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A Week of Celebration: My Brother's Wedding (Food, Fun and Festivities)

A Week of Celebration: My Brother’s Wedding

Hello there! I am now back and writing from my Toronto home, but if you’d had caught me two days ago, my desk would have looked a little more like this…

brother's wedding


I spent last week at home with family to celebrate my brother’s wedding, which ended up being a week long celebration it seems. We aren’t even Ukrainian, but boy did I get a taste of what those “three days weddings” are like. Me being part of the bridal party – not to mention family – made the days leading up, and following, just that much more celebratory. And busy. I have much to reflect on about my time at home – and this will come in a later post –  but for today, I wanted to just give tribute to my brothers’ wedding and the events that were enjoyed in celebration. Let’s just say, it was one heck of a week. 

brother's wedding

It was a week of pure support.  I witnessed an entire community of friends and family come together to show their love for two very awesome people. Everything from making and dropping off food, to driving people around, to buying coffees, to helping decorate, people came from all over to lend a hand. 

Basically the entire week was full of the most food I’ve ever seen in my life.

brother's wedding

Thanks to the incredible dedication of the other bridesmaids, we planned and threw together a bridal shower for my now sister-in-law. It was held late so that those of us flying in could attend. 

brother's wedding

At first we were worried we wouldn’t have enough food. Ha!…

brother's wedding

brother's wedding

Desserts had to be cast to a make shift chair bar when all table surfaces were filled…

I thought there was an over abundance of food at the shower, but then we moved onto the wedding rehearsal dinner, held at my house.

brother's wedding

We had a massive buffet of pulled pork and veggie burgers and filled my house with the relaxed vibe of “help yourself”

brother's wedding

The rehearsal and dinner just so happened to also be on my birthday. 

I made it clear that this was not my day and needed no attention – happily so! – but I was still spoiled to be presented with my favorite cake – of the carrot variety, of course. I helped myself to the biggest slice there, as the birthday girl should.  There were even a few candles for me to blow out. 

brother's wedding

Happy Birthday to me

However, my cake was just one part of the dessert smorgasbord 

brother's wedding

The wedding day was perfect. Albeit ridiculously emotional. Geez louise!! I knew I was a goner after we had our rehearsal, but I thought I’d at least make it to when the bride walked down the aisle. Nnnnope. The moment I got to the front and saw the other bridesmaids coming down I was a freaking blubbering baffoon. 

brother's wedding

It was an incredibly beautiful ceremony.

brother's wedding

Then…. we partied. I ate a delicious meal. I laughed till my belly hurt on more than one occasion. I drank an impressive amount of wine. I danced into the wee morning hours. And tapped the night off with a big slab of cake. All the cake. 
brother's wedding

Only picture. ‘Cause who got time for that when dancing shoes are on!?…

All in all a truly wonderful evening full of reunions, family, memories and fun. 

Then – oh no, we weren’t done yet – the abundance of food only continued. We held a spectacular brunch at my brother’s house where, once again, I witnessed the most food in one room I think I’ve ever seen. There were people scrambling eggs, people flipping pancakes, massive roasters of sausages, hash browns casseroles, cinnamon buns and enough homemade muffins to feed a village. Literally. 
brother's wedding

brother's wedding

brother's wedding

brother's wedding

brother's wedding

And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. 

brother's wedding

Mcdee’s to the rescue!

I may or may not have raded all the sticker cups…. shh………

brother's wedding

bahahahah suckers…

I couldn’t help but feel the support and love all around. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by such a truly amazing group of people. I reunited with many old friends – a lovely surprise – and began new ones. I was filled with a wonderful, warm sense of belonging, which if you read my previous post, you may guess how much this meant to me.  A true reminder of what really matters. 

brother's wedding

Relaxing and catching up with friends

By the end of the week… let’s just say we all needed a little nap. 

brother's wedding

nap time

I love my brother. It feels really hard – surprisingly hard – for me to “give him away.” I get super emotional when I think about us growing up and all he’s done for me, and now the man he’s become. God, I can’t believe he’s married! But to celebrate the family he is now creating, and how happy he is, is something pretty darn special. I must say he looked pretty darn handsome, too.  

brother's wedding

No professional photos yet, but I managed to steal a few for the mean time!

Thanks for letting me document this wonderful week. As I mentioned, I have more I want to share about my time at home. But until then, have a wonderful weekend!

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Tell me,

Do you get surprisingly emotional at weddings?

What would be in your dream breakfast bar?







