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Coffee Chat: End of Summer, Longings, and Starting New (Week In Review)

Good morning dove, Can we go on a coffee date? So I can maybe tell you everything that’s rumbling around in this heart and soul of mine? Sort of like an end of summer thinking out loud meets “currently” update? Okay. Thank you. Thank you for listening.  Telling you all about my last week, thanks to Meg  Last week I… Took a day off work to visit a friend in Burlington &#8211…

Intuitive Movement: The Excitement in Finding New Ways to Exercise (Week In Review)

More and more, I’m learning how important movement is to me.  Twice now in the last year, I’ve even had acting teachers, who’ve hardly known me, tell me that I need to find ways to incorporate movement into my artistry. Somehow, they could see something I’m just now beginning to see.      Ever since I was super, super young, I was always found prancing around in my living room…

Friday Favorites #2: Highs that are Lows and Lows that are Highs

Anyone know what I mean when I say a “low” that is also a “high?” I feel like during a time of recovery – which as I’ve said before is really a time of discovery – a lot of our “highs” and things that we know make us happy deep down may, in the moment, also feel like a low. I touched on it in this post where I mentioned that…

Kale Pesto Recipe (plus WIAW: The Gym Was Closed…)

Today I bring you a super delicious, super colorful and super nutritious recipe for Kale Pesto. A lightened up, less expensive take on the classic – but with all the flavor that’d you expect (and twice the nutrients!).   Hi everyone – and welcome to my “new and improved” site. I’m still figuring stuff out and seeing if I like this current layout etc, so bare with me as I…

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