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Week In Review: Coffeeshop Living, Flowers and Sun

Last week I…

No idea what I’m doing? Go visit Meg and see what all the rage is about. 

Baked. For the first time in so many weeks. It’s not that I havn’t wanted to but a) I want to clear my freezer out of ALL oldies before stuffing it with newbies b) I’ve been needing to put my time elsewhere and c) I am going through this weird non-creative phase of anything to do with cooking or baking. I havn’t felt an excitement or craving for a long time now. Hmm πŸ™

To use up an expired avocado (#NOWASTE) I made Kristy’s Fudgy Avocado Brownies and topped them with this Matcha Coconut Cream Frosting.

I saw a new dietician, as per my nurse’s request. Mer.  No comment as of now. 

I had a successful date with my planner and was able to book in a dentist appointment, another nutritionist appointment, a bone density scan and an appointment with my therapist in the upcoming weeks. 

I learned and practiced numerous pages of sides for a sci-fi film audition, which then ended up lasting all of 2 minutes. Typicaaallllll.

But the audition did take me to an area of the city I don’t see often, so I spent time having a picnic by the lake….

And then took pictures of flowers and pretty scenery. A little activity that always makes me really happy. 

I had the most marvelous 2 hour long coffee date with a friend, on our first real summer day of the year. Got to a new cafe with the most incredible muffins and patio. Sunshine + kale feta muffins = happy. 

I started and spent a lot of time with Mr. King Lear. Which also meant spending some good time with Mr. Sunshine. It’s a slight embarrassment that I had never read the play all the way through until now. 

Got to another “on the list” coffeeshop which is basically a sanctuary of everything I envision my personal heaven to be. Jungle vibes, hippy couches, rustic tables, cracked open windows with warm breezes. Even its “pearly gates” had to be jiggled and kicked to open.  It’s also an all fair trade and organic roastery so I’d like to be its best friend, please. 

I did much better at replying to comments.

I posted twice ontop of the weekly WIR. Threw some fun breakfasts at you and caught you up on some job/life stuff

I had a second audition, which in the above mentioned post I told you that I was given the part :). 

Had my first singing lesson with a new teacher!! So excited. I’m going to see her weekly even though I 100% can’t afford it. 

Also put together and sent an 11 minute self tape audition. Oie. 

I cleaned my shower. Um….. oh my god…

I did my laundry and cleared my fridge of all sorts of random leftovers, making for a tonne of very strange – albeit always delicious – meals. Also bottled up three new bottles of kombucha. 

After a few days of feeling pretty uncomfortable, mentally and physically, I used all of my day’s worth of tips to go get a 60 minute shiatsu massage in China Town.   …. those women miss nothing. NOTHING

Lesson from the week: I didn’t like how much time I spent back on technology this week or how I “wasted away” many of my evenings. I saw why I was doing it and saw the return of anxiety to prove it. I’ve reverted back to always wanting a to do list, yet I havn’t been practicing the focus or discipline to actually do what is on my list. 

Goal for this coming week: Better focus. Put more dedicated time into things without distraction and be a bit more forceful with myself to push past the discomfort of alone time. Meaning take out my book, paint, or do things like work on the monologues I’ve been wanting to get to when discomfort wants me to take out my phone instead. 

New coffeeshops, auditions and taking pretty pictures. What little activity makes you happy? #weekinreview #accomplishments #beproud #staypresent Click To Tweet

Tell me,

What does your ideal coffeeshop look like??

What is one little, momentary activity that makes you happy?


  1. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 22nd May 17

    Sounds like a very solid week, my dear. I love going to parks and taking pictures of the flowers! I never have any idea what to do with the pictures after–but they serve their purpose for making me smile.
    Don’t worry about your changing feelings of creativity with different pursuits–right now, you have so many other pursuits keeping you creative–king lear, sci fi??–that sometimes, you mind just needs comfort.
    And matcha + chocolate seems just creative enough to me!
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Food, Family, Love, and Naps.My Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Yep. I know at some point I’ll be able to use them in a blog post or find a place for them, buts its really the act and immediate beauty of seeing the pictures that makes the activity so happy.
      And thanks for changing my perspective. I suppose I havn’t felt the urge to bake so much because I’ve been overflowing myself in that creativity area. Which is a gooooood thing.

  2. Jamie@TheMomGene | 22nd May 17

    My ideal coffee shop is your ideal coffee shop! Plus Bob Marley and Paul Simon on the radio. I’m not even going to think of all I’m not going to get done this week. Remembering what I said to you about transitions, the kids are officially done with any mother’s day out/school stuff for the summer, so this week is our first loooonnnngggg stretch together. This is the week I cobble together a new routine that works for all of us. Wish me luck. I wish I could meet you at the coffee shop for a muffin.
    Jamie@TheMomGene recently posted…Mom, Stop Feeling Guilt for Doing Your Work!My Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Haha. You hippy πŸ™‚

      I am wishing you all the luck and hope this last week went as smoothly as possible. No doubt there were some hiccups as you all adjust to something new but I know you all powered through!! Can’t wait to hear how you…survived…

  3. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 22nd May 17

    I love lists but mainly because I no longer have set expectations about them. You’ll often see in my planner Prior To Do’s because I didn’t get something or lots of things done from the day(s) before, and I’m really OK with that. In fact, I’ve come to expect it. The list isn’t to create pressure but instead to organize my thoughts and put them on paper.

