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WIAW: Not So Tricky "Tips" - mylittletablespoon

WIAW: Not So Tricky “Tips”

To start your day…

Tip: Follow the advice of Amanda and Arman (the true oatmeal professionals) and add coconut flour and egg whites to your morning bowl of oats. If you prefer your oats thick, chewy and doughy, you won’t be disappointed. Whisk in 1 Tbsp coconut flour and 1 egg white right at the end of cooking before taking off the heat.


Breakfast: Doughy Coconut Oats (1/3 cup steel cut oats + 1 cup coconut/almond milk + 1/2 cup water + cinnamon + salt + 1Tbsp coconut flour + 1 egg white) + coconut butter drizzle + banana

Tip: Dilute coconut butter in a touch of almond or coconut milk, heat, and drizzle on for a perfect oatmeal “icing”

Tip: Serve with coffee. Always coffee.

Tip: And when you’re just too busy to make a damn bowl of schmancy oats, throw some cereal in a bowl or go buy yourself your favorite baked good.

Big ol’ cinnamon bun / pumpkin yogurt + granola + cinnamon + banana and berries  + coconut milk 

To break at noon…

Tip: Lunches are the perfect opportunity to clean up leftovers. Throw whatever you need to use up in a tupperwear. It will be delicious. I promise.


Lunch Tupperwear mess #1:  Massaged Kale + Chicken + Roasted Sweet Potato + Peas + Miso dijon dressing

Tip: Baked sweet potatoes are love boats for all outcasts.  Throw a tater in your oven for 45min-1hour, cut open, and throw on whatever leftovers you have.


Lunch Tupperware mess #2:  Black Bean Chili stuffed Sweet Potato

Tip: Don’t be silly like me and add some cheeeeeeese

To get over the afternoon hump…

Tip: Give your favorite baking recipes a festive make-over by adding a touch of mint extract and some chopped candy canes.

Snack:  On rotation. Black bean brownies and no bake balls. Taking turns in true festive spirit. 

Tip: Peppermint oil is NOT a substitute for peppermint extract. You will get sick. And possibly hallucinate.

To come home to…

Tip: Carve out an hour or two on Sunday to prep a couple meals for your upcoming week. Throw a bunch of ingredients in a slow cooker while you pop a different recipe in the oven. Aka. Become a multi tasking Batman.


Dinner:  On rotation.  Kabocha Chick Pea Curry (recipe coming at you next week) + brown basmati rice…

Tip: Cook raisins along with rest of the ingredients to create a thicker, sweeter broth. And no, all you raisin haters, it doesn’t leave a “raisin” taste.


…. and this spaghetti squash lasagna bake. 

Tip: If you are vegan, get your “cheese” on with this tofu ricotta. Or just …make this dish, period.

Another tip: Go for seconds.

To congratulate yourself on yet another day done…

Tip: Combine 1/2 cup plan 2% or greek yogurt with 2 Tbsp cocoa powder + 2-3 Tbsp powdered sugar to make an incredibly addictive healthy yogurt/icing/mousse. Alternatively, use 1 packet stevia and only 1 Tbsp powdered sugar. Either way, don’t feel bad about eating the whole bowl.

Tip: Serve with cake.


Evening Snack (latest obsession): Chocolate yogurt/icing/mousse + a happily drowned chocolate cake 


Snack: Carrot Cake. 

Tip: Or, just eat cake on its own.

Tip: Take time to veg out and do nothing that takes brain power. On your couch, at your laptop or book,  with something that makes any aches melt away.

Tip: Go conquer yet another Wednesday.

Happy WIAW! Thanks to the creator, Jenn!



Any favorite, random tips for me? Food or otherwise? 



  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 9th Dec 15

    I love the whole tip themed approach and I’m biting my tongue not to make inappropriate jokes, such as “just the tip.”

    Yes, yes, yes to raisins in curry. Do you remember my Scalloped Sweet Potatoes from Thanksgiving. The ones with a Béchamel sauce…well, they also have raisins. 🙂

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

    • mylittletablespoon | 9th Dec 15

      Hey, no need to hold back here! And heck ya I remember your scalloped tater dish. I’m just waiting until I have a few more mouths to feed to give it a whirl. Brilliant!

    • SuzLyfe | 10th Dec 15

      NOBODY likes that game (just the tip)

  2. hungryforbalance | 9th Dec 15

    I love the doughy coconutty oats! I’ll have to try that! My biggest tip is to make use of your crock pot. It does an amazing job of cooking sweet potatoes.

    • mylittletablespoon | 9th Dec 15

      Oh man I forgot I could do my sweet potatoes in a crock pot! And that salsa chicken. I’m always forgetting about all its capabilities.

  3. Melissa (I Crashed the Web) | 9th Dec 15

    Yum! That salad looks like something I’d eat for lunch. Have you had Japanese sweet potato? That’s my tip- try it!

    • mylittletablespoon | 9th Dec 15

      Only once! But I’ve definitely been wanting to give it more of a shot – I see people loving it everywhere!

  4. Kate Bennett | 9th Dec 15

    I need to try that oatmeal tip! i’m all about the thick oats.
    My lunches are very often a bunch of random items thrown into a Tupperware container. Somehow, it usually works.
    The powdered sugar in yogurt tip is so smart!! Yummmm <3 Thanks for all the tips!

    • mylittletablespoon | 9th Dec 15

      The powdered sugar is necessary for that mouss-y texture. Like a chocolatey cloud!

