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How Do You Have a Relationship AND Go After Your Dream (Thinking Out Loud)

I am 200% not a relationship expert. Let’s get that out right now. In fact, this post should prove that very thing.  Rather, I have been having some rather – uncomfortable – thoughts lately in regards to me, myself, being in relationship.  There are so many good things about my relationship with Dan. So many good things. And yet, I feel as though I am a very selfish person because I will, without a doubt…

Friday Favorites: Recent Words, Quotes and Synchronicity

It has struck me that I am quite the, “word hoarder” if you will. I love articles… I love words… I love things that speak to me (unless you stand on two legs and try to talk to me when I’m hangry). I also love synchronicity – when I see something written that aligns with where I am at emotionally or is connected to something I am currently reading about. This happens quite a…