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Kale Pesto Recipe (plus WIAW: The Gym Was Closed…)

Today I bring you a super delicious, super colorful and super nutritious recipe for Kale Pesto. A lightened up, less expensive take on the classic – but with all the flavor that’d you expect (and twice the nutrients!).


Hi everyone – and welcome to my “new and improved” site. I’m still figuring stuff out and seeing if I like this current layout etc, so bare with me as I do some transitioning. But what better way to initiate my new “do” with a celebration of food! Happy WIAW!

I have a week off from school (although I start rehearsing for our next show on Thursday so really its only a 3 day break… how they trick us so). But still, these last couple of days have been glorious. Full of all the right kind of “breaky” things… fall walks, cafes, exciting blog  stressing/questioning/obsessing  confuddling and extra time to catch up on some cooking and baking. And laundry and homework.. of course…..

This was Monday.  A Monday where I didn’t need to be at school and had zero concrete plans! I slept at a friends’ house on Sunday night with the plan to – while she took off for work at 6 am – sleep in, not move, and return to one of my favorite vegan cafes that just so happens to be across the street from her new house… and just so happens to have a marvelous americano and cinnamon bun. So after lying in her bed for an hour or so after waking up (seriously… I don’t remember the last time I’ve done this. It took conscience effort, but it was SO nice!) I literally just put on my shoes and trucked across the street to “Bloomers”.  Sadly… there were no cinnamon buns. But they still had the marvelous americano and a pretty nice blueberry basil scone. Not to mention a perfect window bar to do my morning writing.



Blueberry Basil Scone + Banana from home + Americano


Waking up with the city and my morning pages

This is actually where I ended up biting the bullet and starting the transition over to a self hosted site. Maybe it was the coffee? The basil? The writing? Whatever it was, it obviously gave me a spontaneous little bout of confidence.

I had planned to go the gym that morning after my breakfast, but beginning this process absorbed my focus and excitement for farrrr longer than anticipated. After a couple hours I accepted that I’d be pushing my gym date to later in the afternoon. I was enjoying myself too much to care.

Instead, I got super side tracked… yet again… by the BEAUTIFUL leaves as I biked home. I got off my bike and strolled through Queens Park. GAH.. MY HEART. It was just so beautiful!!

queens park 2

queens park 

When I finally arrived home, I was super hungry… or just really caffeinated and emotionally high… so I pulled out the leftover half of my Vegan Rueben from dinner the night before. I said it here, but seriously… this sandwich is incredible. Even as leftovers. Swooooon I want it all the time!!



Vegan Tempeh Rueben from Bloomers

After some tidying/putzing/more blog experimenting, I finally got my gear and took off for the gym. I got there, feeling good about my choice, and bam….

“Gym is closed today for staff training. Sorry for the inconvenience.”


In the past when this would happen…I would not deal well. I’d get mad, usually. Very mad. And anxious. I’d most likely find a different gym to go to – even if it meant now paying a fee. But today?…. Meh? I don’t think I cared! I don’t think I really actually wanted to go in the first place. I was enjoying my day of blogging/writing/putzing/cooking so much and knew I still had a massive to do list that I could have been digging into further. The first thought that entered my mind when I saw this sign was honestly, “Great.. now I can go home and do more.” WHAT!?! Excited to go back HOME!? This was soooo liberating and exciting and big for me. I’m still kind of flabbergasted. A true testament to my growth in recovery and how much I have changed.

SO. I returned home, ate a pear as I still peckish, and got back to some house, computer, food prep and homework.


This is a pear…..


A couple hours later, surprise surprise… I was hungry again. I’ve said it before, but I am constantly fascinated by how my mood affects my appetitive. When I am feeling good and happy and like “me,” I am so much more hungry. Its when I am down or sad or angry that my appetitive really goes away….when the lingering eating disorder bombards me with negative, “non-deserving” thoughts. Days like today when these thoughts aren’t in existence… I’m hungry for everything.

I put my hands to the test and made my first Kale pesto! So fun! I used pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts (#cantaffordthemnuts) and replaced some of the oil with vegetable broth (but not all – keep them healthy heart fats y’all). It turned out brilliantly! I cooked up some brown rice pasta, broiled some tomatoes and dinner was served.

kale pesto

Kale Pesto (see below for recipe)

Look at that GREEN!


Brown Rice Kale Pesto + Roasted tomatoes + Feta


So I don’t talk too, too much about my recovery details, but I will say that this day was really big for me. It was a real and beautiful feeling of the life that I am striving to get to – freedom in flexibility, enjoyment in stillness and rest, comfort in being at home, and a focus on creativity. 

We can all strive for this, ya?

But now… go make this super nutrient dense, healthy, delicious kale pesto for dinner!!


  • ¼ cup raw pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 cup fresh basil leaves, packed
  • 2 cups Kale, torn and packed
  • ¼-½ tspsalt
  • ¼ cup vegetable broth
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp grated parmesan
  1. Combine the pumpkin seeds and garlic in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Add basil, kale, salt and broth, and process until mostly smooth. Drizzle in olive oil while processor is still running. Now stir in the parmesan.

Happy WIAW! Go on over and see Jenn to check out what everyone else is shakin’ to!




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