  1. Bethany | 29th Jun 17

    Beautiful! Congrats!
    Bethany recently posted…Japan Hiking AdventuresMy Profile

  2. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 29th Jun 17

    So beautiful, and you look stunning! And so happy, which is most important to me.
    And you weren’t kidding about food. WOOF
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Copycat Cherry Limeade Protein Smoothie (Gluten Free, Vegan)My Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Thanks, Suz <3

  3. Jamie | 29th Jun 17

    Coooorrrraaa! This whole wedding weekend looks awesome. You look beautiful (and just so happy). What an amazing time with your family! You know that whatever breakfast food I would pick would probably look a lot like yours…scone, muffin, cinnamon roll, etc and LOTS of coffee. P.S. Congrats to your brother!
    Jamie recently posted…How the Breezy Days of Summer Have ChangedMy Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Thanks, Jamie! Can’t wait to have breakfast with you one day. We will have a bar with ALL the baking.

  4. Emily Swanson | 29th Jun 17

    Cora, this is so beautiful. I LOVE the abundance of food and celebration. It’s so wonderful seeing all the fellowship that you had and the joy. I really get emotional sometimes at weddings, sometimes thinking about Jesus Christ gave Himself for His bride, for sinful people like me, and He cleanses me and makes people clean and white like a bride in her white dress.

    And I would totally eat so much cake with you too. That carrot cake looked EPIC.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…That Day I ate 2800 Calories Without a Big WorkoutMy Profile

  5. danielle | 29th Jun 17

    what a beautiful wedding!!! or should i say, what a beautiful looking time! the photos are just lovely and it just warms my heart, literally feeling warm and gushy inside. so sweet. i love weddings, i have always loved weddings. i have always loved to share the joy of love. what an honor to be invited to share love of another!!! i love LOVE!!! and happy occasions. and celebrations! and gatherings! such joy. i’m a mush.
    and oh the food, glorious food! there were times i would be overwhelmed by such spreads. no lie. but i can honestly say these days i appreciate and overjoyed by all the warmth and kindness. i love carrot cake and happy belated birthday to you soul sister!!! i’m sending you a magical unicorn cake with a phoenix on top. hugs and balloons!

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Oh you better believe I am accepting that unicorn phoenix cake. I could use a few pieces of that right about now!
      Its funny, I nevvvverrr though I’d be a wedding person, let alone cry or feel any feelings of gush when watching them. But here I am. Letting them fill me with all sorts of gush and mush. Obviously not the “tough and cool” kid I thought I was. Ah well.

  6. Hannah | 29th Jun 17

    I think that table full of baked goods IS my dream breakfast bar. My plate would not have any room left for the eggs…

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      That’s what seconds are for! 🙂

  7. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 29th Jun 17

    What a beautiful wedding! And what a beautiful bridesmaid. (That’s a *big* wedding party.) Thanks for sharing with us. <3
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and Low-FODMAP Coconut Cream PieMy Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Thank you Joyce <3

  8. marti @fitwithheart | 29th Jun 17

    what a fun week! all that food too looks amazing…breakfast is my favorite! hmm…omelettes fully loaded, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter, caramel rolls, banana muffins, DONUTS – how could i ever choose???

    • Cora | 6th Jul 17

      Okay so note to self for next time….must include omeletts, donuts and…caramel rolls!?!?

  9. Kat | 29th Jun 17

    Happy late birthday sweet girl <3
    And let me just say – you looked STUNNING.
    What a beautiful wedding to be a part of. All that food though? Soooo jealous!! I've been a part of 4 weddings and have never seen that much food! Now THATS a celebration 🙂
    Kat recently posted…Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fudge [Gluten-Free / Vegan]My Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Thank you, Kat. Yep it was a lot of food. It was quite a surprise to us all!

  10. Ellie Pell | 29th Jun 17

    My brother is getting married this fall and I am so happy! There are two bridal showers and it’s gonna be a blast! I actually really like his fiance, she’s super cute and hilarious. We get along great!
    I wondered where you were this week. I’m glad you had a great time!!
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Many On The Genny 2017My Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Oh wow!! Exciting!! And you’ll be HOME! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  11. Casey the College Celiac | 29th Jun 17

    This post made me smile SO big! Your joy and love and ease at being surrounded by family is obvious throughout the post. I’ve never been to a wedding before, but I hope the ones I do attend are like this one! As for a dream breakfast bar…probably tons of gluten free baked goods, smoothie bowls, smoothie toppings and fruit!
    Casey the College Celiac recently posted…Have Celiac Disease? Going to College? How to Be Gluten Free in CollegeMy Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      I went years without going to any weddings, then suddenly you hit this phase where EVERYONE you know – family and friends – are getting hitched, and low and behold, you find yourself going to three in one summer. I think you should open up a smoothie bar food truck. With all the toppings laid out on a buffet…like a frozen yogurt shop. YUM.

