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Week In Review: The Superwoman Moving Edition

Well helloooooo Yes… yes. I am, indeed, writing to you from my new home! My new kitchen! My new little hippy antique nest that I, dare say, is even starting to feel really quite livable.  This was, not surprisingly, a mammoth of a week. I really, really appreciated all of your comments on my last post in regards to – no matter the amount of organizing and pre-planning you do before a move, the moving process…

Let’s Get Saucy! Thai Peanut Sauce Recipe (What I Ate Wednesday)

Who out there is feeling saucy!? Oh who are you kidding, I know you all have some sauce when you want to. You sassy minx, you.    And yes, I do too.  In fact, I have three! It just so happened that my eats from Tuesday won out in the spread, marinade, and sauce category, so I’m here to spread (get it?) the love by sharing with you one of my ultimate favorite sauce…

What I Ate Wednesday: Foodie Rambles and Bread Cravings

Annnnddddd….. it’s Wednesday. Yet again.  And that means its time to celebrate a day of eats.  Nothing special here today. Just some good old – albeit, delicious – foodie rambles, reviews and recipe shares. Thanks to the usual crew for hosting all of us party crashers.  Breakfast: As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I went to a used book store on the weekend to try and sell a few books and movies…