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A Day In The Life: My First Job (What I Ate Wednesday)

I have two jobs.  One, is my “joe job.” It is the one that, at the moment, is there to pay the bills. Thankfully, I love it. I host and serve at my all time favorite vegan restaurant. The people are glorious, its always crazy busy and the food is….so good.  But my first job, is my life as an actor. Even when it is not paying me money, I see this…

Week In Review: The Links and Resources Edition

It just so happened that a lot of what I did last week involved links, so I’m taking that as an opportunity to share some recent things I’ve been using or enjoying with you.  I still see all these things as accomplishments. I see doing anything that is either new, something that has been on your to do list, something that you learned, or anything that benefits your soul in the self care…

Week In Review: Getting outside, Getting a job, and Doing What Is Uncomfortable

This week… it felt as though a sense of control was starting to find its way in. Things still feel weird as I continue to adjust and messily fill my schedule with trial and error activities, but last week some things began to feel a bit more grounded.  There was lots of that feeling of summer starting. You know that feeling I’m talking about? The first few days where you get to walk outside…

Week In Review: New Things (And Wine) Make For Nice Feelings

Happy Monday friends…. here we are again.  Do you think the words “new” and “achievement” could be synonyms?? I kind of think so. No matter what it is – to me –  whenever I do, buy, notice, or learn something new, it naturally goes onto my achievement list. I don’t know, something about adding arsenal to your life’s repertoire just feels like a fulfillment of sorts.  Regardless&#8230…

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