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Being In Process: Shifting Affirmations to Be In Your Truth (Week In Review)

In The Law Of Attraction, Michael Losier’s says that once you have identified your desire, the next step is to give your desire attention.   He says, “The Law of Attraction brings you more of whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to.” He also says that each of us has a vibrational bubble surrounding us, and that captured in this bubble are all the vibrations we are continually sending out. Because The Law Of…

The Law of Attraction: Finding My Desire For Hypothalamic Amennorhea Recovery

The other week I finished reading, “The Law of Attraction,” by Michael Losier. The Law of Attraction is not an entirely un-heard of concept these days, and this is definitely not the only book or person writing about its theories. It was however, the first time I had read into the details about this way of aiming for success and happiness in ones life.  In short, the Law of Attraction believes that we are responsible for…

Depression and HA Recovery: Self Care

My Year in Review was positive It was full of a sense of new peace and happiness that I felt, specifically in the ending months of the year. I was scared to write that post and was very hesitant to even hint at the thought that…I’m happy…because inside, I felt like I knew there would soon be a down swing. I don’t believe this is a pessimistic voice talking, but rather a realistic…