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Week In Review: Like Magic. Feeling Happy and Flying High.

Week In Review: Like Magic. What Makes Me Happy.

Oh hi!

Oie Vey. What a week. Two weeks, really. I honestly don’t even know where or how to focus this post – other than just a smattering mind dump of some of the recent happenings that have gone on. I’m feeling really… wonderful. Energized, happy, full of life and spirit. I could still be running off the night of few-too-many cocktails I had last night. But hey, that’s better than the opposite next day effect.

I’ve been lacking in both time, focus and desire to be at the blog, so with the help of Meg, I’m just going to list out whatever I’m reflecting upon in this past week of mine. 


  • My Dad’s been here since Wednesday. Between the energy I get from performing and spending time with him, my spirits have been soaring higggghhhhh. 
  • We went out for sushi two nights in a row for a quick bite before I performed. Same table, same place. We know what we like. 
  • While I spent my days at the theatre, he spent time cooking for me and making a few different meals to help stock up my freezer. Wholesome, nostalgic casseroles that bring me back to my days of crock pot-church dinners when I was five.  Potatoes and peas; tuna noodle casserole…never too old, friends. Happy fridge and very happy belly. 
  • I closed the two week run of my show. It went really well, was well received, and was tones of fun. 
  • As mentioned – I partied like my high school self after our final performance. 
  • Went out to a fabulous brunch place that is right across the street from me – yet I had never tried.

brunch-figs happy

  • Discovered a new area of the city connected to a beautiful walking path. Smelled my first real “fall air” smell of the season. You really miss those things living downtown. 

bateman-time happy

  • And then the next day played art attack on the windows of cars after our first snow fall. 
  • Published a hefty What I Ate Wednesday post, but then took a significant step – physically and mentally – away from all things blogging/social media.  With my Dad’s visit and the performance, my head has just been completely elsewhere and blogging felt far down on the desire list. 
  • Took two naps
  • Ate and drank for comfort

cookie-latte-comfort happy

latte-muffin-comfort happy

  • Before my Dad arrived I had a couple good lunch/coffee work sessions where I did a boat load of theatre applications and started working on my next show. Check list win of the week. 

lunch-work happy

  • On Sunday afternoon, Dad and I went to see the new Pre-Broadway Musical, “Come From Away.” It’s the story about the tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland which took in hundreds of planes of people during the 9/11 attack. There really are no words. This show was incredible. My family has a personal connection and strong love for Newfoundland – so that enhanced the emotional tie for me – but it was also just the most heartwarming story of the people of Gander as well as a beautiful look at some less-known affects of 9/11. Please, if this show comes near you, go see and celebrate the amazingly wonderful and gracious people of Newfoundland, its heartwarming culture and its fabulous music. I couldn’t stop crying. In a good, good, good way. 

come-from-away happy

I just got home from seeing this show, so between the good feelings of my week and the enhanced emotions from the musical, I’m feeling real full of happiness.

The effect that both my Dad and my passion for performing has on me is like magic. Both things energize me – like natural caffeine. They have this ability to take away the fears, anxieties, stresses, worries, urges and self disciplines I so constantly live with. When I am performing or I’m with my Dad, those thoughts and anxieties still arise – they are still there – but they have more willingness to melt away. I eat better. I eat more freely. I nap. I’m flexible with plans. I let go of thoughts and make the best choices for taking care of myself. I’m happy. I wish there weren’t still those flints of guilt, but I think I have to accept that those flints may be here for a long time yet. So, if I can at least learn to welcome them but then say a little, “but I’m not going to listen to you,” then at least that is livable. 

So now the performance is done and my Dad leaves in the morning. I’m still learning to garner these feelings of happiness and comfort for myself, so I will work to hold on to these feelings of magic as long as I can. And yes I’m in my late twenties and am talking about my Dad like I’m 8 years old. But I don’t care. You’re never too old to revel in kid-parent time. 

