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Week In Review: Settling In and Settling Down

Goodmorning all,

Last week I… didn’t do much. In the grand scheme of things. 

What I did do, though, was come off my high.

I was also able to start giving myself some grace

After the post I wrote last week, I’d say this is the biggest achievement I could have strived for. 

Settling down week in review cookies

… from my morning scone to yours

As you’ve probably gathered from my last few weeks of posts, things have felt a little crazy here. It has kind of felt like a month where my feet were hovering over the ground and I was being motored around, by some external force, like a 5’5 roomba. Now that I can feel things settling down, I’ve been able to look back at the last month and see all that I’ve done, and therefore see why I’ve felt the way I’ve felt. I’ve done a lot in this past month. Packing, moving, full time rehearsals, squeezing in all the work I can and still trying to get in some auditions.  No routine, busy schedule, new environment, moving mess, Dan not being around etc. etc. Of course I would feel the things I was feeling. A few of you were trying to remind me of this in your recent comments…. thank you. I see it for myself, now. 

That being said, I’m really – really – happy to say that things feel like they are finally settling down. The show is in its run so no more full day rehearsals (just every evening). Our place is 80% unpacked and I think I’ve cleaned everything I wanted to clean. Dan landed a job and will officially be moved here full time come Tuesday (!!).  I’ve even had multiple evenings on my couch to watch TV and eat copious amounts of chocolate. I think my soul missed that most of all 😉

So what else did I do this week as I felt myself transitioning back down to earth to a place of calm and grace?

Thank you to Meg for my favorite soul-remedy


Went to a lovely yoga/movement class at a new studio

Settling down week in review cookies

I pulled out my day book, after a much too long hiatus, to try and reset my mind. And schedule. 


I did more baking!! ….Are you surprised? 

I really love baking. Now that I’m starting to have some more/normal time on my hands, I really look forward to baking way too many things (check), overflowing our freezer (working on it), and convincing Dan that he’s living with a psycho (currently unsure of the status on this one).

Settling down week in review cookies

I made two batches of cookies to bring to my cast/crew as a – late – opening gift. I’ll bake for you but don’t expect fancy packaging…

Settling down week in review cookies

THESE vegan chocolate chip cookies are everything. If you like a super soft, fluffy, cakey cookie that is. Maybe not if you are partial to the crispy/chewy variety. But oh man. These are delicious. 

Settling down week in review cookies

Settling down week in review cookies

And these totally kill that craving for the classic oatmeal chocolate chip variety. Though apparently they’re healthy. *gasp*

Settling down week in review cookies

Settling down week in review cookies

I also made Kat’s insanely delicious vegan caramel sauce in anticipation of a couple more treats coming my way 

Settling down week in review

I finished Season 4 of Orphan Black (remember those nights on the couch I mentioned?). Seriously – this has got to be my favorite tv series ever. It’s incredible. It also helps that it was shot in Toronto and so I recognize half the locations and know a number of the actors.

I planned/started my Christmas shopping! Now this one surprised me – probably the earliest I’ve ever done so. I think I have 90% of my gifts planned, and have my online shopping cart all ready to go. 

This also meant I did quite a bit of really fun research on a couple topics that excite me. Totally unrelated to food or acting. 

I had an audition, to which I have a callback for later today.

I prepped for said callback

Quiet evening of script work + essential oils + tea + treats

Dan and I got rid of some large appliances that were left in our apartment. We also cleaned out a large corner of the kitchen and a pantry rack to clear out more space. Ahhh. Space

I bought a bath and kitchen mat and new cutlery organizer

I cleaned the bathroom walls, bathroom floor, window sills and other miscellaneous areas that needed it

I stage managed my show every night and learned I will never, ever choose to tech or stage manage a show again. Don’t get me wrong this has been a great experience, but I do NOT do well with tech. I’ve been way more nervous about screwing up the light/sound cues than I ever have been about being ON stage. Funny how we all have our things, eh?

Settling down week in review

And got myself my first peppermint mocha of the season


A little more normal sounding isn’t it? Rather nice, I must say…

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Tell me,

Do you/did you watch Orphan Black?

Would you rather be behind the scenes or on the stage?

Have you started your Christmas shopping? Do you tend to do your shopping online these days?






