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Week In Review: Being My Own Manager

Week In Review: Being My Own Manager

Oie. Last week was a busy week. 

If you didn’t notice, there was no time last week for me to give over to a blog post, let alone many things. I did not cook once.  I did shower, though. 

My life as an actor means I am my own manager. I am my own business. This requires a lot of time and effort and many hours spent. On good weeks, this includes lots of actionable things like auditions and classes and rehearsals, though sadly this is not always the case. I actually have a “Day In The Life” post nearly finished which describes a bit more about a day as an actor and being my own manager. Ironically, I was too busy being that self manager last week to get it out. Hopefully when it does, it will be of some interest to you. 

Anyways. Last week was definitely an example of a busy week for me. I found myself having an appointment followed by two auditions in one day, one audition and another appointment the following day followed immediately by a rehearsal, then two callbacks the day after that – back to back – followed by a film class. I found myself shoving a sandwich in my face with one hand and learning lines from a script with my other hand as I blindly sped walked from subway to subway getting myself to various parts of the city. 

I found myself stopping at one point, and even though I’d been feeling pretty down, I realized this was the life I was wanting to lead. All those hours may not be paying me, but being busy and managing myself to get to audition after audition is what I want. It also makes everything much more gratifying at the end of the day. Exhausting, perhaps, but gratifying. 

Needless to say, this week’s list of accomplishments was simple to put together. Thank you to Meg for giving me a place to do so. 

Last week I…

Had three auditions. Two of which were theatre auditions that were very important to me and I was so happy to just have gotten into the audition room (as a self managing actor this can be the hardest part). 

Had two callbacks from said auditions. I prepared really well and – again – even though one was far shorter than I would have liked I’m just really happy to have been seen. 

Audition prepping 

Had the first of three sessions of a Film/Business of Acting workshop I am taking. It was SO good. That being said,  it was also that strange mix of new motivation combined with “my god what was I thinking before!?!?” I left class one with a whole big list of things I need to do and change. Lessons like this are hard and make you wish hindsight actually existed, but I’m just thankful to have learned these lessons NOW before having burnt any important bridges. Lots to do. 

I made very good use of the Toronto transit system. Without any major glitches this time!

That being said I did get caught in the pouring rain on my bike and had to dry my pants on the chair of a cafe before work. Don’t worry. I had a second pair. 


Though it may be hard to believe, all my commuting between auditions and shifts at work meant I also had quite a bit of in-between time to kill. This enabled me to actually try out two new cafes and have some very necessary down time. 

The Green Grind – a completely LEED certified cafe!! (a certification that ensures everything to do with the construction of the cafe is environmentally responsible). Everything fair trade and organic. Swoon. 

Lovely Fika Cake in Kensington Market

During above mentioned cafe time,  I completed my research for my upcoming Fringe Show. I’ll have to tell you what its about later. Its quite interesting. Especially for any vegans or animal lovers or animal rights activists out there.  

I picked up an extra shift and changed one around so that I could attend my call backs, making for a total of 5 shifts this week. Again. My own manager. 

I spent a solid morning sending out more audition submissions. 

I saw my therapist. 

Oh and I downed a massive plate of vegan poutine all by myself. It was die worthy. 

The afternoon after my final callback of the week, I had a couple hours to kill before my class. I got myself an iced coffee and laid in the park while learning my sides for class. It felt…. amazing. There has never been a moment that has felt more deserving.  

Coffee has never tasted so good. 

At the end of the week,  I was in desperate need of comfort in the form of a coffee shop muffin and also in desperate need of time with my planner. I had a wonderful two hours early in the morning before work and did just that. So much “ahhhhh”

I even managed to get in an over night trip to visit Dan and see the show that he is playing in the pit band for. He sounded so good. We got in a hefty sleep in and and our usual wonderful breakfast date.   

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So all my pictures consisted of baking and coffee. Anyone surprised? 

I’m still sighing a pretty big sigh of relief. That time in the park and that time in the coffeeshop Saturday morning felt so, soooo good. 

Seriously. Give yourself these moments of bliss. Whatever it may look like to you. 


