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Gaining Weight: The Unexpected and Surprising Struggle

Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitician or have any credentials to elicit health advice. Everything I write is from my own experience and personal journey. Please consult a licensed health professional before making any plans for gaining weight.

ice cream cake


With the onset of obesity and global desire to lose weight in our society, it elicits a notion that gaining weight is something that is easy – “too easy” – for most people. 

“That cookie will go straight to my thighs.” 

“I definitely gained weight on my one week vacation.”

“I need to lose those three pounds.”

I’ve heard them all. It seems that according to most people’s testimonies, weight gain is inevitable and will simply happen over night (or over a few too many caesars). And here’s the thing, I’m not saying the people who say these things are making things up. For some, gaining weight does seem very easy, and conversely, very hard to lose weight. 

eggs bacon breakfast gaining weight

Current favorite breakfast: 2 eggs / toasted english muffin with butter / farmers market back bacon / fruit

Why is that? Is it true? I don’t really know the answer to this. 

But what I do know is society is not aware of how hard gaining weight actually is. And, yes, I’m talking about for most people, not just the odd few. That being said, we aren’t just talking about those “few pounds” here. We are talking about a substantial amount of weight gain, be it for health reasons, to return to a healthier set point, have your menstrual cycle return etc. 

bagel cream cheese gaining weight

French Toast Bagel with Regular Cream Cheese

Each body works differently, and so some bodies may gain, or lose weight, differently than others. This is also dependent on things like muscle mass, age and natural metabolic rate. But in general, a body needs A LOT of calories to put on weight. These are calories above and beyond what is needed for daily living or any additional energy expenditure. Add on muscle and organ recovery and you are looking at needing calories for all this repair work and THEN some. 

Most people do not realize the amount that one must take in for this to happen. And how hard this can be. 

I think even some professionals – nutritionists or dietitians and even doctors – are not fully aware of how much food one must consume when needing to gain weight. Especially, yes, even for  a young female. I was recently told how my friends’ elderly grandfather had to be put on extra supplements for months and months before he started seeing the weight gain that he needed. 

“Just eat a cheeseburger…”  (How many of us have heard that one?)

Yeah, well, news to you – that cheeseburger ain’t gonna do anything, doc. 

subway gaining weight

Turkey / Ham / Cheese / Mayo / Honey Mustard / Veg / Italian Cheese Bread… SO GOOD

I really like my dietician at the moment, but I think she falls a little into this category. A category of people surprised at how much discipline, regiment and conscienceness needs to go in to ensuring you achieve those high levels of calories your body needs when gaining weight.   Unfortunately, being in a small town I do not have professionals who work specifically with those recovering from an eating disorder, but if you are somewhere with options available to you, I highly recommend checking out Amanda’s recent post about how to choose the proper treatment team. Only those with specific training may understand the amount of food you actually require. And not only this, but they will be trained to help, support and push you in the right ways. 

berry pie gaining weight

Homemade Saskatoon Berry Pie (definitely not made by me)  / Ice cream 

scone gaining weight

Afternoon Snack. Blueberry Scone / Cheese


It had been two full weeks without any form of exercise – apart from a few gentle walks – and I really thought I had been eating more than I ever had. And yet, when I saw my dietician this past week…. I had lost a pound. 

That’s how easy – or hard – this can be. 

My eating disorder leads me to believe, or assume, that any increase in calories and decrease in activity will inevitably lead me to gain weight. 

Wrong assumption. So wrong. 

pizza harbourfront gaining weight

Pizza for two my ars. 

A few extra hundred calories a day won’t necessarily do anything – as hard as this is to believe. 

And then this also brings up the notion of exercise. 

Even I was shocked that, for the rest of the summer where I had still been exercising on and off,  I did not lost weight and even made some marginal gains. And here I was, finally having giving it up completely, and the scale went down! 

smoothie 2 gaining weight

Spinach, peanut butter, hemp seeds, cocoa, almond milk, dates

 I’m not a big smoothie fan, sadly, but if you are they are an awesome way to get in some extra nutrients and aren’t bloating or filling

You know those sayings, “you can’t outrun a bad diet?” Meaning – no matter how much you exercise, if your diet isn’t “right,” you will still gain weight? Well, that kind of works in the opposite way, as well. As much as our brains would like us to believe that exercise can be the solution to losing weight or automatically keep you from putting on weight, it really does not have this much power. “They” say that, as a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75% diet and only 25% exercise. Source

