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Single Serving Oat Pancake (Week In Review: April)

Single Serving Oat Pancake (Week In Review: April)

Scroll down for my super simple, single serving oat pancake recipe. But in the mean time, get caught up on this week’s week in review!

Many of you may have found yourself saying, “where did March go!?” when the big clock turned its hand to April last friday. I, for one, seemed to have been waiting for April to arrive for weeks. Which made March feel like a very, very, very long month. Alas. The day finally came (funny how that happens) and I am now in a one month count down to quite a few changes. More on that in weeks to come. 

For now, I’m giving myself a mental bubble bath by looking back on all the things I accomplished last week. It’s Meg’s party and I think you should all grab a (virgin) cocktail and pay her a visit. I hear she likes berries. Week-In-Review-Button-Side-Bar-3

  • I’m going to say my biggest accomplishment was stepping out of the pretty dark place I was in for the majority of last week and weeks prior. Things still aren’t sunshine and rainbows, but I somehow found a little push to tell those clouds to piss off. Using this place and a bit of “fake it till you make it” stategy has helped. 
  • And with that, I treated myself. Twice.

single serving oat pancake

Favorite cinnamon bun from the market. Serious loads of napkins required. 

  • Found yet another perfect sunny window seat for my writing and (decaf) americano needs. 

single serving oat pancake

Script work with a side of big a$$ cheddar scone (and blog procrastination)

  • Had three solid rehearsals. One frustrating, two pretty good. I’ve worked hard on my current part. 
  • Went to a play. One of Canada’s most famous play writes, Judith Thompson, was directing her own show at an independent theatre here in Toronto. Not only was this an unreal chance to see her work and get a look into the play writes’ true intentions, but I also scored $6 tickets. Theatre – check. Social outing – check. 
  • Sent two catch up emails to loved ones just to say “hi.” My aunt and a very dear family friend. Really trying to make #3 from this beloved list a priority. 
  • Responded to comments.
  • Deleted the latest unnecessary batch of photos from my laptop and iPhone. Does anyone else have a serious problem with photo hoarding? Like – I know in my soul I will never use these photos again, and yet I have the. hardest. time deleting them. These very words crush me. 

cannot delete week

Wh – wh – wh- whaaadya mean I can’t undo!?

  • Gave myself two solid meditations. Both very helpful. 
  • Went through, threw out and organized my binders full of scripts and notes from all my recent courses and productions. SO much lighter. But soooo many treeeeees :(. 

organization week

Ahhh. Organization. 

Last week had some marvelous food in it as well. I’m really proud of all the things I made. And thus, started eating better.  

  • Found my new breakfast obsession. I haven’t been craving mushy oats, and baked oats have never been my favorite, but this puppy satisfied my cravings on every level. My inspiration came from Kate. After a few tweaks I found my perrrrfect combination of ingredients. 

single serving oat pancake

Single Serving Oat Pancake:

1/3 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup whisked egg whites
2 Tbsp pumpkin (or banana or applesauce)
1/4 tsp baking powder
pinch salt, cinnamon, stevia (or other sweetener) to taste

Single Serving Oat Pancake. My fail proof recipe! #breakfast #pancake #singleserving #easyrecipes Click To Tweet

  • And then THIS baby. Holy geebuz. I experimented with a sweet potato coconut flour crust and was blown away at the results. Perfect consistency and not mushy at all like usual coconut flour things. You better believe I’ll be sharing this recipe. 

sweet potato egg pizza week

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza with avocado and a dash of #yolkporn

  • And since when I have a craving for something (cough cough pizza cough) I feel the need to make a trillion versions, I also gave myself the challenge to use up a bunch of leftovers and make homemade pizza. This time a spelt sweet potato crust (with yeast!) and BBQ chicken – cheddar toppings. Will share this easy crust recipe at some point as well. 

single serving oat pancake

Homemade Spelt Sweet Potato Pizza Dough topped with BBQ chicken, cheddar, red onion, veggies and more BBQ – pre baking

  • Used up old frozen banana bread by making a chocolate banana bread pudding. Reduce. Reuse. Recyle. 
  • And to prove to you that I’m not always Susie Homemaker, I also baked. With a woman named Betty. She has this thing called “2 ingredient baking” where she mixes one box of her cake mix with one 15 oz can of pumpkin puree and poof: out comes “homemade” carrot cake. Thanks Betty. 

single serving oat pancake

The best baking discovery to date


Good lord I always get so wordy in these posts. Every week I think I’m just going to stick to a plain simple worded list, but then I get all jazzed and excited and want to flower poop over every thing. C’est la vie. 

Now go make that single serving oat pancake and make it your new breakfast staple!

Homemade Pizza, New Breakfast Obsession, and Organization. A successful week on all fronts. Click To Tweet

Tell me,

Scone or Cinnamon bun? Which should I send you on your birthday?

