treatment.

She didn’t cal the prayer line. 

She didn’t utter one word.

She just let go. 

No one was around when it happened. 

There was no applause or congratulations.

No one thanked her or praised her. 

No one noticed a thing. 

 A small smile came over her face. 

A light breeze blew through her. 

And the sun and the moon shone forever. 

Rev. Saffire Rose.

3. Sparkly polar bear poo shines a light on research at Winnipeg ZooSpeaking of SPARKLES!!! Didn’t I tell you glitter fixes everything? 

4. . Why Self-Compasson Works Better Than Self-Esteem.  Very interesting insight on the dangers of self-esteem, and the difference between self esteem and self compassion

Top 3 Friday! Come join the fun, the eats, the highs and lows of yet another week. Click To Tweet 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. You better come back on Monday and tell me you did something damn nice for yourself. 

Tell me,

What are you excited for this weekend?

What color of glitter would you choose to be in YOUR poo!?!







  1. Kristy @ Southern In Law | 13th May 16

    That cherry shortbread bar would DEFINITELY be up there on my fave eats of the week! Yum!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend, girl! (and as for glitter… pink…. ALWAYS pink)
    Kristy @ Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Mermaids, Unicorns and Blogger SwapsMy Profile

  2. chasetheredgrape | 13th May 16

    Sometimes you just need some chilled out girl time with your mum – glad you had a great time 🙂
    Give it a week or so and I’m sure you will feel so much more relaxed at work and you will be able to work out your meal times. I know how you feel right now but it will pass and you will find a good eating routine that works for you.
    Oh and Dads – sometimes they don’t say anything… And it sucks. Then when they do, they say completely the wrong thing… And it sucks :-/

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      I trust that just some more time will let me feel more relaxed at work and with figuring out an eating schedule. It’s a hard thing to adjust to for anyone at the beginning.
      Hahah…. Dad comment: exactly. Poor Dads.

  3. Susie @ SuzLyfe | 13th May 16

    Now I am going to be thinking about glittery poo for the rest of the day.
    Sorry for you lows but HOORAY for your highs. You will get everything figured out–you are already on track to doing just that, so just a little bit more finessing and you’ll be good to go 😀 Have a great weekend, Cora
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…Healthy Gluten Free Savory Recipes with Oats + GiveawayMy Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      There could be worse things on your mind than glittery poo!!

  4. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 13th May 16

    EEE that cherry shortbread looks amazing, and the fact that you got to eat it outside in a peaceful setting is pure bliss. I love those days, where I can catch up on reading and enjoy the outdoors. And yay for a day with your mom, that sounds like so much fun. I am so glad you love your therapist and nutritionist <3 Have a great weekend, lady! Send me some goods from your job, will ya?
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Bucket List Check InMy Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      You would have loved it being a fellow picnic lover! And you bet – I’ll pop some right in the mail for ya.

  5. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 13th May 16

    I always hate finding the normal and the balance of a new job…especially with eating! I love those taco salads too–especially when there’s some sort of chipotle dressing on it…yum!

    This weekend I’m looking forward to being lazy on my couch…not even sorry about it haha! Have a great weekend!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Foodie Friday: Spicy Fish TacosMy Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      Its a really awkward/uncomfortable transition for anyone! Just gotta wait it out and have patience and know that soon things will feel comfortable again.
      Don’t you dare even be a little bit sorry. I hope it was a weekend with all SORTS of lazy.

  6. katalysthealth | 13th May 16

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful day with your mom! It sounds like it was much needed as a time to relax, bond, and talk. 🙂
    And that “She Let Go” poem….wow. So powerful. Thank you so much for sharing that. I love it!
    katalysthealth recently posted…5 Unexpected Lessons from InjuryMy Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      Isn’t it remarkable? As soon as I read it I just knew …. this is everything I want.

  7. Lyss | 13th May 16

    It is OKAY to take a break from exercise. I took time off this week because of finals and taking a break will do your mind and body good 🙂 That latte looks delish too! Love this post
    Lyss recently posted…15 things on my mind: Finals WeekMy Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      Thank you, Lyss. I need this reminder.

