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The “Image” of Success and Failure: Letting Go Of Shame

This summer has uncovered some dark truths to me.  Truths that are really hard for me to admit.  Have you ever, after some brutally honest reflection, come to discover that you, in fact, hold the same thoughts and opinions that you thought you always chastised in others? Those “people” who speak or think about others in a way that you’ve always “frowned upon” and swore you’d never think the same way as?&nbsp…

Thinking Out Loud: Taking a Look Back

Gah. This truly is going to be some thinking out loud.  Spontaneous vulnerability makes my fingers shake. The other day I began thinking of my upcoming summer and how I should spend it. You see, I actually have what one would consider a “summer,” as my theatre conservatory gets put on hold until September.  So although I could be involved in other acting projects, I do not have a main job keeping me in place. As I got…

WIAW: “Not Proud”

Yesterday I posted a recipe that, I must say, I felt pretty proud of. Unique, colorful, and oozing with nutrition and probiotics. Sooo many good things for your body. Today, however, I am choosing to show you the “other side.” The side that I… for some strange, sad, and irrational reason… do not feel “proud” of. Thanks to the creator Jenn and our host for the week, Meg for helping me celebrate one full…