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Week In Review: Appointments, Lessons and Normal Life Things

Week In Review: Appointments, Movies and Normal Life Things


Not a hugely exciting week.  But I did get a few nice things done. 

Linking up with the fabulous Meg


I had a singing lesson

And an acting lesson

I even practiced before both said lessons

week review appointments lessons normal life

I saw my dietician

And I got to my chiropractor, at the other side of town, twice

week review appointments lessons normal life

Favorite moment of the week: being offered a soothing, hot cup of ginger tumeric tea at the chiropractor office. 8 am. Freezing cold outside. Dead quiet office with no one else around. Really peaceful.

Dan has gone gluten free for the time being, so I’ve been trying to offer as many options and and as much help as I can. I mean, besides me still eating really yummy looking gluten-filled bread and fluffy scones infront of him. I’m sure that’s a huge help. But hey, I did pick him up a gluten free parmesan cheddar scone from Toris, so… there

I’ve been experimenting with making gluten free na’an bread and so played around with a batch of these guys one afternoon. They tasted really good, but I think I need to improve my frying strategy.

week review appointments lessons normal life

I also made a batch of these banana blueberry muffin tops, less because of the gluten free needs and more so because I’d had them on my ‘make‘ list for eons. 

week review appointments lessons normal life

Both were very yummy. Dan really, really liked both (especially the muffin tops). I need to do some more experimenting with flat breads, though. If you have any go to recipes for easy gluten free “breads,” let me know!

I made it to Wal Mart and got a shoe mat and coat rack for our hall way

I spent one particularly foggy minded morning – where I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what I wanted to do, should do, or felt like doing –  writing out a schedule for all the inexpensive yoga and dance type classes around me. I have so many studios near me and they all have community or karma classes that they offer on different days of the week. I’m finding a very strong pull toward yoga, meditation and dance type movement right now. It feels strange. Raw. Scary. I’m feeling pretty off kilter with all these changes of feeling recently, hence the foggy mind. Anyways, now I have a place where I can easily see which class on which day I could attend. 

week review appointments lessons normal life

I learned more about bike maintenance… the hard way. I tried de-frosting my bike and fixing my brakes with oil. Ended up taking it in and spending $50 on entirely new brake cables and pads. Still not sure if I needed to so may have wasted money, but better safe than sorry I guess, right? 

I made new face wash, opened up a shiny new toothbrush and a container of floss. 

My mom mailed me this book, The Wisdom of the Body, and I immediately began reading it. It’s…. well, it’s beautiful. 

So one day for lunch, I got myself a delicious wrap with breaded tofu, garlic mayo, lettuce, carrots, avocado, tomato, pickle and spent a quiet hour reading. 

week review appointments lessons normal life


I actually had a night at home – bless the heavens – in which I watched Lady Bird alongside a monster sprinkle cookie, unpictured chocolate and mugs of tea

week review appointments lessons normal life

Dan and I even had a date night where we went to see The Shape of Water. Um. I’m still deciding what I think about this movie. It was beautiful, no doubt. But also very… very… strange….

I sent off a quick audition tape for my agent and caught up on some submissions of my own, including my cover letter to Stratford. Otherwise… not much else going on acting wise these days. Sigh. 

I published a blog post on Monday, Thursday and Friday

One of my closest guy friends from high school was staying with us for the weekend. Not only did that mean Dan and I got to try out our pull out couch for the first time, but we also went out for dinner, where I crushed my craving for a plate of fries. Then we went to a sketch comedy show. It was so fun. I hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time. 

week review appointments lessons normal life

And we (read: Dan) made one hell of a good breakfast for us and our guest, complete with local pea meal, organic eggs, bakery bread, blackberries and lots of coffee. 

week review appointments lessons normal life

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Tell me,

Favorite moment last week?

Did you see The Shape of Water? What did you think?

Any gluten free flat bread type recipes you could suggest?






  1. Maureen | 22nd Jan 18

    Sounds like a pretty good week to me! I love being in doctor offices alone and early. Something about it is calming.
    Sketch comedy shows are so much fun!

    • Cora | 28th Jan 18

      Right? Sounds like a strange thing to like, but its just one of those places where we can find that bit of complete quiet and time alone that are so rare to find!

  2. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 22nd Jan 18

    Comedy shows are so fun – I haven’t been to one in forever! Your early morning chiropractor appointment with tea sounds lovely. And that book from your mom sounds very interesting. I love the idea of taking yourself out to lunch and reading, with no other distractions.

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      All of those things were very grounding for my soul last week

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 22nd Jan 18

    We had pea meal bacon at the in-laws this weekend, and when I called it that, everyone was like, “What?” I said they certainly don’t call it Canadian bacon in Canada. Ha.

    I’m with you on the pull towards meditation and yoga. I added the former to my To Do list last week, but never got to cross it off. Hopefully this week.

    I’m glad you had a date night out. Also, sketch comedy shows are the best. We need lots of laughter in our lives, especially during the winter.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Food, Family and Fatigue (#116)My Profile

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      Haha I NEVER call it Canadian bacon. Though of someone said that I would still know what it meant. Weird. Y’all imposing these “Canadian” things on us 🙂

      Did you get in any moments of meditation or yoga last week? I’m really hoping i don’t let that slide this week. They are really lovely parts of my week.