All weeks will not be like this, and to be honest I’m excited to get back to some more “normal” time this week. But I think it is clear that I do better when I am busy and feeling active in my pursuits. I feel confident when I am wearing something that makes me feel professional and I have my day book out in front of me and heck, even when I’m google mapping my way around the city shoving food in my face. Now I just need to start seeing all this work come to fruition….  

Tell me,

If you had a choice, would your hire someone to do all your planning and managing? Or would you still rather do it yourself?

Did you get in any outdoor time this week? Any pure undistracted down time?  







  1. Emily Swanson | 5th Jun 17

    I love undistracted down time especially in the outdoors, and this past year I have learned to really appreciate how much it takes for someone to manage their own time. My dad and my sister are especially really entrepreneurally minded, and it humbles me to work with them because they are so good at managing time. I’ve learned that I’m probably a bit better at having someone else give me tasks to do, while I have my blog on the side.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Finding Whose I am: Loved Because He LovesMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Not only do I love it Emily…. I need it. I can feel the shift I have within myself after I have some time outside in a park or at a coffeeshop without doing much other than drinking my coffee and looking out the window, or coloring or writing. I think especially when we are busy we need these moments to be able to keep recharging ourselves so that we can KEEP being busy and doing what we want.

      From an outsider, it seems like you are an amazing self manager. With all the blog posts you plan and publish. your podcast and getting your guests and interviews ready, your dog walking job, AND living your own life with time with your family. You are very impressive in your self managing skills.

  2. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 5th Jun 17

    You make me proud every day. You are rocking it. Getting uncomfortable, pushing yourself, but also realizing when you need to pull back a little bit (and get a muffin). Keep rocking it lady.
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Plot Twist! No More NOLAMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Sigh. Thanks Suz. I definitely have learned a huge amount in terms of what I need to do for myself to remain healthy and grounded and what I need to keep being able to do what I want to do. This means a lot.

  3. Miss Polkadot | 5th Jun 17

    Oh dang, you’re rocking this thing, lady! I’m impressed by how calm you seem – though that’s obviously hard to judge from just one post – despite all the hurry and workload of the past week. Though I’m super happy you are this busy because it’s proof people are recognizing your talent. Fingers crossed all the energy and passion you’re putting into things pays off in cash soon! I’m already excited to read your day-in-the-life post once you’re ready to post it. Not that you’d be surprised by this given my nosiness ;).

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      I was pretty calm through out it all, actually. I’m happy that came across. Things havn’t been easy – I’ve been feeling rather low – but ultimately I need to remain grounded to be able to do all these things with my utmost motivation, passion and most importantly, compassion. Which is why I’ve learned I NEED to those times outside or in a coffeeshop. Its not just a luxury, its a scheduled requirement.
      I hope you are doing well <3

  4. Jamie@TheMomGene | 5th Jun 17

    Look at you go!!! You are literally chasing the dream. I’m so proud of how much work and diligence you are putting in to your craft. I think I’d like a manager to manage SOME things. But (to no one’s surprise) I’d want ultimate say-so. It’d be nice to have someone remind me of everything though. P.S. I also got caught in the pouring rain. Wet house shoes will not dry easily.

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      I am chasing it. Its freaking so far ahead of me I can barely make it out but I am on that marathon trail and am not stopping. My stops in coffeeshops and muffins are my equivalent to runners gels and lara bars. Gels. Is that even what they call them? God I’m not a runner.

      A friendly reminder assistant would be nice, yes. As long as they weren’t annoying. Or maybe someone to plan things out for us but tell us that we did it all ourselves. And then give us a foot massage at the end of the day.

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 5th Jun 17

    Exhausting yet gratifying is the perfect way to describe last week for you and me. We both had so much going on, but it was all really good stuff. I’m so happy you were seen and had call backs. That’s awesome and a testament to your skills.

    Also, yes, yes, yes to the planner time (I worked in my this morning….bliss), the baked goods and the recharging date with Dan.

    I need to get my hands on some poutine.