  1. Caroline@ Cook Ware Lab | 20th Nov 17

    Hey Cora, Your cookies look yummy! I want to make this at home. Also good luck with your new settlement.
    Caroline@ Cook Ware Lab recently posted…Best Electric Cooktops in 2017 – Top Models Compared!My Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Thank you Caroline! Hope there are some cookies in your very near future 🙂

  2. Jamie@TheMomGene | 20th Nov 17

    Wahoo for settling in!!! Have you seen Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? To quote to spaceship, you’ve now reached “normality” ☺️

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Normality!!! Ahhhhh.

  3. Alyssa | 20th Nov 17

    yay for yoga 🙂 hope you enjoyed it! feels so good to settle in, huh? i’m excited to have a little break from school soon so i can just resettle and refocus. we all need that. oh- and i need to start christmas shopping!!
    Alyssa recently posted…Ebb and FlowMy Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Yes – both some body movement and settling in (emotionally and physically) is feeling so, so good. I’m excited for your time coming up with a break to resettle and restart. It’s the best <3

  4. Emily Swanson | 20th Nov 17

    I would much rather be behind the scenes. I”m not a good actress like you, but I LOVE to do the behind the stage things. And wow, you are already started on Christmas shopping; GO CORA! 🙂

    I think one of your love languages is baking for other people. You always make such yummy looking baked goods. People LOVE those kinds of gifts.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Comment on Being Yourself On Instagram Without Focusing On Numbers by Claire B.My Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      One of my love languages (love that you used this term!!) is definitely making things for others. Not always just baking – thought that’s one of them. But cards, homemade body products… anything homemade. I really really love doing it.

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 20th Nov 17

    Good luck with the callback today and congratulations to Dan on the new job. I’m so happy for both of you and glad things are finally settling down. You had an intense month and it’s nice to be able to get situated and just sit, whether it be watching TV or getting organized. Also, I’m jealous of your baking and would like to be your foodie taste tester.

    I’d write more but the tiny human is waking up from her nap and calling my nap. Sending love and hugs.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: The Extrovert Edition (#109)My Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      … precisely. You said it all perfectly. Thanks Meg. From both Dan and I. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family ya!? Hope this week is full of lots of family time, time around tables, and good eats for you all.

  6. Evangeline | 20th Nov 17

    Many congrats to Dan on the new job. I’m glad he’ll be all settled in soon. Having other people around, who love us and can be there for us, especially during emotional, disjointed, rough seasons can be really wonderful. I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited to go home for the coming holiday breaks. Being with my dad especially makes me feel secure and grounded.

    I think your cast and crew are benefiting big time from your #bakingtherapy. Also, I’m always, always painfully behind on Christmas shopping. Gift buying is fun, but stores are scary during the holidays. I guess they get scarier as the season progresses though, which should motivate me to get it done earlier buuut…ya know.
    Evangeline recently posted…Comforting recipes to make over the holidays.My Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Thank you Vangie! From both Dan and I. We are really excited.

      I think one of the biggest triggers that have made things hard for me – mentally – these past few weeks has been that I’ve been alone. Whether we notice it or not, and whether or not we are a full blown introvert, not having connection with others WILL affect us. I’m so excited for your break to go home. I’m really excited for mine too! I’ve been feeling very homesick so I can only imagine, with all your changes, you could be feeling the same. My Dad is my ultimate soul-soother. Being with him even for a moment brings me back to myself and beats all those bad thoughts away. I’m so happy we have this in common. Yay Dads 🙂

  7. Ellie Pell | 20th Nov 17

    I just made Kat’s cookie dough cake balls for our family Thanksgiving 🙂 They are in the freezer and waiting to be eaten on Thursday. I’ve been rewatching The Office and I LOVE IT! Seriously I remember why I named my car after Phyllis. I am not a fan of cakey cookies, but yours look too good to pass up. I bet your coworkers (the cast I mean because #actor) were thrilled 🙂
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Pre-JFK ThoughtsMy Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Cookie dough cake balls….. those sound like something I could get involved with. I wish I could bring you cookies to your VAN door!

  8. chasetheredgrape | 20th Nov 17

    Now this sounds like a good week! Lots of fun, smiles but also just general adulting and doing bits and bobs we all just need to get done.
    First off well done Dan on the new job – I can’t wait to see the two of you in your new home making memories together 🙂
    I had to start my Christmas shopping back in June when I was in the UK! Got a few Amazon purchases to buy for some folk back home but the only person I have to shop for is David. Kinda makes me sad as I love Christmas shopping for folks!

