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'Tis The Season for Weddings.... and Bed Bugs? (Week In Review)

‘Tis The Season for Weddings…. and Bed Bugs? (Week In Review)

Oif. Sometimes I really think I’m on The Truman Show. 

Like there’s a little jokester out there tweedling away on some remote, who just loovveessss to throw curve balls out on my secret reality show life, simply for his own joy and amusement. I can see him now, in his elfish little slippers, setting me up on some nice routine where everything is just starting to feel comfy and in control, and then with perfect Nikilodian timing….*click*… PSYCHE.  Laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh. 

At least it makes for some interesting blogging. 

Monday morning “let’s get shit done” muffin 

Remember this recent week where everything started out swimmingly, and then suddenly I was struck with awful stomach pain and a near-emergency-room cab ride? Well this week also started off swimmingly. I put my ass in gear to catch up on some productivity I was feeling guilty for not achieving by the “end of summer” and things were looking really good that I’d be accomplishing what I wanted. And THEN…… 

Actually,  let’s start with the good stuff.

Linking up with Meg’s fabulous party to recount my epic accomplishments from one weeks’ time

Last week I….

Used my new table space to crack down on some monologue work I swore I’d be further along on by now. Got some good stuff done, but also created more work for myself. But we are focusing on the accomplishments side of things here. 

I went to TWO outdoor Shakespeare shows! Shows I really wanted to see before they ended for the summer, so I made certain to squeeze them in. I’m glad I did. They made me happy. Shakespeare + summer evenings + grass = my absolute happiest place. 

Two Gentlemen of Verona

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 

I got blood work done and peed in a cup 

I had a brunch date with my best girl friends

French toast breakfast

I had a read-through rehearsal for the show I will be assisting on this fall

And I put out  a “go-to guide” for some interesting and less-heard of smoothie supplements, as well as a GIVEAWAY for some natural joint care! Come enter!Week In Review Bed Bugs


And then…


Whilst having my sheets off my bed getting washed…..

I found two bed bugs. 

My face. To. The. ‘T’.

I went back and forth with even saying this on here. It’s totally gross and embarassing to even admit. But hey, its honesty hour up here on ‘the spoon.’ 

I’ve NEVER had bed bugs. I’ve had numerous friends who have (sadly, it’s quite a thing in Toronto) and just seeing what they’ve gone through I’ve learned it is NOT a fun experience. The 100% opposite, in fact. For anyone who’s had them, you knowwwww. It is a tedious, expensive, routine shattering, comfort-disrupting, and potentially very long process. 

There’s been a problem with bed bugs at my work. I’ve known this, and have known co-workers who’ve brought them home. But of course, little naive me just never thought I’d be one of those people.

Naivety deniiiedddd

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Luckily, I have an amazing landlord who a) works during the night and b) owns any random piece of equipment you may ever need. He came over at 1:30 AM that night, and stayed until 3:00 AM helping me steam cleaning my mattress etc. We threw out my futon, carpet, blankets, pillows etc etc. Anything that could even remotely be a risk. I was up another hour after that steaming a blanket so I could have something to sleep with. 

I spent the next day, after having next to no sleep, steam cleaning the rest of my apartment, taking my duvet to a big industrial sized drier, and buying a very expensive mattress cover. Because we only found a few, my landlord and I both think I caught it very early and acted fast enough to nip them all in the bed bud. But from all the horror stories I’ve heard, you can just never be too careful. I wanted to do anything and everything I had to to ensure no further infestations. It means I will be living out of plastic bags for the remaining two months in my apartment – sans carpet and sans couch – but if it means not bringing any unwanted specimens to my new apartment, I’ll gladly live with the discomfort. 

Remember how I had just started trying to do one thing a day to make my place feel more home-y? Yeah…

Curve ball. 

So. That day was an awful day. Awful awful awful. It was my one and only day off from work so I had lovely plans to make it productive and get a lot of my summery to-do-list things done. Noooooope. Curve ball again!

BUT. I actually see a lot of positives from this experience. 

1) I feel HELLA proud of myself for tackling all this basically on my own. Steam cleaning all my blankets, carrying my duvet to the driers (which let’s face it was way overdue for a good wash anyways), literally sitting INSIDE my duvet cover on my kitchen floor getting the duvet BACK inside the damn thing (that was a fun image – it made a pretty sweet fort), and basically for just taking mean action and getting shit done

2) It has forced me to purge a lot of items that I would have been getting rid of when I moved, anyways. A little earlier than expected, yes, but it has put me into mean purging gear and that already makes me feel lighter. 

