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Levels of Stimulation: Where Is Your Sweet Spot?

Mmmmm how bout THAT for a titlating title, huh!? Don’t worry, we’re keeping things PG here on the spoon. Just doing some thinking out loud.      So the other week I was going into a coffeeshop to spend an hour or so doing some writing, as I often do. I’ve mentioned many times that coffee shops are my happy place. They are where I get the most done and…

The Laments of a Highly Sensitive Person

Happy Sunday morning my doves, A part of me feels like I want to apologize for my post on Thursday. I know that is also a silly thing to do but work with me. That was the type of thing I would usually write in my personal journal. That day, a bit of a straw broke. I was exhausted from shoveling stress onto myself – totally self perpetuated, yet seemingly impossible to stop.  This exhaustion though…

The Desire to Purge: The Costs of Being an Introvert and Super-Feeler

Over my holiday, I had so many wonderful days. I think as you saw in my posts during Christmas week,  especially this one, I embraced allowing myself to feel that full hearted, wonderful feeling of focusing on what is important – spending time with family, relaxing at home and listening to the quiet. That day, in particular, was oh so wonderful.  And thennnnn…… the next day happened.  I had something very interesting happen to me at…

The World of a Super-Feeler: Parenting a Child Through Difficult Emotions

I was first introduced to the term, “Super-Feeler,” when I began seeing a new psychologist a couple of years ago. I knew she was specialized in something called, “Emotion Focused Therapy,” (EFT) but to be honest I had zero idea what that even meant. Needless to say, I was quite shocked (and intrigued) when a couple sessions in she used me and the term, “super-feeler” in the same sentence. &#8220…

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