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      I think the general adulting and little bits and bobs were really the best part. Normalcy can be a real soul soother… at least when we’ve been away from it.

      Well you’re just going to have to make David’s shopping stretch out!!

  9. Colleen | 20th Nov 17

    Hello Luv! Well, I’d say you have accomplished a great deal in the past few weeks on so many different levels, not least of which would be those yummy looking cookies! Your cast is lucky! On that front, I would much rather be on stage than back stage except that I hate having to remove make-up! Never SMed which is, no doubt, a blessing to everyone I ever worked with! Producing, costumes, props –yes. I’m currently binging on Wolf Hall. Loved Orphan Black — amazing work by Tatiana Maslany. I can’t image how you manage all the technical stuff of playing multiple “sestras” in the same scene and then put all that aside to manage the characterizations. Congratulations to you and to Dan on the call back and the job! Way to go! Hugs to you both, ck

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Ugh – I HATE removing make up. But I think I’d still rather do that then be in charge of the lights. These people were brave to bring me on. They must not have known I am completely tech-illiterate…

      I didn’t know you watched Orphan Black! Tatiana is absolutely incredible. One of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen.

      Thank you – from both Dan and I! Hope you are keeping warm, Colleen <3

  10. Jane Murguia | 21st Nov 17

    I feel you. Moving to a new place can really be stressful. Glad you’re now settling down. Those cookies look yummy. Makes my mouth water.
    Jane Murguia recently posted…Matched betting for full time Mums – this is NOT gambling!My Profile

    • Cora | 21st Nov 17

      Its exciting, then stressful, then uncomfortable, then kind of exciting again… you feel it all! Thank you Jane!

  11. danielle | 21st Nov 17

    hooray to your week of more chillness!!!! i’m so happy for your soul. souls need rest.. and peace…. and cookies.
    yes, i do shop online mostly. i like to buy thoughtful gifts from places but time is not something i’ve got much of so i definitely take advantage of e commerce. #paypalrocks
    i grew up working on stages for my mother’s little plays that she was in, and i loved it, but a part of me also loved doing the handful of musicals i did as a young kid. i loved the singing and dancing on stage with others, and for some reason was not shy in musicals. very strange because i could never do anything solo and never tried. i did a summer of theatre under the stars and we did cats, and i just loved it. some of my best memories as a young kid were making up dances to favorite songs and performing them to our parents… i can’t wait for my daughter to get old enough to either embarrass or dance with or both ::)

    • Cora | 25th Nov 17

      Can my soul just have a big long phone chat with you right now? I think it needs it.

      I’m definitely all over the online shopping right now. I’m not nearly as busy/home-bound as you – with a child and all – yet the thought of taking that EXTRA time to go out to different stores, bike around, stand in lines etc etc is just like…. mmm….. nope. Don’t want to spend the time on that. Plus getting those packages at my door is SO exciting. Do you love getting mail?

      I didn’t know you did musical theatre! Eeeee! I ALWAYS used to make up dances – and lip sync (oh god) – for my parents. My cousins and I would make up girl groups all the time. God our parents must have gotten so sick of them. I can’t wait until you get to witness from the other side <3 <3

  12. Kat | 21st Nov 17

    Fingers crossed for your callback! I’m sure you totally rocked the heck out of it <3
    As for Christmas shopping, I have started a little bit of it. I'm always one to wait though – why do I do that to myself?! Every year I tell myself not to and every year I do it. Freaking heck.
    And I can't wait for my first peppermint mocha. I still get a few more days to bury myself in all things pumpkin though 😉
    Kat recently posted…Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Skillet CookieMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Nov 17

      Maybe you just need to stop telling yourself to, and then one year you just will! That’s what happened to me. Aha. I had zero plans to start early and then it just… happened.

  13. Kristy from Southern In Law | 22nd Nov 17

    We LOVED Orohan Black! Such a great show!!!

    I am one who loves to be behind the scenes/camera instead of in front of it so I always admire people who are brave and confident enough to be on the other side.
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: Savoury Paleo Pumpkin Bites (Vegan too!)My Profile

    • Cora | 25th Nov 17

      Ah that’s so cool it’s reached fans all the way in Australia!! It’s an amazing show. Isn’t Tatiana INCREDIBLE!?