    That being said, you should add solo time, like coffee shopping, book reading, relaxing to your lists and actually try to accomplish those.

    I’m so happy you got the part. Happy dance ensues.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Farms, Farmers Markets, and Food (#84)My Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      I’m seeing lists with this same purpose, too. Points from my list are constantly being transferred over to the next day’s or week’s list. As long as they are there I just feel solace in knowing I won’t forget them.
      Somehow those coffeeshop and relaxing times usually get done before the others…..haha.

  4. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 22nd May 17

    My what gorgeous tulips. Toronto must be a few weeks behind my neck of the woods, flower-wise.
    As for seeing the dietitian, I empathize with that ‘mer.’
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…6 Weeks in Review + ChangesMy Profile

  5. Emily Swanson | 22nd May 17

    It looks like you found some really lovely coffee shop hang outs. It’s funny, but I love to go to coffee shops, but I can’t usually work in one because I’m so distractable. Probably my ideal little coffee shop would be one that has lots of windows, warm French countryside decor, and freshly baked goodies.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Should You Push Yourself or Should You Rest (Just Don’t Do It.)My Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      That’s funny. That is the main reason I do go to coffeeshops to work because I get too distracted at home! For some reason the constant hub of slight noise and people around me zones me in so that I can work and focus really well. When I’m in total since, like at home, no wayyyyy can I sit still!

  6. Lyss | 22nd May 17

    I feel you with “wasting away your evenings.” I spent too much time on my phone last week and I’m determined to change that this week! I think I need a quiet morning in a coffee shop with a book or my journal. That always does my soul well. Happy Monday Cora <3
    Lyss recently posted…Weekend in PicturesMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      I so often crave this, and know its when I’m in need of comfort after a bit too much emotional stress or not enough down time.
      I’ve been much better this week about I spent my evenings. Just takes a little pushing. I hope you’ve felt better about your phone time this week!! All we can do is keep trying.

  7. Evangeline | 22nd May 17

    Ooh Ooh King Lear! How far are you? I won’t spoil it, but tell me how you feel about the ending when you get there.
    Evangeline recently posted…6 Tips to Make Running in the Heat Suck LessMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Act IV. Going slowly. But sooooooo goooood!!!

  8. danielle | 22nd May 17

    oh imagining my perfect coffee shop is fun! daydreaming is my specialty. my perfect coffee shop is very clean and minimalist, with hard, solid wooden chairs with thick panel backs. very thick, varnished wood and very clean wood. i like hard chairs. and a few benches, hard and flat, not tilted back. basically love IKEA style, clean lines and scandinavian. haha.
    other essentials include huge floor to ceiling windows with lots of natural light, as well as wall candles and candlelight everywhere. and lots of shelves with communal books. everywhere. and an area with communal board games.
    i’d like an area that looks like a living room with sofa and chairs. i’d like lots of gathering circles with chairs and coffee tables.
    i’d like lots of condiments and choices for milks and sweeteners.
    i’d like all the mugs to be mis matched.
    i’d like tea sets everywhere.
    basically i want the furniture to be IKEA and the decor to be boho antique shop funky.
    and funky music. and baked goods. and good smells.
    and unlimited coffee refills in return for smiles.

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Um. Can I please live here?

      Your imagination is incredible. Mismatched mugs and unlimited coffee refills you are my favvvoriteeeee.

  9. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 22nd May 17

    Those brownies look amazing! I always love your food. Strange is a win for me *almost* every time. πŸ˜‰

    King Lear is one I never read either… admittedly, I wasn’t a big Shakespeare fan. Sacrilege, I know.

    Congrats on getting the part!!!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Healthy Vanilla Matcha Latte with Almond MilkMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Thank you! Shakespeare ain’t for everyone. Which is good… ’cause then more for me!

      I hope you’ve had an okay week Laura and you and your knee are being treated like queens.

  10. Miss Polkadot | 22nd May 17

    What a beautiful city you live in! Or at least that place the audition took you to looks amazing. Definitely where I’d have wandered around with my camera in tow for a while, too.
    Congratulations on getting the job again! When does it start? For how long? I have no clue what that is like in your business but would really like to hear more about it if you don’t mind sharing.
    I’m happy you are spending money on yourself in the form of singing lessons. If you see it that way it’s an investment in your business future so absolutely warranted. And also just because it makes you happy.
    Maybe it’s wrong to comment on the end of a post first but you pretty much set my goals for the week there, too. Somebody keep me accountable to wasting away less time online and instead using uncomfortable alone time more wisely. There isn’t a shortage of things to get done …

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      You would have loved all the flower gardens.
      It’s a play in the Toronto Fringe Festival, so I’ve started rehearsing now and it will run for 2 weeks in July amongst hundreds of other pieces of theatre happening in all sorts of venues around the city.
      Your last line ….. says it all. Hoping you’ve felt good about your time spent this week. It’s always continued work, and we mustn’t get too hard on ourselves for when we don’t do what we would have “liked.”