What this means – what I am getting at here – is it really is about the food. You can’t simply just take out exercise and expect that your average daily intake will automatically lead you to gain weight.  Simply taking down your activity will not elicit the weight gain you may need. You still need a lot of food. Even when not exercising your body needs a lot. Add on any form of activity to this, and you just need more (for the reverse side of this conversation – this is also proof for those who fear that stopping exercise for a certain amount of time will automatically lead to weight gain….. it won’t).  It is hard enough getting in enough calories for just your daily living and all the internal work of repairs that are going on when you regaining weight – do you really want to have to take in MORE to account for even extra activity? I have to ask myself this every day. 

hersheys mix with ice cream gaining weight

Vanilla ice cream + pre mix of hersheys chocolates, almonds and mini pretzels + mango

Sometimes bought, pre mixes of nuts etc. are a good idea so you know exactly how much you are getting in and can’t let those voices lead you to think you are having more than you actually are. 

I am not a “student” of Minnie Maud, but I do know that the numbers stated in this program are no exaggeration. When I was in the hospital, near the end of my weight gain period I was taking in 3500+ calories a day. And this was with absolutely zero physical activity… and some weeks I barely made my weight gain quota. 

This can be hard to believe. But I assure you, our bodies are incredible. 

movie popcorn with butter gaining weight

An evening snack that will have you waking up hungry

Taking in this much can be hard. Maybe not for everyone, but it is for me. It is hard both physically and mentally. Yes, my family has a naturally high metabolism that I’m sure isn’t working with me. And I am now working at a job where I am walking around, and carrying plates and trays for, on average, 6 hours. There was one point where I wouldn’t have thought any thing of this, but my recent step on the scale has shown me that this level of activity may be doing more of a disservice to my weight gain goals than I had thought. That’s a lot of movement and a lot of energy being expended. And yes, it can be this easy. 

So to try and make up for this increase of activity, not to mention the unfortunate meal timing you get when you work at a restaurant, I’ve started adding Ensure supplements into my day. Did I want to? ….que flashbacks to the hospital…. No. I did not. But my dietician reminded me that these types of supplements were formulated to give our bodies the correct combination of vitamins and minerals they need. The only “negative” thing about them is that, since they are human-made, they can not work as efficiently in our bodies as say, an apple, can. Otherwise. They are good. Very good. Especially if you are like me and find it hard to take in enough calories with merely food and smoothies  – I had to finally admit, after months of stubbornly saying “I want to be able to do it with real food,” – that it is just too hard for me. So these guys are going to “ensure” (groannnn) I’m giving my body at least a bit more each day, and getting in all the nutrients my body needs. 

ensure at work gaining weight

Being ALL the stealth at work.

Oh hey how’s it goin? Yeah, just made myself a little protein smoooooth-ay this morning at home. Yeah, its Vega…

*brushes off shoulders”

Ensures gaining weight

26 Vitamins and Minerals. Practically candy!!

gaining weight

Okay this time not so stealth. 

Of course, this post is focusing on the surprising physiological and physical difficulties of gaining weight that not many people realize. It is not touching on the very real mental struggles that come along with it. These can be the real demons to face. But when those voices are telling you that you don’t need to have any more, remember this. Our bodies are incredible – like, they are INSANE machines – and not only can they take a lot of sustenance and will balance it all out to stay at a certain set point, they also require A LOT. Even more when gaining weight. More than you may want to believe, and more than you may see in the average What I Ate Wednesday post. 

curry lentils gaining weight

Curried Lentils and Rice with Spinach / Curry spiced full fat greek yogurt / Beanito chips x2 

But I am also not saying this means you must give your body only processed sugar and, for lack of a better work, “junk.” First of all, all food has nutrients. All food has something your body needs and can use. Of course, some processed sugars are going to be easier to add into your diet when you are needing those extra calories, but these can be on top of all sorts of healthy, nutrient dense whole foods. Avocados! Nuts! Cheese! Cream! Meat! Potatoes! Its all good for you. And you should keep it ALL. 

nuts granola bowl gaining weight

NUTS! They have protein!

gaining weight

This has protein, too. 

ice cream by couch gaining weight

My favorite, and truly easiest, way to get a little extra in. As one says, “there’s always room for ice cream.” 