Do you have a problem deleting photos?

When’s the last time you wrote or emailed a family member/friend just to catch up? Can you do this this week??




  1. Kate | 4th Apr 16

    First, I am so happy to read that you have emerged from a darker place. The cloudy days will always come sometimes, but the fewer the better!
    My pancake is very similar! I usually do 1/3 cup oats and an egg plus something else like a blob of pumpkin, Greek yogurt, or applesauce. Sometimes just an extra egg white. Soooo yummy.
    I am very excited for the sweet potato breakfast recipe!
    And omgeee when I try to clean out notes I feel like I have murdered a 192 trees.
    You can send me a brownie on my birthday. Chocolate forever. Speaking of brownies, a can of pumpkin works wonders with brownie mix too!!
    Have a great Monday Cora!!

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Brownie it is. How dare I not include a chocolate choice! What was I thinking? My very first experience with the “2 ingredient” baking was with a brownie mix. It was pretty much unbelievable. Hence my continuation with the “baking” method.
      Sometimes I complain when things are only available “online,” but then I remember how many trees my one binder killed alone – and I thank the technology we now have.

  2. chasetheredgrape | 4th Apr 16

    Oh please send me a cinnamon bun over a scone… Being from the UK means I was brought up with scones… Cinnamon rolls are such a novelty! Haha!
    I do have a problem deleting photos – I know they are all backed up on my google drive but sometimes I just love looking through them and remembering fun times – and yes many of them are food pics!
    Happy Monday Cora! 😀

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Cinamon bun – you got it. My ultimate choice as well. But for me its got to be the good sticky ones – a novelty from childhood.
      That’s why its so hard to get rid of pictures I think – each one has a certain memory attached and its scary to think of losing that!

  3. Miss Polkadot | 4th Apr 16

    Pushing those dark and heavy clouds away so you can fully shine your light in the world again is a -huge- accomplishment. I’m sorry you’d been in a dark place for weeks but happy you’re stepping out of it again.
    How about you come and help me delete the overload of pictures [that I’m sure yet still in denial slows down my laptop]? It’s even worse since I was -this- close to accidentially deleting emotionally important pictures the last time I went on a deleting spree.
    I sent out two “just saying hi” mails this past week, too, and spontaneously called one of my cousins yesterday. The latter turned out to be one of the best decisions I made yesterday and it’s one to keep up in the future.
    I hope your Monday is sunny and bright with a week of happy days or at least many little silver linings to come, too.
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Week in review: When life hands you limes …My Profile

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Oh gosh I would be no help – I really am the saddest site when trying to delete things. If I had had a “near deletion” experience like yours I’d probably never go near the delete button again!
      Ah writing those letters and that spontaneous call must have felt so good – and meant so much to each of them. Much like receiving your emails – makes one’s day.
      There’s always some silver in those linings – you teach that well. Thank you 🙂

  4. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 4th Apr 16

    Sweet potato coconut flour crust?! WHOA. I’ll be needing that recipe. I also can never delete pictures that have so purpose of keeping – My mind’s like “I might need that again. Keep it”. I have to have a binge deleting sesh soon. I am definitely cinnamon bun over scone. Give me all the icing. Cinnamon buns are a favorite. I do sometimes write catch up emails, actually, but not nearly enough. Sometimes, for me, they are easier than a long phone call. I’m glad March is behind you – I know there’s sunshine and big things ahead!
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Racing when you just don’t have “it” + Weekend in CharlestonMy Profile

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      You would love this crust recipe. Perfect for all those veggies like you serenaded us with last week.
      I’m more of a “sticky bun” fan but I’ll still gladly take a good cream cheese icing.
      Phone calls are so wonderful, but emails are much easier to fit in and can be done at your leisure – so if I can’t get the phone call in I think this is the next best thing.

  5. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 4th Apr 16

    I think we should cover the world in flower poop and maybe that pizza with a side of a cinnamon bun plus a bite of a scone. I could never pick between my beloved carbs.

    You were a beast last week. Will you come cook for me? I have a nicely renovated guest bedroom ready to go and I’m also in countdown mode.

    The amount of pictures on my iPhone is out of control again. I really need to go through and clean them up, yet I can’t bring myself to do it. Oh well. C’est la vie.

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      I’m liking the sound of your world. I’d gladly take the rainbow road to get there any day.
      Those pictures will get deleted when the time is right… though you will need to make space for a new little photogenic face 🙂

  6. SuzLyfe | 4th Apr 16

    Cinnamon bun. But only if you can also send me the smells associated 😀 I love doing homemade pizza, but it has been forever. Mostly because we have a few storebought pizzas that we love, and then we add stuff to them anyway so we basically are doing that ;D We are going to do one helluva spring cleaning when we move at the start of next month, and I’ll admit that I am both excited and terrified!
    SuzLyfe recently posted…Finally: All the Makings of a Perfect DayMy Profile

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      They’ve got to have made an “aroma lock” envelope by now, no? I’ll get on that.
      I do that with store-bought pizza ALL the time. It’s basically making it your own. No one can tell us different.
      Moving is SO exciting. Of course a bit scary – but all that spring cleaning and forced organizing is going to feel SO good.