    Happy Monday and have a wonderful week.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: How About That Weather (#86)My Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Yes! We both had tiring and busy weeks, but with really good things I think. So that’s pretty okay, huh?
      Seriously. The planner time feels like the biggest most wonderful massage and therapy session mixed in one. The poutine felt pretty therapeutic as well.

  6. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 5th Jun 17

    I’m super-impressed with how you’re managing all this. Wowie. I’m the sort of person who’s super on-task when there’s someone telling me what to do and a huge procrastinator when I have to set my own goals and deadlines. I’m *really* impressed by how diligently and energetically you’re pursuing your goals.
    And congrats on those callbacks! That’s an honor.
    Glad you were able to get some coffee shop muffin downtime in, too.
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Health at Every Size Is for EveryoneMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Thanks Joyce. If it wasn’t ingrained in every cell of my body that this is my passion, I would be having a LOT harder of a time dedicating myself as I am.
      I need those muffins and downtime though to be able to keep going.

  7. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 5th Jun 17

    A LEED certified cafe? That is impressive! I like being my own manager and controlling my time, but it’s easy to feel like you’re not using it the best you can. I would love to read your day in the life post!
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…How I Qualified for the Boston Marathon and shaved 11 minutes off my first marathonMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Isn’t it!! I was so excited when I heard about it. I think it is the only LEED certified cafe around.
      As a dietitian you are your own manager as well. I think it takes a certain type of person to want to have that kind of job. I love the excitement and gratification it gives me.

  8. Danielle | 5th Jun 17

    I really appreciate what you said about how you love this life right now. It’s not perfect but you love how this feels. That’s brilliant.
    Vegan poutine?!! I must try this.
    I love planning my days. I love doing work that I find interesting. And coming home and having energy and mental energy for my loved ones. I didn’t think it was possible to have a job that I actually liked unless it was painting or swanning around cafes. But apparently I really like structure and a bit of routine. It’s always nice to learn new things about ourselves.
    My current challenge is to embrace beauty. For some reason I’ve strayed from enjoying my own beauty and surface things like fashion. I used to love clothes and those things but post ED recovery I still struggle with allowing myself to embrace that side of me. Isn’t that strange?? And random!? Haha have a beautiful week friend.

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      That’s really cool that you touched on how when you fill your days with work that you love, you still have the energy at the end of the day to be with your loved ones. When our days are filled with things that suck out our souls, it takes everything out of us. So by the end of the day we have nothing left to give, to ourselves or others.

      Your current challenge is so insightful and unique. Embracing beauty, in ourselves and in the small things, is not something that should not be cast aside. It is important!! It is the small pieces of beauty that can put a smile on our face… maybe the only smile we will have that day… to just keep us going. I’ve been finding that in flowers and photography.

  9. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 5th Jun 17

    I don’t know how you juggle it all! I need to hire you to manage me. Being my own boss is awesome, but sometimes (like last week) I just cannot get motivated. Thankfully, work was slow anyway. I should have been using the time to get ahead, but at least it didn’t put me behind.

    Good for you taking the breaks you have to enjoy your coffee/muffins and even get outside! The LEED cafe is cool. My business school was LEED certified! The elevators were super slow. 😉
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Knee Surgery, Leg Day, and MotivatingMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Sometimes I’m not sure, either. Motivation is definitely the hardest part. When its not there, it can be the hardest thing to just push you over that starting point. Once we’re there we are usually find, but that push is something impossible.
      Hahaha cool that a school would be LEED certified!! Not surprised about the elevators…. baha.

  10. Heather | 5th Jun 17

    I’d love to read a DITL post! As for a manager, I think it might be nice for some things, but I’m also so Type A, I think I’d have a hard time relinquishing a lot of things. As stressed and chaotic as I sometimes feel, I like knowing that I’m in charge. :p
    Heather recently posted…Week In Review – Hot, Hot, HotMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Exactly. I’d maybe like to be able to tell someone exactly what to do? But I definitely wouldn’t want to give over all the control.