3) It’s also put me into moving mode. My apartment is now a gutted mess, but like I’ve said before – I kind of like embracing this type of mess. This means I can start the messy moving process now and not feel I need to clean up, or be cramming to do so the week before. 



And then to finish off this –  interesting – week, I took off with Dan to a town outside of Guelph to attend a friends’ wedding. It was in the most lovely setting and was planned really beautifully. 

Girl after my own heart: Baking/Dessert Bar

And then I got my sourdough cinnamon bun to accompany me on my bus ride home.

So really, all is well. 

Bright and early tomorrow (Tuesday) morning I will be taking off to Vancouver, BC!! I spend a couple days there on my own visiting one of my best friends, and then I take the ferry over to Victoria to meet up with Dan and a bunch of my friends from home to celebrate one of my FAVORITE peoples’ weddings. My friend since grade 5 and Jr. high sweetheart, in fact. Yes – another wedding. Dan is the best man. To say I’m excited is a massive understatement. Gah. You better believe I’ve spent time googling “best coffee Vancouver” and “best cinnamon bun Vancouver.” Beach + coffee + mountains + hiking + friends….. don’t even get me started on the sushi and fish tacos I’m going to have in Victoria. I’m going to be over the moon. 

I’ll probably be keeping in touch through IG to share some of the beauty, but otherwise I’m not sure you’ll hear from me much. 

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I hope you all have a fabulous week, and remember, when your own little elfish story-writing jokester throws a curve ball your way, throw it back at their pointed head. 

Tell me,

Have you ever had bed bugs?

What curve ball have you been thrown recently?




  1. Juli@1000lovelythings | 28th Aug 17

    Oh god bed bugs! What a pain!!! I think I’d have freaked out and showered for a week straight!

    This is the season of wedding s for sure. Like two weeks ago I said to Stefan that weddings season is is over for us this year. Boom two days later we got an invite to a friend’s wedding in November. I am really looking forward to it though. They are both from Turkey and it’s supposed to be one of these giant Turkish weddings. I guess it will be quite an event!

    Vancouver and Victoria. I am jealous. I’ve been to both cities and loved it! It’s on my bucket list to go back and explore more of Vancouver Island. And Victoria is awesome. Our Airbnb host had provided a list of good restaurants and coffee shops and we hung out quite some time in this one beautiful coffee shop we’d never have found if it wasn’t recommended to us. Aaaaah sweet travel memories <3
    Hope you have a good time and get to relax, too.

    P.S. after watching the truman show I was paranoid for about 10 years. I might or might not have had a peek behind my bathroom mirror even ;-P
    Juli@1000lovelythings recently posted…Confessions of an Unintentional WorkaholicMy Profile

    • Cora | 28th Aug 17

      Juli!! Do you remember the name of the coffeeshop? Victoria is bound to have so many little hidden gems. I’ve also been to both places but can’t wait to be able to explore them more, on my own or with friends.

      Now you have me wanting to look up what a Turkish wedding would be like. Wedding season is damn expensive, but so worth it. They are wonderful times.

  2. Frances | 28th Aug 17

    Diatomaceous earth for bedbugs.
    Frances recently posted…‘Tis The Season for Weddings…. and Bed Bugs? (Week In Review)My Profile

  3. Jamie@TheMomGene | 28th Aug 17

    Well that just made me itchy all over!!! I’m so glad you took care of it. It also makes me wonder what’s hiding in my house. Ick. Also, I’m nearing the end off the wedding age and think I might have gone to one of my last this past spring. You’ve made me nostalgic.

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      But I bet you’re enjoying saving all the money! Wedding “season” for friends is DAMN EXPENSIVE. Gifts…dress…travel…. ugh.

  4. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 28th Aug 17

    What a curve ball that was? Gah, I would have freaked, but at least you got a head start on purging and packing for the move. I remember when the cats brought home fleas and I felt like I itched for months. I flea bombed the apartment and killed all my husband’s fish in the process. Oops.

    I’m glad you snuck in some positives and some cinnabuns. Also time with Dan is always a win.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Week in Review: Solar Eclipses, Shenanigans and Sleepless Nights (#97)My Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      That’s the worst part – the residual constant itching you feel. Its a crazy mind/body trick. Fleas would be awful!! The fish sacrificed themselves for the better good let’s say.

  5. Emily Swanson | 28th Aug 17

    Wow I’m amazed at how quickly you were able to take care of the bed bug problem; we had people in church about 5-7 years ago that had bed bugs, and it sounded hard! We also had a bed bug scare at one time, but they were actually bat bugs (which look really similar).

