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Week In Review: The Superwoman Moving Edition

Well helloooooo Yes… yes. I am, indeed, writing to you from my new home! My new kitchen! My new little hippy antique nest that I, dare say, is even starting to feel really quite livable.  This was, not surprisingly, a mammoth of a week. I really, really appreciated all of your comments on my last post in regards to – no matter the amount of organizing and pre-planning you do before a move, the moving process…

Little Things In a Fall Week: Feeling Good (Week In Review)

Hi lovelies, I’m here as usual to link up with Meg and appreciate the little accomplishments in my previous week. ‘Cause when does taking time to appreciate the little things not make you feel all warm and fuzzy?  Last week I… Meg knows what she’s talking about. Go check it out!   Spent a couple days in Stratford, Ontario with my parents and saw two fabulous shows Where I will be one day…

Week In Review: Coffeeshop Living, Flowers and Sun

Last week I… No idea what I’m doing? Go visit Meg and see what all the rage is about.  Baked. For the first time in so many weeks. It’s not that I havn’t wanted to but a) I want to clear my freezer out of ALL oldies before stuffing it with newbies b) I’ve been needing to put my time elsewhere and c) I am going through this weird…

A Coffeeshop Kind of Person: Week In Review

Goodmorning, It’s been a coffeeshop week.  As I think you know, I’m a coffeeshop kind of person. I am often found by myself with my journal or laptop cozied away in a cafe, writing, eating a piece of baking and drinking a creamy americano. More often then not, I crave this. I crave this sense of solitude while being surrounded by the casual hub of others. I crave the subconscious external noise of door…

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