  8. Kate | 14th May 16

    Yay! I’m so excited for when this link up fnally gets off the ground. I do believe it will be another weekend of tech “fun” for me.
    I totally understand the weirdness of eating at work! My job at a cafe was the worst because all the people in the kitchen could just eat as they went along but I had to wait until customers were not line, so basically I would eat lunch in one minute increments 20 different times. We didn’t have formal breaks. If I ever operate a restaurant I will give my workers breaks. You may just have to eat a big breakfast and big snack to make up for a small lunch!
    Dads can be the most encouraging, but also the most triggering and it is usually very unintentional. I remember I cried after he said something to me, but then said it makes it hard for him to know what to say to me and maybe he should just not talk but I realized how much more I’d rather him talk but accidentally say something triggering than be afraid to talk to me.
    Kate recently posted…Top 3 Friday #9My Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      So so so true. I’d much rather him say something and risk it being the wrong thing than nothing at all. Silence is farrrr more dangerous and potentially hurtful.
      Ugh working in the food service industry really throws you off your routine. I’d work at your restaurant any day.

  9. Ellie | 16th May 16

    Pink glitter. Always and all the time. Although that would be weird when you farted 😉
    What kind of job did you end up getting? I totally get the exercise blues. I’m hear if you need to vent <3 It's not forever, just until you're ready 🙂
    Ellie recently posted…Running Links [05/14/2016]My Profile

    • Cora | 16th May 16

      Weird…or magical!?
      I work at a little lunch restaurant/cafe. Quiet, quaint, very cute. Attached to a yoga studio so I get 50% off classes and free food and free coffee. Kind of sounds similar to CBT actually…
      Thanks Ellie. Not forever…

  10. Aubrey @ Clusterforked | 17th May 16

    The work thing can be difficult to get around. If you are able to, it can help to try to add the equivalent of half a snack to breakfast and lunch to avoid one meal feeling too huge whilst being able to avoid stressing about getting the snack in. It’s something that does seem to work itself out in the end though, especially if you have a work environment that has a more relaxed attitude to snacking on the go.
    You aren’t alone with the dad thing, especially with daughters it’s easy for them to say totally the wrong thin and be unaware of the ripple effect it might have. It’s even harder when said dads don’t really understand a mental illness.
    Oh my goodness, another reason to move to Canada! I would have to choose rainbow glitter. I know it’s not a colour but I’d just have to…
    Aubrey @ Clusterforked recently posted…The Body and Self-Worth – Mental Health MondayMy Profile

  11. masala girl | 17th May 16

    i’m so sorry you’re dad said something triggering, but i love that quote you pulled from IG! and the first pic! my dad, actually both my parents, have said some, (how do i phrase this…)… negative things to me about food/the relationship with food. years later, they still do, and even though i’ve talked about it, explained it, -they try to- but still dont completely understand. i’d still try and talk to him, especially if something comes up again. it will be hard. take a deep breath, and ask to explain your side without him interrupting. even if you cant get yourself to do it for another year, that’s fine, i just hope you do <3

    with work, ,i know EXACTLY how you feel. i worked at a cafe for a few years. i tried to go in eating before to get through the shift, but on slow days, the kitchen staff would feed the front of house and then we'd go home early. i felt being one of the few that didnt eat, or eating and being too full. other days, it'd be craazy busy, and i'd work 5pm-11pm. it was so unpredictable, and like 4pm is too early to eat "dinner", and after was too late.
    maybe talk to our nutritionist about meals/meal timing. instead of 3 meals + 2-3 snacks, try 3-4 "meal sized snacks" + 1-2 snacks. ie, a meal at 8 or whenever you wake up/normally eat, then 2nd before work at 10 or 11, 3rd when you get out at 3 or 4, then dinner, then a snack before bed! this is just a suggestion, do whatever you feel comfortable with 🙂
    best of luck next week! 🙂 <3
    masala girl recently posted…Ginger Almond Butter (Raw Sprouted Almonds + Their Benefits)My Profile

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