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Highlights From The Week (Week In Review)

Mmmmmm. It’s 8:30 here on a Sunday night. I just tucked myself into bed with a hot turmeric latte (crushing a day long craving), fleecy house coat and 80% dark chocolate. Just shortly ago I returned home from a film screening to see one of the films I shot earlier this winter, alongside a whole auditorium of other people watching for the first time. I’m feeling super tired at the end of this here week…

Questions for Bloggers and Readers

Hi friends So I’ve had a few bloggy/techy questions festering around for a while and I finally want to throw them out to you. These are for any bloggers OR readers without blogs. I hope maybe some of you have the same questions that I have – so then we can have a great discussion in the comments that can offer you some answers as well. Please answer any questions you feel you’d like…