      That’s why we need both kinds of people!

  14. Cindy | 22nd Nov 17

    First of all, this post is so great. I love how you

    Second of all – is that scone from Baker and Scone? I was up on St. Clair for the first time on Sunday and went out of my way to visit Baker and Scone, Pain Perdu, and Mabel’s Bakery. So jealous of people who live in that area – there’s a ton of deliciousness. I adored their chocolate babka scone – you’ve gotta try it if you have the chance, Cora!

    The new yoga studio is stunning. I love it when yoga studios have green space, and so few of them do. I think the plants, windows, and clean hardwood make such a difference. Which studio is this? I used to go to YogaTree and really liked their Energy Exchange program (volunteer to clean up for discounted classes).

    Lastly, I saved all those cookie recipes. It’s been too long since I’ve baked cookies, and your vegan chocolate chip ones look SO pillowy and tender. The best kind of cookie, in my opinion.

    Anyways, congrats for settling in, and congrats to Dan for the new position. Always cheering for you both! 🙂
    Cindy recently posted…N♡VEMBERMy Profile

    • Cora | 25th Nov 17

      I looooooove Baker & Scone. But actually no – this scone is from “Through being Cool” at Landsdowne and Blood. Oh my gosh Cindy, if you’ve never been it must be next on your list! All vegan and like 20 different kinds of vegan DONUTS!! We really do need to have a Toronto cafe date. Can’t believe we still haven’t met.

      The Yoga studio was “Misfit” on Ossington. There’s also one of Queen west. They are really lovely and I can’t wait to go back and try another class. I also love energy exchange and am thinking of starting up on one again. Free Yoga. Gosh you can’t beat that eh?

  15. Cindy | 22nd Nov 17

    Oops! I didn’t even finish the first part of my comment 😅 I meant to say that I’m loving all the self-reflection. You inspire me to be more introspective in examining my own strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Thank you for that!

    • Cora | 25th Nov 17

      You’re lovely <3

  16. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 22nd Nov 17

    All the good vibes for your call back. ALL OF THEM.
    And all the cookies 😀
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Pre-Thanksgiving Catch Up (Injury Update, Fun with Friends, and Yums)My Profile

    • Cora | 25th Nov 17

      Thanks. The cookies fueled the acting.

  17. danielle | 25th Nov 17

    oh speaking of lip syncing… i actually loved that SOOOO much, and even won a contest!ok it was a birthday party when i was 11 but still. it was my life’s objective when i was 11 to BE madonna. i did Material Girl by Madonna and felt like i was really channeling my idol at the time. what a fun memory and experience. i spent months perfecting my routine and made my own costume out of a leotard, cut up t-shirt, leg warmers and all sorts of fun odds and ends. clearly i think lip syncing is an art 🙂 and one of my favorite songs to choreograph and dance to was Freedom by George Michael… wow can we just have a dance and lip syncing party like tomorrow????

  18. Miss Polkadot | 26th Nov 17

    Yay for finally feeling settled in plus also for finally having Dan home with you. I bet that truly makes this new place feel like home for you. The saying of home being where the heart is may be old but it’s so true and at least for me, that’s where my favourite people are. Oh and congratulations to him for getting the job and you for the callback. I hope that one went well!
    We’re the same regarding baking for others. Delicious treats but not bothering with fancy packaging. Plus, using boxes means less waste which is always a bonus in my book.
    I’ll overlook the fact you dared rating another show higher than Gilmore Girls ;).
    As much as I’d like to buy all gifts locally, there are some that I simply wouldn’t find here. I’m also quite relieved I already crossed my dad’s and P.”s Christmas gifts off my list already this year.

  19. Kaylee | 27th Nov 17

    I finished Orphan Black’s final season a couple of months ago. It was a nice ending to wrap things up. And that’s so cool to be in the same city seeing where scenes took place PLUS you know the actors?!! 6 degrees of separation!!!
    Honestly, I start planning my Christmas gifts early in the year–around August? I know it’s crazy! But I work slowly so I am still not completely finished eeek!! Gotta continue woring on that.
    Kaylee recently posted…Week in Review: ThankfulMy Profile

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