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Current Foodie Health Stuff: Grass Fed Butter, Supplements and Farmers Market Excitement

I’ve now shared with you what I am currently doing to improve my mental health. I am unplugging more, finding more ways to spend time off a screen and spending more time slowing down. I am reading my novel almost every night before bed, I am leaving my phone behind for near full days and using things like a real paper planner and writing prompts. I have most definitely felt a difference in my anxiety…

How I am Learning to Unplug and Slow Down (Part 2)

In continuation of yesterday’s post… I’d like to share what I have been doing to unplug and slow down. And I do mean practice. This is work. Even after the initial discomforts, it is something that I’ve been needing to consciously put into place. Even schedule and plan. Maybe this is not needed for everyone. But for anyone like me who is sensitive to overstimulation yet finds themself…