    And a wedding in Vancouver sounds LOVELY! We went to Vancouver about 2 years ago, and I was just amazed at how beautiful, gorgeous, and peaceful the city was. I’m not normally a city gal, but it was such a blessing being able to explore it there.

    Hmmm… A curve ball recently has been about 3 weeks of just wrestling intensely with emotions, discouragement, and really learning to trust God and remember that He is with me even in what feels like the valley of the shadow of death and that He is true no matter what my feelings say. <3 It's been hard but good.
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Week In Review: Healing, Hiatuses, Happiness….My Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Yes we acted FAST. I don’t think I’ve acted so fast on ANYTHING before, aha!

      Agh I’m sorry you’ve been handed the curve ball of some change in thoughts and emotions Em. I hope by now they have come and gone. There’s always a lot of learning that comes from these experiences, as hard as they are.

  6. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 28th Aug 17

    I have lived through bed bugs and come out the other side. Yes, it is OBNOXIOUS and I would never wish it on someone, and yes, it is expensive to wash/dry clean your life. And then put everything in plastic crates. But the good news if that you will still have said plastic crates years later to store winter clothes in.
    Susie @ Suzlyfe recently posted…Separations and Reunions, Work and Play (Weekend Recap)My Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Haha. Plastic crates. Always a bright side.

  7. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 28th Aug 17

    Wow, bed bugs sound like quite the conundrum. I consider myself fortunate in that I’ve never had to deal with them, but you go girl for taking care of them on your own. I am so envious of your travels to Victoria and Vancouver – have an amazing time. It is so beautiful there and so many coffee shops. Our favorite coffee shop in Victoria was Union Pacific – an amazing breakfast sandwich too (with mustard), sooo good! Have so much fun and enjoy all your travels 🙂
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Comfort Foods + Work Out UpdatesMy Profile

    • Cora | 28th Aug 17

      Sarah, you better believe I’ve been going back through your Vancouver/Victoria recap posts. SO helpful!! Union Pacific is definitely on my list thanks to you – as soon as I mention the breakfast sandwich Dan will be sold. Thank you!

  8. Juli@1000lovelythings | 28th Aug 17

    I can’t comment on your comment so I’ll just leave a new one 🙂 Good luck I keep a travel journal for most of my travels so I could look it up. It was this one: http://www.unionpacificcoffee.ca I think you’d really like it there! Our airbnb was right around the corner next to the Canoe Brewpub. Also worth a visit!
    Have fun and say hi to the city for me 🙂
    Juli@1000lovelythings recently posted…Confessions of an Unintentional WorkaholicMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Thank you Juli!! I experienced Union Pacific twice – it was so lovely! And Dan went to the Canoe pub and thought it was AMAZING

  9. Marina @ Happy Healing | 28th Aug 17

    Wow, that sounds like such a hassle, but it’s great you caught them early!!

    BTW your french toast at brunch looks amazing. Craving that now 😉

    Hope you have a great start to your week!

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      I hadn’t had french toast for ages! It was so good… and so easy!

  10. Heather | 28th Aug 17

    Ugh… I haven’t had bedbugs, but we have had lice. Equally awful and such a pain to get rid of. Glad to hear you at least had plenty of good to outweigh the bad!! Haha!
    Heather recently posted…Week In Review – TV, Zoo, and Almost Burning the House DownMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Ugh. I think I had lice when I was a baby. That is also AWFUL.

  11. Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar | 28th Aug 17

    I’m proud of you too. You dealt with bed bugs all by yourself!? I would have called like every single relative I have, plus my boyfriend, plus my roommate, plus Santa Claus.
    That someecard is accurate.
    I don’t know who decided Shakespeare outdoors was a good idea, but I would like to thank that person.
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Feeling AshamedMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Santa Claus would have been some good company. But I’d be scared his beard would be an attraction to the little guys…..


  12. Naomi @ Naomi Why: Roots | 28th Aug 17

    Ugh bed bugs sound AWFUL, I’m so sorry. I’m super impressed and inspired by your positivity. I don’t know what I would’ve done, but it probably wouldn’t have been pretty. Enjoy your time in Vancouver! Find that best cinnamon roll!
    Naomi @ Naomi Why: Roots recently posted…life update + eats recentlyMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      I wasn’t always so positive! Aha. And my reaction definitely wasn’t always pretty…

  13. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 28th Aug 17

    I would have flipped my shit if I saw bed bugs!!! They’re super contagious, so makes sense. But OMG. I did have lice as a child. We shared batting helmets on the middle school softball team and someone infected the whole team. That was misery.