  11. Evangeline | 5th Jun 17

    Woohoo! Look at you kicking booty. Congrats on the callbacks! That’s super exciting. Those sunny park moments look splendid. I’ve actually never heard of LEED certification, but I’m all about it. I wonder if the businesses get any perks for being extra earth friendly? They should. You also deserve a pat on the back for using public transportation because honestly that kind of thing terrifies me. There’s no good reason, just an irrational fear that I’ll get shipped somewhere and never be able to find my way home…or something like that.
    Evangeline recently posted…Bittersweet.My Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      They should get perks. But I don’t think they do, other than recognition.
      Haha. Your fear is legit. Transit can be a tricky thing to figure out! Thank goodness for google maps.

  12. Lyss | 5th Jun 17

    I think I would still chose to do all my planning. yes- it gets SO stressful for me sometimes. But I’m the only person who knows how much I can take you know? I am hoping the weather clears up hear. It has been so rainy!!
    Lyss recently posted…Let’s Talk About RelationshipsMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Exactly. I’d be more stressed if I didn’t know everything that was going on. Ugh the weather here has been AWFUL.

  13. Ellie Pell | 5th Jun 17

    I like having a schedule too and I do not want to be my own boss. I like being a manager because I still have the owner above me, yet my decisions still matter. I care enough about the business, but not enough to drive myself crazy. I like that. It’s also sometimes nice not to have to make all the decisions.
    I had a very fast week, but a lovely weekend. I am so happy right now 🙂
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Cayuga Trails Marathon 2017My Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Ahhh that’s a nice balance. Like you know you have power and are making decisions that actually matter, but at the end of the day, you can let it go and be the boss of YOUR life.

      Gahhhh I’m so happy to hear you are happy. I’m going to look at my week and see when we can chat. Too long overdue!

  14. Casey the College Celiac | 6th Jun 17

    You go girl! Sounds like a busy but productive week. I am definitely a self-started. Micro-management ends up just frustrating me and stressing me out.
    Casey the College Celiac recently posted…Gluten Free Chocolate Superfood Smoothie (Vegan, Healthy)My Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Micromanagement can make me feel in control but also super stress me out. I need to be careful of the balance I keep with it.

  15. Emily @ Pizza & Pull-ups | 6th Jun 17

    You go! I love this and the highlighting of accomplishments of the week. I think it’s a great take on life.

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      Its really good practice to look back and give yourself a big pat on the back for doing all you do!

  16. Kat | 6th Jun 17

    Congrats on the call backs girl! And I am VERY interested in your “day in the life” post. I love internal looks at people’s daily lives – mostly because I’m nosey 😉
    Although it might be easier to have someone else manage my schedule, I’m afrad I’m too much of a control freak for that! I’ve gotta know the ins and outs of it all 🙂
    Kat recently posted…Vegan Teriyaki Cauliflower Tacos with Pineapple SalsaMy Profile

    • Cora | 6th Jun 17

      I wouldn’t dare touch your schedule!

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  18. Kristy from Southern In Law | 7th Jun 17

    Sooo I own my own business and organise everything myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way – but that may be because I’m a massive perfectionist and a bit of a control freak, hahaha 😛
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Healthy Soft Baked Muesli Slice (Gluten Free & Vegan!)My Profile

  19. Kaylee | 9th Jun 17

    You may not have had time last week for a blog post but you are sure making up for it this week!! So many things of yours that I have to catch up on. Not complaining of course because I enjoy reading your voice. Also on the list of things I am enjoying: your coffee shop adventures on that special Instagram account!!! Now if only I was actually sitting next to you also with a muffin/scone in hand. Siiigh. If only…

    VEGAN POUTINE?!! What is this madness?! What was in it (..on it?)?

    Unfortunately not outdoor time for me yet but hopefully will fit some in this weekend! You’ve also reminded me that I am long overdue for another adventure of coffee shop exploring of my own!
    Kaylee recently posted…Recent Eats: MayMy Profile

    • Cora | 11th Jun 17

      One day will have the most glorious scone and muffin and cozy coffee shop date and it will be beautiful.
      And then we’ll go get that poutine! Oh man Kaylee, it was so good. There was a super flavorful homemade vegan mushroom gravy on it and a nutrional yeast based “cheese” sauce. Droooooool.

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