  5. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) | 9th Dec 15

    Wow, with all your pictures and tips, I see a future chef in the making. Thank you for sharing the tip about oatmeal. I want to try that very soon!

    • mylittletablespoon | 9th Dec 15

      Thanks girl! Definitely give the oatmeal trick a try. You’ll basically be eating cookie dough for breakfast 🙂

  6. Miss Polkadot | 9th Dec 15

    Tippity tips up the wazoo – you’re a smart lady! [Also: who am I saying ‘tippity’?? Wednesday bewilderment].
    I’m looking forward to seeing the recipe for the kabocha chickpea curry because you combined two of my favourite ingredients in one of my favourite dishes. Amazingness is the only possible outcome here.
    You already know my microwave polenta tip so one for extra sweet oats is adding a mashed banana microwaved for ~45 seconds to caramelize. It seems I’m quite a bit into microwave magic …

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      You are saying ‘tippity’ because you are waaaay cool. And all words or non words are allowed here. Kabocha curry – totally thought of you. How did I never think of microwaving my naner before putting it in my oats!? Sometimes when I just stir it in I don’t even notice its there and am sad that there is no caramelizing action. Crisis saved!

  7. katalysthealth | 9th Dec 15

    Girllllll!! If I could give you a high five for all of this food I would! Just imagine me giving you one, ok? And I love adding coconut flour to my oats! That fluffy goodness is almost too good to be true 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      I LOVE virtual high fives. Totally felt it. Mmm coconut flour. It’s basically magic. Magic fluff.

  8. Morgan @ Managing Mommyhood | 9th Dec 15

    I love putting egg whites and bananas in my oats, but I’ve never tried coconut flour!

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      I find the egg whites make it extra creamy while the coconut flour adds the “dough” factor. And a little goes a long way!

  9. bucketlisttummy | 9th Dec 15

    I need to try this “icing” tip! And stuffed sweet potatoes – we are on the same page, lady! I love tupperware, but I also suggest using the plastic empty salad containers as “to go” options for salads or mixtures of the sort because you can just throw them away after! Also, my other tip, add chocolate chips in to your oatmeal for the last 30 seconds it cooks. You’ll thank me later.

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      Ohhhhh man. The salad container tip is brilliant… but that chocolate tip may have just had me running to the cupboard to see if I have any for tomorrow morning. THANK you.

  10. BetterWithToast | 9th Dec 15

    This all looks so delicious! Especially that kabocha curry. I’ve never actually even tried kabocha so I keep trying to find fun recipes to give it a shot.

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      Kabocha is my bigggggest foodie obsession. I go through one of those suckers in no time. I eat it plain, but also find it holds the best in dishes such as this – better than other forms of squash – as the skin stays on so it retains its heavenly texture. Hope you find one so you can try some recipes!!

  11. Stephanie Leduc | 9th Dec 15

    That yogurt dessert looks seriously amazing, you can best believe I am going to be trying that like tonight or tomorrow! With finals looming I’ve just had an overly active sweet tooth. I’m loving all your tips and that sweet potato one is such a good idea! I’m very intrigued by that oatmeal recipe, I am gonna be trying that out as well!

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      I sure hope you enjoy them if you give any of them a try!! I definitely hear you on the active sweet tooth. I’ve found this yogurt/icing thing to be perfect for my sweet and chocolate cravings, but without being TOO sweet, smooth to go down, and still healthy!

  12. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine | 10th Dec 15

    Love these tips! I found it really helpful to prep big meals on Sunday last week, now I just need to keep doing that even when my weekends are busy!

  13. Jacklyn @ Jack's Balancing Act | 10th Dec 15

    Ahhh this post!!! Seriously I want to make like, everything! Sadly time in the kitchen is so minimal right now but I’m bookmarking it for later 🙂

  14. chasetheredgrape | 10th Dec 15

    Love your tips! Brilliant – especially adding cheese… Cheese makes the world taste better 🙂

  15. Ellie | 10th Dec 15

    Pro tip: Put a hash brown in your burrito. Delicious factor to the power of 10 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      SERIOUS!? Like – a bean or meat burrito!? Holy batman never heard of this glory.

      • Ellie | 11th Dec 15

        I usually do the breakfast burrito, so with avocado and cheese 🙂 I’m sure beans would go good in there too!

  16. SuzLyfe | 10th Dec 15

    I’ve been making egg white oats for years! They are the best way to go! Also, a little apple cider vinegar (see my blog for other ideas) in oats is a treat.

    • mylittletablespoon | 10th Dec 15

      Wow – Acv in oats? Really? I’ll most definitely be checking out your oat tips!

  17. Arman @ thebigmansworld | 10th Dec 15

    oh yay! so much goodness here- Glad you liked the oatmeal tip, expect some fun recipes in the coming weeks and carrot cake? swing by tomorrow 😀

  18. cookiesnchem | 13th Dec 15

    Every single thing you ate here looks SO amazing. Love all the tips – especially the one about raisins. I just love you and your blog!

  19. cookiesnchem | 13th Dec 15

    Hey, do you think I can use almond meal instead of coconut flour? Would that work?

    • mylittletablespoon | 13th Dec 15

      Ooo good question! It would give it a more grainy texture that’s for sure… coconut flour is just way more absorbent so it gives it a very unique doughy feel. Almondmeal would be good though I think, in a different way- I want to try it myself now!

      • cookiesnchem | 13th Dec 15

        I think I’ll give that a try and let you know how it turns out 🙂

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