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Tell me,

What or who in your life has that magic power over you?

What made you happy last week? 

What food or drink provided you with comfort?


  1. Kristy from Southern In Law | 21st Nov 16

    Yayyy for being able to spend time with your Dad – and for being SO happy! Woohoo!

    I’m not even kidding – knowing that you are happy put a huge smile on my face!

    What made me happy in the last week though? Probably having ALL of my Zumba class tell me they’re coming to the Gingerbread House event I’m planning and running again this year for our church. They were so excited that I invited them and all wanted to come along and it felt so great to know that the relationships I’ve been making with these women aren’t superficial… and let’s be honest… it was great to invite people to a “church thing” and have them say yes 😛
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Healthy Caramel Apple Muffins (Gluten Free)My Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      Ah now that is so awesome!! First of all it’s awesome that you are even planning such an event, and then that feeling of when people prove to you that they truly are invested in you and your relationship (and not just “say you’ll hang out one day”) feels SO good. I would definitely be there. Have fun planning it!!

  2. Casey the College Celiac | 21st Nov 16

    I’m definitely missing my family more as the holidays approach – because they moved to Colorado this summer, I haven’t seen them since August (when I flew back to California for school), so I can’t wait to go home in December! Long walks and lazy mornings with smoothie bowls and granola always make me happy 🙂
    Casey the College Celiac recently posted…A #Glutenfree Girl’s Guide to Turn a Breakup into a Career BreakthroughMy Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      It definitely gets harder as the holidays approach. My homesickness always gets strong. And since August is a long time. Just keep thinking of all those mornings at home with your smoothie bowls and family to get you through – it’ll fly by!

  3. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 21st Nov 16

    It doesn’t mater how old you are – you will always revert to 8 around you parents every so often… because you can. And adulting is HARD. LOL!
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Flourless Pinto Bean Brownies [Recipe]My Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      AMEN. We all need our time to NOT be a damn adult every now and then.

  4. chasetheredgrape | 21st Nov 16

    Yes! Oh how this post made me smile big time! I loved reading all the happiness in your words and am so glad you got to spend time with your dad. It is so precious – gah how I wish my parents lived closer…. But you just savour the time with them and let it boost up the batteries!
    I absolutely love how you said how those feelings of guilt will always come and go, for a while at least, but you can now chose to say ‘but I am not going to listen to you’ – there is the fighter I knew you always were 🙂

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      Thanks Jen :). It must be hard to live so far away from your parents sometimes…but thank god for Skype!

  5. Kate | 21st Nov 16

    Reading this post makes ME happy. Being around my family also makes me so happy. My parents especially.
    I love that your dad stocked your kitchen- that is impressive. Remembering that one for when I’m a mom of an adult one day.
    Seeing friends I haven’t seen a while gives me that ecstatic feeling. I guess it’s the way it feels like I’m settled and at home when they are around.
    Kate recently posted…Are you emotionally hungry ?My Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      It’s fascinating how being around those certain people – family or friends – can give us that feeling of security and being at home with ourselves.
      I think the way to any “kid’s” heart is free food made for them!

  6. Susie @ SuzLyfe | 21st Nov 16

    Congrats on a successful show, congrats on taking a step back when you need to do so, and I love that you were able to find YOU and JUST BE. Parents have an amazing effect on us–when we are ready for it, they help us heal so much.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…I Have a Husband?My Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      When we are ready for it….. Yes. Good addition. And if we let them. They really do.

  7. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 21st Nov 16

    So glad your dad was there and your show went well! It’s nice to hear the happiness in your words–I hope it continues! My husband and my family give me that feeling of happiness when I spend time with them. It’s a great feeling
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Weekend BrunchMy Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      Thanks heather. Family is pretty cool like that 🙂

  8. Kat | 21st Nov 16

    Im so glad that you and your dad had some nice time together! It was always that way when I got to visit my dad as well. Since he and my mom were divorced I only got to see him a few times a year but when I did, everything just felt right. Like all of the missing pieces were back in place.
    Daddy’s girls unite 😉
    Kat recently posted…Vegan Cinnamon Roll CakeMy Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      This made me happy. Dads are something special aren’t they.

