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Mind Dump: Rhyme Zone

It's all messy

It’s been a while since my last rhyme, I thought that it was time

To loosen up my pencil grip and let some verses chime

Sometimes ‘prose’ just will not do, to get your thoughts out loud
Especially when your brain is kind of chillin’ on a cloud

Life is pretty smooth right now, I’m doing what I love
My corset, heels and skirt are tough, but give my boobs a shove

Not sure if it’s the supplements, or my latest chill routine
But in general I’m feeling calm, and stress is less supreme

Food’s been feeling good, I guess. I think I’m eating more.
But if I were to be real frank, I really can’t be sure

You think you’re making changes but is it all just in your head?
You know you’re stuck , but simply choose to carry on instead

I’m focusing on quality, my hormones are my aim
This shift of thinking helps to give the numbers much less claim

My tush is on a seat more than it ever was before
My nighttime “snack” has grown to be “why not have handfuls more?”

Now changing subject, as a girlfriend I have lost the prize
How Dan is sticking right on by has got mesmerized

My time I give to him is sparse, my dedication’s small
How do you be a girlfriend when you’re too busy to call?

Busy with your job and life but also with your need
to be alone – an introvert – see that’s more to my speed

But when you have a partner you should really let this pass
For shouldn’t being with them kick alone time in the ass?

Oh look how this is turning into one big pity crawl
I mean it when I say that this was not my thought at all

Other thoughts that pass right through are “oh my god I’m broke.”
And “but now my picture won’t be nice without that broken yoke!”

I love this blog but oh my gosh how many that there are!
How much we love to gawk at food is really quite bizarre.

Sometimes I feel like blogging is a game we like to play
To get our numbers higher than they were the previous day

But mine is just a dusting on a massive layered cake
A place to practice speaking out, where little risks I take

Okay I’m done, my thoughts are out, at least a few for now
Before I spurt another word, I’ll kindly bid you – Ciao


(And thank you to Amanda, for providing us a spot
To think some crazy, heart felt, silly, random, rhyming thought)



  1. Stephanie Leduc | 4th Feb 16

    Ohh, wow. You are good at this. When I read it, it was as if a song was playing along the rhyme, this is very impressive! Does it take you long to come up with something like this? This is a very fun and awesome way to be brutally honest, as you were in this post. I think you are one of the most honest people in the blogging community I know, and I think it’s great, so congrats for that courage!

    • mylittletablespoon | 5th Feb 16

      Haha actually, no. It takes me a lot less time than a regular post. It just a way to kind of be silly for me, but also creative, and to care less about what I’m saying – if that makes sense. Thank you. Honesty is hard work.

  2. ultrarunner2014 | 4th Feb 16

    Beautiful! I especially loved the line: “Busy with your job and life but also your need to be alone …” that is so me. thank you

    • mylittletablespoon | 5th Feb 16

      I’m glad you understand. Its such a tricky balance to figure out.

  3. chasetheredgrape | 4th Feb 16

    Love love!!! This really made me smile! 🙂

  4. hungryforbalance | 4th Feb 16

    Oh you and your clever and witty rhymes! 🤗🤗 -( I feel like that is the ‘jazz hands’ emoji)

  5. SuzLyfe | 4th Feb 16


  6. blondepancake | 4th Feb 16

    LOVED this!! xo

  7. Kate Bennett | 4th Feb 16

    You’re such an artist. Some of the lines made me actually LOL. You are a clever one!

  8. Amanda @ .running with spoons. | 4th Feb 16

    *snap snap* You’re most definitely the first person I’ve seen blog in rhyme. Very lovely. And this –> My corset, heels and skirt are tough, but give my boobs a shove <– legit made me laugh out loud.

  9. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) | 4th Feb 16

    You are DEFINITELY a poet. God’s given you a gift for putting musical sounding sentences together!

  10. bucketlisttummy | 4th Feb 16

    I love your rhymes. I remember your last one, which I think was around the time I started reading your blog! Boy is it true about the yolk pics. And I love your line about quality as your focus. Quality > Quantity all day long, lady.

  11. katalysthealth | 4th Feb 16

    Ummmmm what? Seriously, your talent just smacked me across the face and shamed me at the same time….

  12. cookiesnchem | 5th Feb 16

    I read this while bopping my head! You are one of the most talented writers I have ever, ever… met (?). BEAUTIFUL poem! Love the phrase about boobs.

  13. Ellie | 5th Feb 16

    You’re so talented! Can you write for me and I’ll make you scones? 🙂

  14. Rach @ This Italian Family | 5th Feb 16

    You write so well!

  15. Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me | 6th Feb 16

    You’ve been on my mind recently. Hope all is well girly! Would love to catch up and chat!

  16. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 7th Feb 16

    This is absolutely fantastic. I loved every rhyming word and giggled out loud a bunch of stanzas.

    I blogged once in limericks. It was fabulous (to write, that is).

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Feb 16

      I can see you and limericks working together perfectly! I think you should reunite this 🙂

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