  4. danielle | 22nd Jan 18

    what did you think of Ladybird? i saw it with my mother right before christmas and loved it right until the end, it sort of ended strangely to me. it felt, to me, like it could have ended earlier.. overall i loved it and have warm fuzzy memories of it, but during the movie and right after i was a bit more cynical. do you get that? ever have that feeling? my mom and i like to pretend to be movie critics of course 🙂
    she saw The Shape of Water and loved it, but when I watched the trailer i also thought it looked strange. I like that actress though, i just saw her in Paddington Bear. If you have not seen that I highly recommend watching that over dinner one cozy night.
    We went to see Molly’s Game on our most recent movie date night and I absolutely LOVED it!!!!!! i want to see it again. Seriously. Especially considering I had something huge in common with the main character right in the beginning. You go see it so I won’t spoil it for you, but if you tell me you won’t I’ll spoil it… twist my arm 🙂 happy monday and happy week

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      I had the EXACT same thought about lady bird. I loved it! But didn’t love the ending. Thought it was just a bit….weird. couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. Still though, the other 90% was lovely.

      The actress in shape of water was wonderful. But…. a weird movie. I definitely want to see Molly’s game now if it comes so recommended by you. It’s been seeming like we have very similar tastes.

  5. Jamie@TheMomGene | 22nd Jan 18

    You’re going to get into Stratford. You’re going to get into Stratford. You’re going to get into Stratford. You’re going to get into Stratford. I’m just going to keep saying that over and over. I love you and you’re lovely and talented. So there. P.S. I’ve been wanting to get into yoga (haven’t done it in a decade) and you just inspired me to look up places!)

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      Thank you…thank you…. Thank you. I think I need some help putting out those positive vibes (slash telepathic messages to the Stratford casting directors). One day. One day…. if it’s the last thing I do….

  6. chasetheredgrape | 22nd Jan 18

    I often use Bob Mills 121 GF flour and then use that in any normal regular recipe. So find a good naan recipe and just sub out flour for the 121 using the exact same amounts. Has worked like a charm for me every time!
    Love that feeling of peace and glad you found it and your chiropractors. Even if it was only a short moment it’s always one to cherish.

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      Yep I think that is going to end up being the best solution

  7. Hannah | 23rd Jan 18

    Umm…do corn tortillas count as gluten-free flatbreads? I’m like you, I would still be eating the gluten-ful bread in front of my gluten-free person.

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      Yes they do. And I should definitely give those a whirl. I know they’re super simple..

  8. Emily Swanson | 23rd Jan 18

    I wish i had a gluten free flat bread recipe to share with you, but you’re so much better at finding/experimenting with new recipes! And I’m curious why Dan is gluten free? 🙂 Just wondering. My dad is too, and I will definitely follow along to see which recipes you find that Dan likes the most.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Comment on Weekend Thoughts: On Grandparents and Not Running by KatMy Profile

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      Dan has an auto immune disorder and we’ve been researching possible theories for some treatment. Just an experiment right now, but so far he says he’s been feeling really good. I will keep on with the regular scones and bagels behind his back Though! 🙂

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      Thank you. Didn’t know about this resource.

  9. Kat | 25th Jan 18

    haha my hubby loves his gluten-filled goods, though he tries not to parade them around in front of me because he knows how much I miss certain things [meaning donuts – well, anything from a bakery really] I’ve acutally never tried to make a gluten-free flat bread, which is weird considering just how much I love bread in general. Maybe I should look into that too!
    Kat recently posted…10 Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Recipes for Peanut Butter LoversMy Profile

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      I’m thinking you should……. 🙂

  10. Kaylee | 27th Jan 18

    Your week still sounds pretty exciting to me 🙂 Lessons, experimenting in the kitchen, reading, having a friend over, watching a comedy show. I too love me a good ginger tea.
    Haven’t watched The Shape of Water yet but just listened to a podcast critiquing it! They mentioned is was aesthetically beautiful but the story was a little off. I’ve heard amazing things about Ladybird though!! I need to just make time to watch it already.

    • Cora | 30th Jan 18

      That is how I would describe it as well. I get why it’s getting a bunch of nominations, but it would be hard for me to recommend it to anyone. Lady bird was just lovely though! I recommend it for a nice little date night for yourself.

  11. Colleen | 28th Jan 18

    Hi there! Haven’t seen “The Shape of Water” but heard an interview on CBC with Guillermo del Toro about the movie but more about the role of “monsters” in his life. It might be available on the CBC website. Sounds like an odd and unusual movie. I thought Sally Hawkins was amazing in “Maudie.” Have been trying to do some gluten-free/dairy-free cooking for one of my book groups that has a member with dietary restrictions — stretching the culinary imagination! Your dishes look very appetizing! Hugs, ck

  12. Cora | 30th Jan 18

    Odd and unusal would be the right words, for me. I’d be very interested to hear that interview though… Thank you! I’m slowly crossing off my must watch list before the Oscars!

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