  9. Lyss | 21st Nov 16

    what has made me happy this past week? It was a really tough week for me- but some things that made me happy were my boyfriend, my 3 best friends, my dog, soy lattes, and comfy clothes 🙂
    Happy Monday Cora! Have a wonderful day <3
    Lyss recently posted…Where I’m at Right NowMy Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      All those things would make me happy too! I hope this week is starting out much better than your last one – and that you are treating yourself to as many soy lattes that you desire <3

  10. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 21st Nov 16

    My Hubby would love knowing you still feel the same way about your father now as you did when you were eight. I’m also the same way. I’ll always be a daddy’s girl.

    It’s so nice to see you back in the link up. I’m so behind on blog reading I’ve missed your posts. I also love seeing and hearing you so happy. I can practically feel the joy pulsing out of this post. I’m so glad your show went well. One day, I will get to see one. I love live theater; watching it that is, and I can’t wait until Ave is a little older so I can take her with me.

    Happy Monday. Missed ya.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review (#58)My Profile

    • Cora | 22nd Nov 16

      Tell your hubby – not that you don’t already know yourself – that there could be some awkward years in that high school phase, but that a daughter’s love for her dad never goes away. It only grows and grows.
      I can’t wait to hear about the first experience Ave has with live theatre. I hope she likes it!
      I am very glad you are back and starting to feel a little more back to yourself – I hope that is continuing for you this week!

  11. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 21st Nov 16

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful and joy-filled week, Cora. In some ways, I think having my parents come visit is even more magical than it was when I was a kid in that I don’t get to see them a lot anymore. It’s such a blessing to get to talk to someone who knows you so well and deeply!
    Also glad you got away from the city for the chance to smell the fall air. Your photograph is beautiful!
    Tuna noodle casserole ftw! I haven’t made that stuff in a long time–used to be one of my favorites.
    That play does sound really moving and powerful. Theater can be such a moving and transformative art form.
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Week in Review: And Then It Was WinterMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Nov 16

      I think that’s really true Joyce – the relationships can grow so much more deeply when you don’t get to see them all the time, and distance sure does make the heart grow even fonder. I think you should get yourself some tuna noodle casserole stat! Thanksgiving dish? 🙂

  12. Juli@1000lovelythings | 21st Nov 16

    I LOVE seeing you so happy. Being happy should be easy as breathing. Sadly it’s not always that way. A social media break can be so freeing sometimes! Walking in the fall foliage and breathing this wonderful rich air and spending time with your dad and watching that play was for sure well worth it. An electronic device never beats one to one time with a beloved one! I am glad your show went well and cross my fingers for all the applications!
    Juli@1000lovelythings recently posted…Week in Review – Things I did and didn’t doMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Nov 16

      Thank you thank you thank you, Juli! Being happy SHOULD be as easy as breathing. Sigh. If only we could realize that a little more…

  13. Evangeline | 21st Nov 16

    This post makes my heart happy. My Padre and I are very close, so I can relate to that joyful feeling of spending time with someone who means so much. That smell Cora, that warm, damp, earthy, fall-timey smell is my favorite. It’s comforting and cozy.

    As for happiness inducing moments from last week…a older gentleman at my church gave me a book that belonged to his wife who past away a few weeks ago. It was such an unexpected gift, one that was so heartfelt and kind, it brought me incredible joy. I hope your week is filled with goodness, Cora.
    Evangeline recently posted…Shifting FocusMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Nov 16

      Gah I looovveeee that warm damp fall leave smell. I seriously never get to smell it anymore – living in a big city – so now something that was once so normal for me is this hugely special thing. The little things!
      Just wait until you move away from home…. the relationship between your padre and you is going to get even that much more special :).
      I love this story!! That was such a kind and loving act on his part – and something truly for you to cherish now. People don’t need to do much to send such happiness around to others.

