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Week in Review: Recipe Edition and Ode to Bloggers - mylittletablespoon

Week in Review: Recipe Edition and Ode to Bloggers

Hi! Welcome back from your weekend!

I’m chiming in for a quick “Week in Review,” recap. I almost had to forgo it this week, but the thought of not listing out what I did last week made me a little sad. I would have done it in my head anyways, so might as well get it down in ink (er, digital something-or-other). I didn’t get toooo many extra things done last week as I’m busy in rehearsal mode, but there were a few notable things that deserve mention. Quality over quantity?

  • Received a scholarship to go towards my current training. Such a huge help with them dollars.
  • Put AWAY my laundry… sequel to one of last weeks’ main accomplishments (always a two part journey)
  • Saw a play – “Lady Windemere’s Fan” by Oscar Wilde. Artist date – check.
  • Posted 4 blog plots, including a nutritious recipe, a truthful WIAW and a couple deeper thoughts
  • Experimented with photography. My house has basically zero good natural lighting, so its been a bit of a struggle to pull out good looking shots. I experimented with a couple different locations/windows in my house. Not with too much success… but definitely learned what does NOT work. I’ve started looking into “DIY light boxes,” and when I have time would like to look into this more. If you have any experience or words is wisdom please share!
  • Treated myself to a trip to the Salvation Army and bought some new mismatched plates and bowls. I was getting sick of my old same few pieces. Second hand stores are my jam…basically the only place I shop.
  • Got a much needed massage
  • Had one meditation session. Not as many as I would like but absolutely better than none.
  • Got to the market for my usual haul. It was the last week for the vendor where I get my massive (and hella inexpensive) squashes, so I made sure to stock up. Can we please take a second and appreciate how BIG this butternut squash is!! Imma be eating soup for months me thinks.         Go farmers.


  • Proceeded to have boy cut up said massive squash in fear of chopping off my arm in the process.
  • Celebrated my one year anniversary with said  boy. We made pancakes for breakfast, ordered in pizza and drank kombucha while watching “The Muppets Treasure Island.” Pretty much sums us up.


The least awkward selfie-takers, I know <3

And on thaaaaat note, I made a few recipes last week that completely rocked my socks, so I wanted to share!  Its been a while since I made a “Lately: Kitchen Creations” post and was missing them. As I was scrolling through, I realized most of what I made last week were either recipes from or inspired from other bloggers. So this is an ode to all y’all!

  • These vegan fudge brownies from minimalist baker. I added chocolate chips and around 2 tsp decaf espresso powder. Probably the best brownies I’ve ever made.



  • No bake Pumpkin fudge from the fabulous CCK. So easy!! I was looking for a way to use up my pumpkin and always trying to put my coconut butter to good use. A delicious way to get in more of those wonderful healthy fats!




  • Autumn Salads. On repeat this week was a combination of spinach or kale + butternut squash or kabocha + apple + pumpkin seeds + dried cranberries + this dressing. I had never thought of making dressing with almond milk. So creamy!


  • Kabocha chili. I first got the inspiration to put my beloved squash into chili from the lovely Miss Polkadot. Her recipe is absolutely fabulous as is, but her suggestion to add coconut butter knocks it out of the park. Yep – more coconut butter. I decided to try my hands at my own recipe this time around and will be sharing it soon (but in the meantime, go make hers)!  Secret chili ingredient: cinnammoonnnnnn.



And there you go! Some recent eats and some checks off my to do list. All things food for the soul!

Now go visit Meg to see how everyone else is listing up! And have a lovely week!


Do you shop at second hand stores?

Do you have a favorite recipe from last week?

How did you treat yourself?



  1. Jacklyn @ Jack's Balancing Act | 23rd Nov 15

    haha I love the “putting away the laundry” one! I am super quick to DO laundry but not such a fan of that part either. And you have me itching to go to a second-hand store for some plates and bowls and such… great idea!! Love the looks of every single recipe you tried… thanks for sharing 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Nov 15

      Haaaaate the putting away part. Takes me like 3 days to get my sheets back on my bed. Go treat yourself to some second hand goodness!!

  2. cookiesnchem | 23rd Nov 15

    That fall salad looks incredible, as do the vegan brownies! I like Minimalist Baker’s black bean brownies the most 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Nov 15

      Mmmmm. I’ve made many black bean brownies but hers are next on my list!

      • cookiesnchem | 24th Nov 15

        You must give them a shot. I think you will absolutely love them!

  3. Miss Polkadot | 23rd Nov 15

    Happy (belated) anniversary!
    Please let me know if you find a fool-proof way to set up a light box. I’d considered it ages ago already, never got around to doing it but found myself searching tutorials again lately. Because my current living situation is SO badly suited for food photography (= less WIAWs and no recipe creations for the blog).
    Thank you for trying and enjoying my recipe! The coconut butter really takes it to another level. When you first mentioned kabocha chili in a recent post I immediately remembered mine and thought we were two great minds thinking alike ;).

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Nov 15

      Thank you! And yes, once I have more time I will be trying some lighting stuff out and will definitely let you know. Totally hear you on living with craapppyyy lighting. I don’t know how you came upon the idea of coconut butter in the chili but it is most definitely genius (and I’m going to still think we are two great minds thinking alike 🙂 )

  4. Kate Bennett | 23rd Nov 15

    I really wish I owned coconut butter, because I saw the fudge recipe and it made drool! The fact you said those were the best brownies put them on my to bake list immediately- love brownies! One of the best parts of blogging is all the food inspiration.
    The majority of my clothes are second hand. Mostly from friends and my sister, but also from second hand stores. I love them.

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Nov 15

      Nice!! My clothes as well. Buying a piece of clothing from a “real store” is a like a mega special occasion for me. Coconut butter.., ya… I’ve been living off the same jar for a really long time. I don’t use it too much, but it has made a few really cool recipes. If you ever find it on sale I would go for it. A little goes a long way.

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 23rd Nov 15

    Ha, laundry is really a two part equation. One time to wash, the second time to fold.

    I think you had a stellar week, and I’m so glad you made a point to mark it via the interwebs. I love the awkward selfie and I think that salad looks amazing.

    As far as natural lighting goes, try to hit up the east facing windows in the morning and the west facing windows in the evening. Either that or you can do what I do, which is to take the whole thing outside. I take 90% of my photos in my driveway or on my back stoop.

    P.S. Holy squash Batman.

    • mylittletablespoon | 23rd Nov 15

      Ahhhh cool – thank you for the advice!! Now if I can just figure out my directions…. 🙂

  6. hungryforbalance | 24th Nov 15

    This post made me so happy! I especially love the ‘awkward selfie’ anniversary picture! Happy late anniversary!
    Laundry is the bane of my existence. I never feel like I can get caught up, you know?
    I really should put more thought into my pictures. Thanks for the ideas.
    Coconut butter is amazing. That is all.

  7. chasetheredgrape | 25th Nov 15

    Kombucha and muppet treasure Island? Sounds like perfection to me! Actually I can’t wait until it’s time to watch muppets christmas carol – I usually make myself wait until December… Hang on that’s Tuesday!!! :-O

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Nov 15

      Oh my GOSH I totally did not realize this. Ahhhh where did the year go? While I’ll be watching the muppets christmas carol covered in blanket, you’ll be looking forward to watching it with an ice cold bevvy in your hand, won’t you!? 🙂 🙂

  8. WIAW: Busy busy butta butta | mylittletablespoon | 25th Nov 15

    […] last *sniff sniff*  of my previously mentioned ammmazing […]

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