Gaining Weight: The Unexpected Struggle. It is not as easy as some may think. You need A LOT. #recovery #weightgain #eatingdisorder Click To Tweet

If you are in a phase of gaining weight, also know that there are many other changes that need to happen in your body before the pounds may actually starting coming on. The extra energy is going to go to where it is needed first, like to your brain and heart. But keep going and keep pushing and keep adding where you can. You may feel CRAZY. Like – you may feel completely whacky and out of control. You may face some individuals who do not understand the amount that you need. But just like diving into a cold pool or ripping off a bandaid, you just have to one day do it. And then, I promise you, the next day won’t feel quite so hard.

Linking up with Jules from dropsofjules for her wonderful Mental Health Monday series. Check out her page for many more wonderful resources on eating disorder recovery and gaining weight through the Minnie Maud guidelines. 

Have you been surprised at how hard it is to gain weight?

What’s your favorite food? 



  1. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats | 22nd Jul 16

    I think whether gaining weight is easy or not is highly dependent on the person. Someone who never works out and doesn’t have much muscle might gain weight much more quickly than someone who already has a higher metabolism. Additionally, I think it’s harder to gain weight eating healthier foods – some restaurant meals have upwards of 2,000+ calories, which many people may not realize and thus gain weight “easily” in their mind. I’m doing a carb cycling program with all healthy, whole foods (avoiding sugar) and our “feast day” where we ate 50% more calories was definitely harder than I thought! One thing I’m going to try next week is adding more coconut oil into dishes. Thanks for being so open with your own journey – wishing you all the best! You can do this! <3

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Yes yes you are exactly right. It is very dependent on all of these things, and yes, there are meals out there that could very easily get us to those higher calorie goals. That’s where the unfortunate fears keep me from getting there “quicker,” I suppose. Fears, or being too knowledgable about some of those meals that maybe some others don’t think about (jealous). Thank you Katie!

  2. Susie @ SuzLyfe | 22nd Jul 16

    Please know that I have so much love for you, and I 100% understand the struggle of gaining weight. Both mentally and physically. When we get really thin, our bodies truly change–the fat distribution changes, our metabolisms change, our absorption changes, our stomach size changes, our hunger cues shift, and our tastes change. And that is just the physical aspect. Mentally, we get used to eating what we eat, we get used to seeing our body a certain way, and we can even imagine that we feel funny after eating certain foods that make us nervous. It is very psychosomatic.
    The combination of both of these factors make it very, very difficult to gain weight. It took my marathon training a few years back to help me learn how to increase my diet in a healthy and beneficial way, and I am now applying those principles to my non-marathon training at the moment in the effort to put on some weight.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you need to talk. I am 100% here for you, and I would love to help you out with some tricks that I’ve found for adding things in without getting overwhelmed, but only if you want them! No pressure. LOVE YOU
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…All the Feelings Friday FiveMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      You are SO smart and always have SUCH a way of wording things and giving me new insight into something that I experience. I definitely believe in the pschosomatic-ness. The mind can play some serious tricks. And seeing change – in any way – can be scary. Thank you for shedding new light onto why gaining weight is so difficult! Its not just a physical thing. Its a whole mixed bag.
      I would absolutely love some of whatever tips or tricks you have learned along your own journey. I am going to send you an email. Thanks suz <3

  3. Clarice | 22nd Jul 16

    great post! I’m in the process of trying to regain my period after being very underweight I gained some weight but still pretty low for my body type. I still restrict my food subconsciously and consciously… I believe weight gain can be a struggle for people with restrictive eating habits but if I’m honest with my self I think it’s probably more to do with all my rules and beliefs that play in every time I choose a food. I think if someone else took over my body it could actually gain weight with enough food( which is a lot) but I struggle with adding the additional food myself or put it off…. And before I know it another year has gone by without a lot of success. This is why I have stopped thinking about weight gain and started thinking about food as Medicine (cliche ) to get my body out of starvation mode and reminding it foods avaliable! This is a very difficult task to stick to for the long haul…. Everyday and every food choice over months…. I wish you tons of success!