  12. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 30th Jun 17

    What a wonderful week of love and celebration, not to mention all that food. It looks super yummy and I need to go make dinner now because I’m suddenly salivating.

    Congratulations Cora’s Bro.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Currently: June 2017 (Ave’s Perspective)My Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      Thank you on behalf of my bro. And yes – I think we did pretty well in the food category.

  13. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 1st Jul 17

    BEAUTIFUL! I love all of this. All of the food (can i be invited next time?), your thoughts and reflection, hearing you laugh and living in the moment…this is livin’. All of you bridesmaids look beautiful – I get teary eyed at those moments too. I love that you held the rehearsal dinner at your house – what a personal touch. Your family and friends sure know how to throw an amazing party!
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Wellness Wednesday: 4 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with FoodMy Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      This is what living is. Amazing how time with family is what reminds you of this. Sometimes in our day to day lives we forget what real living is like.

  14. Miss Polkadot | 1st Jul 17

    Oh wow. First off: congratulations to your brother and his now wife! They both look so happy and glowing in all pictures. As do you, lady. The dress you found suits you so well and was – I hope – worth the dreaded shopping process.
    On another note, I understand all too well how you feel about “giving away” your brother. I had and occasionally still have that feeling regarding my sister. Don’t get me wrong. I’m incredibly happy for her finding the man of her dreams but ‘sharing’ her/the time she has to spend with me/our part of the family with another one is particularly hard around the holidays.
    I hope you’re doing well this week, too. It can be a bit hard to readjust after truly splendid ones in my experience.

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      It’s nice to read that you know the same feelings. I definitely agree that is feels even harder around the holidays! Its like this little inner feeling that I would never express out loud, but I know will always always be there.

      … adjusting to being back. Yeah. You nailed it. It’s proving to be pretty hard.

  15. chasetheredgrape | 2nd Jul 17

    I loved this post, love reading about the wedding, loved seeing all the happiness within your words and you also look gorgeous I might add!
    Isnt it amazing how much being surrounded by your friends and family can lead to so much comfort and sense of belonging. It’s like a warm glow that just fills your insides. So wonderful.

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      It is incredible. I just wish I could make it last when I’m on my own!!

  16. Week In Review: My Time At Home | 3rd Jul 17

    […] week, to relive all the good feelings, I recapped my brother’s wedding. I didn’t have a chance to talk much more about my time at home, though. I don’t want to […]

  17. Evangeline | 3rd Jul 17

    Ahh what a lovely time. The people, the fancy dresses, the happy (and bittersweet) tears, celebrating with food (and adult beverages), and dancing your socks off makes for one filled heart. I hope your heart is overflowing. Also HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!! What a way to celebrate! And carrot cake all the way. It’s a close second to chocolate but only by a little. Congrats to your brother and his lovely wife. They both looked radiant, and you looked radiant too. Your dress is beautiful.
    Evangeline recently posted…Silver Linings {Week in Review}My Profile

    • Cora | 4th Jul 17

      You know, carrot cake is the ONE thing that will always beat out chocolate for me. CRAZY, I know!!!

      Thank you Vangie. It really was what living should be. Carefree, joyous, fun, relaxed, heart filled. A reminder that life is too short not to spend our days with these same feelings. If only it was that easy though, huh?

  18. Kristy from Southern In Law | 5th Jul 17

    How excitingg!!! And how gorgeous was your dress?!?! That navy colour is perfect on you!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: The Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free)My Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jul 17

      Thank you Kristy! Turned out navy was a really good colour choice. It works for everyone!

  19. meg | 7th Jul 17

    Awwwww this is all SO SO BEAUTIFUL! My heart is so happy just looking at photos. What a stunning bride and a handsome groom. And all of this food! This is my kind of party!

  20. Kaylee | 12th Jul 17

    What fun and oh so lovely! Our alikeness only continues because you and I are cake soul mates. Carrot ftw!! A very belated happy birthday! I was going to message you on the day itself but before I knew it it was too late.
    That brunch spread = goals.
    What a good looking group y’all have got there! That dress looks wonderful on you. Congratulations to you, your brother and the rest of the fam!

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