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Date Orange Bran Muffins Recipe

These Date Orange Bran Muffins are the perfect breakfast for a comforting morning at home. Nothing weird or adventurous, but just a super healthy, home inspired muffin laced with the caramel sweetness of dates and citrusy brightness of orange. Bran fans, unite!   Do you remember my Pear Fig Chia Bran Muffins? If so, you may recall my often forgotten adoration for bran. Bran muffins to be exactly precise. I don’t have them…

A Weekend of Nourishment for Mind, Body and Soul (WIAW)

Hi friends! After a little hiatus out under the stars… I am back.  This past weekend I worked as a volunteer at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, which is a music festival I have attended many times before, but never as a volunteer. This involved 4 days of embracing my true hippy and filling myself up with nourishment in the form of music, fresh air and good food. I did not shower, I wore shoes as little…

Week In Review: If Only We Didn’t Have to Sleep

Good morning friends,  Coming to you at the end of a very rainy week. Currently sipping away at a latte and staring aimlessly at the grey sky and pitter pattering sidewalk. I actually love this scene. I like my sun but there is something comforting about a rainy, yet still mild, morning or afternoon. Probably my favorite type of weather (for a short time at least).  Rainy days and lattes To sum up what was/could have…

Week In Review: The Happiness Edition

Not only was yesterday the first day of spring/equinox – one of my favorite days to celebrate – but it was also International Day of Happiness. So this week I’m focusing my Week In Review on all things happy. Really though, this link up tends to be a weekly happiness recap regardless of the date. It always nudges me to look back and see all the things that made me smile and all the…

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