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      First of all, THANK YOU for coming by and sharing your own journey and experience.
      Secondly, you could have written my own diary. I know exactly how you feel here. I’m so impressed you are able to voice “subconsciously and consciously”… because I’m the same. Sometimes my restriction is so habitual that I honestly don’t even notice it and sometimes, lets be real, I know I’m doing it. But we are so good at somehow tricking ourselves into thinking we aren’t. That being said, when we do get to the point where we honestly are eating a good amount, and yet still not enough for our weight gain – because this amount can be so large – it is hard to see this as “restricting.” I know, too, that if someone else were to take on my body… it probably would be able to gain weight quicker than it is now… because of my fears to go “over.” But you are right, we need to think of food as medicine more than anything, especially when we are needing to push for more and more.
      Thank you again. I really really appreciated this.

  4. Emily Swanson | 22nd Jul 16

    WOW, I completely completely agree with this. Most of society is focused on the other end of the spectrum, and it is actually really hard to gain a lot of weight in order for your body to heal. It took me probably about 3-4 years of eating and getting weight restored before my period started coming back semi-regularly. AND YAY for liquid calories and ice cream. They make getting the calories in so much easier than chewing all the food. I LOVE chewing food, don’t get me wrong, but milkshakes are some of my favorites too. Sonic Milkshakes are some of the best. You are on the right track Cora. Don’t give up!!! <3
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Top 3 Friday: Cliff Jumping, Baking, and FearMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Oh I lovveee chewing… I don’t feel satisfied if I haven’t chewed anything… but I think that is also a good strategy for more smoothies and ensures. They don’t actually fill me up, or leave me unsatisfied, so then I still want to eat more. Which is good 🙂

  5. Ellie | 23rd Jul 16

    Do not feel ashamed for drinking Ensure! Some ultrarunners I know swear by it because you’re right, it has a good combination of vitamins and minerals. You are so right about our bodies. When I started my marathon training last year, I actually gained 10 lbs during the cycle and have kept them on since. Of course, you can’t tell, but as I started running more, I don’t know because I don’t track, but my body held onto more, because it was needed. Maybe I mindlessly snacked more, or just added more stuff to my sandwiches, but the increased mileage actually caused my body to hold onto and gain weight.
    That’s fine with me because obviously I’m happy as long as I’m running.
    I really feel for you though Cora. It must feel frustrating to push yourself out of your comfort zone three to five times a day and see small improvements. Keep fighting girl! It’s worth it <3
    Ellie recently posted…Running Kilts and Steel Cut Oats [Top 3]My Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      That’s really interesting. But I think it makes sense and is a testament to how smart our bodies are. Your body obviously knows it needs the extra energy stores in order to get you through your runs. It’s simply rooting for you and your dreams, that’s all!
      Thanks Ellie – means a lot.

  6. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 23rd Jul 16

    I love this post, Cora! So much wisdom here. It is so true that our weight has a lot to do with our genetics–and a lot of research even suggests that folks who are bigger can be just as healthy as folks who are smaller, or even healthier–weight and health are independent things!
    I did a lot of reading about the Mini Maude method for recovery, which stresses just how important it is to get enough in recovery–and how much “enough” is. I didn’t actually follow the Mini Maude method, but I appreciate how much it emphasizes how much we need–not just “can”–but need to eat. I’m guessing you probably know about it, but if you don’t, here’s the link: http://www.youreatopia.com/blog/2013/3/31/minniemaud-guidelines-for-recovery-from-a-restrictive-eating.html
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Double Chocolate Vegan Nice CreamMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Yes yes – size really isn’t the teller of health. Not. At. All.
      I’ve read into minnie maud quite a bit. It is definitely a good place for motivation and for a community that understands the real amounts our bodies need in these situations. Especially when you can feel pretty alone in it on your own.

  7. Ashlee | 23rd Jul 16

    Oh my gosh so much truth here. I chimed in awhile back when you first started your weight gain journey..it was around the same time I did and I literally weigh less than when I started. And I feel worse. And my only exercise is like a 20 minute walk some days with my husband who wears flip flops when we go so nothing strenuous. Oh, and after meals? I feel like a truck hit me, and I also have weird symptoms like my ears get hot, my hands tingle, and I get dizzy and off balance randomly. AND IM EATING MORE. I have no idea. No words. I’m almost scared for my body.. it isn’t responding. I have been not wanting to add ensure either but I just think I have to bite the bullet. I actually read a few articles that those who struggle with restrictive eating disorders actually will always require more calories even after recovery, and once they start gaining weight will actually LOSE weight because their metabolism is in a hyper state which can make gaining weight suuuuppppper difficult. I feel like my body is going through that maybe? And taking it’s sweet time too. Ugh. I dont know. Im sorry this isn’t very happy. I just feel lost too..I live in a teensy town and my dietician tracked my intake for a week and was amazed that I was eating so many calories. The only thing I haven’t tried is ensure because I thought I was eating enough milk shakes and ice cream and peanut m&m’s by the flipping full size bag full. Thank you for the motivation though.. Im fighting along side with you!