  11. Ellie Pell | 22nd May 17

    My favorite coffee shop is called Boulder Coffee company and it’s located in Rochester, NY. I went there after my last race (when the shit was hitting the fan) and talked to the baristas for a half hour! They were so nice, told me the history of the name (boulders in the basement?) and the vibe was super chill, especially on the rainy day. Great couches, perfect lighting for food photography (all the important things haha) and I felt like I fit. I also have to plug my old (and soon to be job again) Collegetown Bagels. It’s an awesome place to work and eat!
    Ellie Pell recently posted…The Mental State of Rest and How to Enjoy ItMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Mmmmmm those both sound so lovely. Mostly because they have really positive memories for you instilled with them. That’s really what makes a place feel close to our heart.

  12. Casey the College Celiac | 22nd May 17

    One small happy activity…reading a book so good, I devour it in 3 hours. Those brownies look AMAZING and I’m sending you lots of good doctor appt vibes! (Never fun). And those flowers are gorgeous!
    Casey the College Celiac recently posted…Want to Empower Women and Girls? The Four Words You Need to Be SayingMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      I’ve always wanted to be able to say I’ve done that! Alas. I can’t read for more than like 40 minutes.

  13. chasetheredgrape | 22nd May 17

    Oh I like King Lear – saw it on stage once and was captured the whole time, so good!
    I have to keep telling myself off at the moment for picking up my phone when I know I shouldn’t. Biggest tip, put it in another room. Sometimes out of sight out of mind really does work!

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Oooo jealous I really want to see it live.
      What I’m liking most about my work is that my phone gets kept in a completely different room way up a set of stairs, so for 6 hours I have zero inclination to even check it.

  14. Lauren | 23rd May 17

    Hi Cora! The one momentary activity that makes me happy is painting. Splashing paint on canvasses help to stop what i call the ‘internal dialogue’ – which my anxiety often thrives on! Hope your bone density scan goes well. I had one recently and now have to see an endocrinologist. πŸ™ So wishing you lots of good result vibes!!

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      YES. This is why I’ve been loving carrying my pencil crayons around with me. When I’m feeling down or anxious or just freaked out because I don’t know how to spend my time, getting lost in throwing color onto paper seems to make it all go away. Now I want to take out my water colors!

  15. Bethany | 23rd May 17

    I think my ideal coffee shop totally depends on my mood. Somedays I want to me outside in the sun in a calm environment. Other days I want to be inside and talking and meeting people.

    I feel you on the massage! I live in Japan and O my!

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      That’s a very good point. I definitely take a conscious moment to see how I’m feeling and what type of environment feels “right” to me that day.
      You live in Japan!?! I want to know more!! I miss the insanely inexpensive massages in south east asia.

  16. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 23rd May 17

    Ideal coffee shop has tons of windows and space for seating. Gluten free baked goods would also be a plus πŸ˜€ Sounds like you got a lot done. Also, I’m always terrified of how gross the shower gets and how quickly it gets that way. Cleaning the bathroom in general is my least favorite!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…10 Freezer StaplesMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Well GF baking would be a MUST. You can’t go get a good coffee without a muffin or scone miss heather!

      …my shower scared me.

  17. Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday | 23rd May 17

    I need to make those brownies! And I need a lot of focus for the next 10 days, too. Sending you lots of happy doctor vibes. Those can make or break a day for me, unfortunately. That coffee shop is utterly adorable. Off to study/class/cram in all the things. Have a lovely day, friend!
    Ellen @ My Uncommon Everyday recently posted…Five Friday Favorites 05/19/17My Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      I hope your busy busy week went/is going well and that you are thriving in it! Or at least surviving…

  18. Kaylee | 25th May 17

    Yes for getting back into the baking groove!! Also count me in on Team #NOWASTE! ??
    What a lovely sounding coffee shop. It is oh so fun to explore different spots and learn what you like and what you don’t like. I definitely found quite popular ones that I personally didn’t like the vibe of.
    Don’t even get me started on the glorious-ness that are massages. What a great treat for yourself! You deserve it especially after all the stuff you accomplished last week. Hope you are feeling rejuvenated during this one!
    Kaylee recently posted…Week in Review: Restless & More StressMy Profile

    • Cora | 27th May 17

      Definitely coffeeshops are subjective. Sometimes the “popular” ones are far too swanky… and busy… for me. I like my secret little corners that no one else knows about.

      I hope you’ve been having a good week!! And treating yourself to some much deserved relaxation as well!

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