  7. katalysthealth | 4th Apr 16

    Fake it till you make it – soooooo my motto.
    And OMG Im a photo hoarder too. I keep thinking “well maybe some day I’ll want them for something.” So I try to just go through each batch and pick 5 DIFFERENT angles and shots and keep only those. Its hard, but it helps clear up space!
    katalysthealth recently posted…Almond Asian Lime SaladMy Profile

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Its so hard! I like the “5” rule. I just need to start being more cut-throat.

  8. Heather@hungryforbalance | 4th Apr 16

    I haven’t had a good scone in years, so I would probably defer to the cinnamon bun.
    I’m glad you are getting out of your funk. And that’s so awesome that you scored cheap tickets to a cool show like that!
    I can’t wait to hear about that sweet potato pizza crust recipe!

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Oh no you need to find yourself a proper scone – they can be a godsend if done right. Though cinnamon buns are really almost always a win.
      Thanks. Recipe will be coming!

  9. snackiebird | 4th Apr 16

    Cinnamon bun over scone everytime! Nothing can beat that moist, sugary and cinnamon-y perfection.

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      You’ve got me drooling all over again. Couldn’t agree more!!

  10. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 4th Apr 16

    Cinnamon roll, please. Glad to hear you’re in a more positive mood this week. Getting rid of stuff, whether digital or in paper = cathardic but also super-scary. Love that you’re on a pizza thing. Have a great week!
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Hello from Digestive Purgatory + Week in ReviewMy Profile

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Cathardic can be scary!
      I’m so on a pizza thing. It didn’t even stop here.

  11. Ellie | 5th Apr 16

    Umm…is that a serious question?! SCONES FOR LIFE! Preferably toasted with peanut butter or butter and cinnamon sugar 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better from last week and your rehearsals have gone well. My sister and I send each other cards from time to time and it brings a smile to my face each time. Maybe I’ll write her another one tomorrow. Thanks for the idea 🙂
    Ellie recently posted…Week In Review: Getting Ready To RaceMy Profile

    • Cora | 5th Apr 16

      Haha how did I know which one you’d choose? As far as toppings (aka peanut butter) goe – scones do have to take the win there. I’m also liking your cinnamon sugar idea.
      That’s so lovely for you and your sister. Its something not many take the time to do.

  12. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 5th Apr 16

    omg when will you share that sweet potato recipe? i need it in my life. hahaha
    I love both scones and cinnamon buns but i think id choose a scone if i had to choose.
    So much good food in this post its crazy!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Monthly Must-Haves: March 2016My Profile

  13. Juli@1000lovelythings | 5th Apr 16

    Oh the picture issue. I switched to a new phone a couple of weeks back and I took all the old pictures with me. It lasted two about two minutes then I had to delete them because the memory was full already! wtf!!!!!
    Fake it till you make it is exactly what’s necessary sometimes. Especially when it comes to a gloomy mood you can definitely trick yourself sometimes.
    And may I add.. all yourr food pictures make me soooooooo hungry!
    Juli@1000lovelythings recently posted…Week in Review – Work, Food and all that jazzMy Profile

  14. gracefulcoffee | 5th Apr 16

    I love cinnamon buns! They’re SO YUMMY!! I tend to be a photo hoarder too. I have almost 1,00 pictures on my camera roll, haha 🙂

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee
    gracefulcoffee recently posted…Friday Favorites #3My Profile

    • Cora | 6th Apr 16

      Glad I’m not the only one!!
      You have good taste 🙂

  15. cookiesnchem | 6th Apr 16

    Those cinnamon buns look incredible. It’s been too long since I’ve had a great cinnamon bun! I’m wondering about how you turned a banana bread into banana pudding – HOW?!
    cookiesnchem recently posted…De-Stressing AprilMy Profile

    • Cora | 7th Apr 16

      You need to find yourself a cafe in Waterloo with a winning cinnamon bun. I go on serious ventures to find them. So worth it.
      Oh its such a good trick. Toast some old bread (in this case banana bread), crumble it up into a casserole dish. Combine 1/4 cup egg whites with 1/4 milk + cinnamon/sugar/anything else you’d like and bake it at 350 for about 40 minutes.

  16. Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza Crust (Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo) | 12th Apr 16

    […] teased you with this guy a couple of weeks ago and knew it had to be bumped up the line of recipes I want to share with you. Because it is just […]

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