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Ashlee – THANK YOU for coming by and taking the time to write about your own experience! First off, I can tell you that gaining weight after restrictive eating is SO WHACK. Like – all these symptoms you are experiencing – I would have to say I’m not too surprised. When I was in hospital treatment for weight restoration, I experienced the craziest, weirdest body effects. And observed others experiencing even crazier ones. Hot flashes – absolutely. I was EXHAUSTED and felt like my muscles had just had a major gym work out – they were sore and stiff and literally felt like I had just been to the gym (obviously not the case. But they were REPAIRING, just like they would be after a workout). Also in the hospital we actually had many “educational” sessions where we learned the science behind ED recovery, and yes, it is absolutely true that those who have become weight restored will probably always need an increased amount of calories. As you gain weight, your body’s metabolism gets faster and faster to keep up with the added energy. That’s why I had to keep adding ensures. Even at 3000 calories, if I had just stayed there I would stop gaining weight. And afterwards, you are SO hyper metabolic from the increased calories that you will gain weight extremely easy if you go down in calories too quickly. It happened to me…. so I know from experience. It was utterly shocking.
      Please, if you have any questions or just want to rant or bounce something off me, shoot me an email! mylittletablespoon@hotmail.com
      Thank you again!

  8. Lyss | 23rd Jul 16

    Isn’t it crazy how our minds can convince us we will gain weight with such little changes to our diet? Funny how the disordered mind can work in that way. It does take a lot to actually gain weight. Ensures helped me, and so did dense food- all the nuts and oils and nut butter. It is one long process, but I know you will get there Cora. You are a strong lady- that is a given! sending lots of love
    Lyss recently posted…Top 3 Friday 7/22/16My Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Yesss its completely crazy. Both for the disordered mind and in general society.
      Thanks Lyss. Liquids and dense foods are a must.

  9. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 23rd Jul 16

    I’m not trying to gain any weight so I can’t entirely relate to your struggle. I will say I’ve found it hard to balance my food intake with nursing Ave though. I need more calories than I did previously and I find myself going low and crashing without warning, even when I think I’ve eaten plenty. As such, I try to keep high calorie snacks on hand these days: cut up cheese, KIND bars, OJ (for the low), and nuts. It’s been helpful for me. That and I drink buckets of water on the daily.

    Keep working it. You are doing great.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Banana Blueberry Salad with Blue Cheese and WalnutsMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Its crazy how it can just come up on you so suddenly, too. Even when you know you’ve eaten what should be “enough,” sometimes our bodies just all of a sudden go to empty.
      I remember reading an interview with an actor that kept pepperoni sticks in his pockets. Maybe we should do the same…

  10. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 23rd Jul 16

    I couldn’t agree more! When I started competing in figure I had to put on some serious muscle weight… it was incredibly hard. I never really got to where I wanted to be. Instead, I got married and moved across the country. That produced some weight gain… I quit thinking about it and just did whatever made me happy. Gained more fat that I’d have liked, but I’m not trying to walk around on stage half naked so whatever. LOL!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken Skewers with Herbed Tahini SauceMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      Oh man, especially when you are working out as you would have been – it must have just been impossible to keep up with your energy and repair needs!! So much work!
      Marriage is good for SO many things! 🙂

  11. Kate | 24th Jul 16

    Personally I think ensures are a great way to increase calories. They are easy to take out once your weight gets where it needs to be (and stays there). I tried to gain my initial weight by eating all healthy foods, which I regret since it took a huge toil on my GI system. I wish that I would have eaten lower volume, high calorie foods. I think it would have been much easier for my body to handle!
    I remember being surprised when I started eating with greater enthusiasm and my weight not changing much at all. I thought for sure if I loosened my reigns on eating the weight would come on fast, but it pretty much never went past what I’ve found my body’s “set point” to be.
    My favorite food is watermelon followed by peanut butter!