  14. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 21st Nov 16

    This post has me smiling from ear to ear! So happy to hear the wonderful times you had with your dad, the memories, the laughs and the good food! Staying out and drinking one too many cocktails is so good for the soul every now and then. AND BRUNCH! I’m sure your show went so well and you rocked out. As I mentioned before, I so wish I could see you perform live! Way to go, girl. You should be so proud of yourself, Cora!
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…1, 2, 3, 4 Pyramid WorkoutMy Profile

  15. Ellie Pell | 21st Nov 16

    My running mentor Ian has that effect on me. I can be spiraling into the craziness that is my mind and he will say one thing and I completely relax. It’s amazing!
    The last thing I ate for comfort was a huge bowl of pesto quinoa with these almond-flaxseed meatballs from an actual cookbook. It just tasted so good, full of flavor and energy. I loved it!
    Congratulations on closing the show :-*
    Ellie Pell recently posted…26.2 Miles on the TreadmillMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Nov 16

      Wow – that’s so awesome. It’s amazing how some people just seem to have that special power with us. They may not with anyone else, but for some reason the energy and connection between you and them stands in its own world. Pesto quinoa? Brilliant. Almond flax meatballs? I want the recipe for that. So much beautiful energy in one meal!!

  16. Sarah | 21st Nov 16

    This post has me smiling from ear to ear! So happy to hear the wonderful times you had with your dad, the memories, the laughs and the good food! Staying out and drinking one too many cocktails is so good for the soul every now and then. AND BRUNCH! I’m sure your show went so well and you rocked out. As I mentioned before, I so wish I could see you perform live! Way to go, girl. You should be so proud of yourself, Cora!
    Sarah recently posted…1, 2, 3, 4 Pyramid WorkoutMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Nov 16

      Those cocktails were VERY good for the soul 🙂 Thanks, Sarah! Definitely lots of good things to look back on.

  17. Stephanie Leduc | 24th Nov 16

    This does sound like an awesome week! I am glad to hear your play was well received and that your fridge is full of nostalgic meals!!
    I dont know about your next of the woods, but it’s completely winter here in Montreal now… Snow and cold are here to stay it seems, is the same for you??
    Stephanie Leduc recently posted…On the go Rainbow Salad in a JarMy Profile

    • Cora | 24th Nov 16

      We had a little bit of snow but it didn’t last more than a day – so we are back to no snow but still rather chilly. More rain and wet than anything right now. Which is also blegh. I think we are all on for a cold winter!

  18. Emily Swanson | 25th Nov 16

    God’s Word definitely comforts me, because it reminds me that it’s His truth when my brain is so overcome by different lies in my head. My family also reminds me of God’s grace, of the Lord Jesus, of love, and the promise of eternity. I LOVE FAMILY, and I also LOVE to write too.

    SO thankful to hear that you had such a wonderful week Cora. Your dad sounds like a wonderful guy.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Friday Favorites: A Day of ThanksgivingMy Profile

  19. Miss Polkadot | 26th Nov 16

    [Can we pretend I wasn’t almost a week late in commenting on this post? I read it in a short break at work but don’t want to jinx myself by commenting from too many different computers because I’m glad I can finally comment on your blog again after all.]
    Reading this made me so SO happy. Because you are just this and it’s showing so clearly throughout the whole post. Talking about your dad like a child? Nah. When around our parents we’ll be children our whole lives so – at least to me – it’s natural my thoughts on them will always reflect this. It’s wonderful you have such a great relationship with your dad. Something not every girl has.
    Congratulations on your successful shows! I still wish I could have seen them. I really enjoy seeing theatre plays and it would be all the more special to see you perform.
    Magic power holder in my life: my nephew. Yes, I know I’m a broken record.

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