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      That’s also a really good way to think about it – they will be easy to take out when the time comes.
      I remember you saying this once before and it has really stuck with me. Of course, I want to have all the healthy foods I can, but I am even learning from experience that the bloating and fullness is just not worth it! Especially when you really have to start eating more and more and more. Dense carbs are the easy for my body to handle it seems.

  12. Kristy from Southern In Law | 24th Jul 16

    I could write a whole entire BOOK on how frustrating and annoying and irritating and upsetting it is to try to gain weight and see a whole lot of nothing when it comes to results.

    Thanks to coeliac disease, I lost a heap of weight as my body just didn’t absorb anything and it took my stomach such a long time to recover and start absorbing everything again. Now my body just seems to chew through every little bit of food I put in it and the more I eat, the more I apparently burn!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Coupon Codes, Pokemon Go and Oat ObsessionsMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Jul 16

      I would definitely read your book, Kristy. You’ve obviously had to go through a LOT in terms of diet, weight, body absorption difficulties etc. and know the struggles and upheavals it all causes. Thank you for always sharing your experience and wisdom. Aren’t are bodies just SO MUCH FUN!?

  13. Sarah @ BucketListTummy | 24th Jul 16

    Beautiful post, Cora. I think it all goes to say how different we all are – there are no blanket approaches and what works for one does not automatically work for another! You are totally right that so many people spend time focusing on the overweight and obese and “cutting things out” when it is just as necessary to worry about those who have trouble gaining weight and need more – more nutrients, more calories, more love, etc. Personally, I think Ensure is a great way to add in more for you, until your body adjusts to what it needs and starts to normalize. So many changes are happening right now and it’s impossible to attack them all at once. Sometimes in my training cycles, I can’t get all the calories I need in a day and I turn to smoothies (I know you don’t love smoothies haha!) But liquids are the perfect way to add more in without taking up so much room in your stomach. I’m available to chat by email or text any time you need to. I think you’re doing great. Favorite food? Gah – oatmeal and peanut butter and sweet potatoes. And a million more.
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Day in the LifeMy Profile

  14. Emily Swanson | 25th Jul 16

    Ooh, and Ensure sounds pretty good to me actually. I love drinking creamy, delicious, protein filled drinks.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Sweet and Savory Wrap Round-UpMy Profile

  15. chasetheredgrape | 25th Jul 16

    It’s hard. Really hard. And it has taken me over 3 years to be at a normal weight for my height (just). I worked on building muscle with crossfit the entire time and stuck with real whole foods. It worked for me (not saying it’s the way for everyone) but to be honest I didn’t really see any changes until I started to recover mentally from this illness. After all our weight is just a side effect of the illness.
    I didn’t own a scale and went by how I felt and how my clothes fit. I also got smaller before I went up. But I got there and continue everyday to give my body what it needs. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself – you are doing fine 🙂

  16. Stephanie Leduc | 29th Jul 16

    Everything you said here is just so true. If it’s so hard to lose weight, why is the opposite not true?
    I honestly haven’t been working out so much and some days, I eat junk and drink loads of alcohol and guesssss what? No weight change.
    You made me realise something important here, I usually think of those days as days that could make me gain weight, but they don’t. I can’t imagine you trying to do this everyday and not seeing the results when internally, you feel as if you are eating a ton.
    You’re strong, I can see how challenging this could be. So thank you for making me realise that, it’s posts like these that can help me become a more understanding and empathetic dietitian one day.

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  19. Pam | 3rd Aug 16

    You really hit the nail on the head with this post. I am a registered nutritionist, who is, ironically, struggling to recover from anorexia. My BMI is shockingly low–I just got out of a brief stay on a medical ward. ( We have no specialized ED ip treatment unit where i live) They told me that I actually should be placed somewhere for a minimum of 3 months–but as this is not available to me–well i am doing it at home. And it’s soooooo hard. I have managed to up my cals..but have to do it slowly to be on the safe side. Still i am already taking in quite a bit of food and thus far haven’t gained an ounce. Next week i should be at Minnie Maud minimums and am just wondering how the hell im going to get there. I have written off Ensure type drinks, but after reading your post im reconsidering them. I did find a great product called N8ked, that i am going to try–it’s got 320 cals per serving –it’s a protein powder you simply mix with any liquid. I’ll see how that goes down.

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