    Have so much fun in Vancouver!!! That’s a bucket list place for me.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Chocolate Avocado Cookies [Recipe]My Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Shit was flipped.

      UGH! No! No helmet sharing!! If I have kids they are wearing plastic bags out in public.

  14. chasetheredgrape | 28th Aug 17

    Noooooo! Oh that just sucks! Sadly I know they are so common in city living… But that doesn’t make it any easier when they come along.
    I think you did so well though and as you said, the silver lining being that you are closer to moving and sorting out your stuff.
    I hope you have a lovely time away! It sounds super exciting and I can’t wait to hear all about it. Enjoy!

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Ugh. It was awful. Im just crossing my fingers I got it all out so I don’t bring anything to my new place. I hope the moving is going well!!!

  15. Sarah | 29th Aug 17

    Yikes! The only experience I’v head with bed bugs (fortunately) is singing that song at camp, “The bed bugs hit a home run and knocked me out of bed…” I am impressed with your ability not to simply curl up into a ball and ball, ’cause that’s probably what I would have done.
    Hooray for Shakespeare! Do you have a favorite play? There is a theatre in Seattle that used to put on Shakespeare productions and very year they would present them in a different genre and era. Like King Lear done in Japanese kabuki style. My personal favorite was A Midsummer’s Night Dream set in the ’50’s, featuring the cast wearing poodle skirts and penny loafers.
    Vancouver is a fun city to explore! They have very good Chinese restaurants as well. Victoria is beautiful! If you ever have a chance I recommend heading east to Nelson, British Columbia. Talk about postcard worthy!
    I am praying for a safe, insect free, fun trip.

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Haha! That song sounds way too cheerful for the actual reality of it…

      Ooooo my favorite Shakespeare play? That’s so hard. Maybe Midsummer night’s dream, or The Winter’s Tale. That’s so cool! Theatre companies are doing such creative things with the classics these days. Keeping them alive in new ways.

      I so wish I had had time to visit Nelson, or other areas of the province. Next time!!

  16. Ellie Pell | 29th Aug 17

    OH NO! I had a nightmare about bed bugs once. I shop at thrift stores a lot and my friend told me the reason she doesn’t is because of the bed bugs you might get. It’s never happened to me thank the Lord, but if it does I’ll channel my inner Cora and GET EM OUT!
    The most recent curve ball life threw at me was straining my sciatic nerve. That was awful pain and now I feel like I did 1 million donkey kicks with only my right leg. It’s weird dude =P
    Have a great week!
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Green Lakes Endurance Runs: DNFMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Ugh why did your roommate have to say that!! I shop at thrift stores ALL the time, and have been very custom to picking up furniture off the street. Now I’m getting a sense of why some people grimace when I tell them that….. ugh. Not sure it will stop me, but, I may be a bit more careful now moving forward 🙁

      How is your sciatic strain healing up!? That would be awful!!

  17. Kat | 29th Aug 17

    Oh man. Hands down that would’ve freaked me out like CRAZY. Never had bed buges before but we do get mice in our house quite often – and no I dont just mean evidence of mice, I mean they actually scamper about from one area to the next all the while my pups are chasing them and my husband is trying to smack it with a broom. It’s pretty entertaining I’ve gotta say. Oh the joys of living the country life! 😉
    Kat recently posted…Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana BreadMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Hahah. Sounds like you have a few extra members of your family!

  18. Kristy from Southern In Law | 31st Aug 17

    Oh yikes!!! I’ve never had bed bugs but I’m always scared of them when we travel because you often hear horror stories! Way to go on getting it sorted… I don’t think I could have gotten any sleep as I’d have the heebie jeebies big time!!!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…From Spare Bedroom to Home Office: The “Before” and How to Choose a Tradesperson on AirtaskerMy Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Yeeepppp I still get that itchy feeling all over just at the THOUGHT of it all. And sleep definitely wasn’t happening.

      I hope you are having a fabulous trip, Kristy!!

  19. Colleen Kells | 31st Aug 17

    Hey Sweetie! Have just discovered your website since your Mom and Dad (and Hestia’s!) visit. Bedbugs – bleech! I’ve had two friends dealing with them in the past year. No fun at all. Good on you for getting it taken care of so efficiently! Enjoy your trip to the coast and “Hi” to Dan. Hugs, ck

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Colleen!! You’re here! Aha – welcome! And thank you for commenting 🙂

      Bed bugs are the worst. I sooo hope I kicked them in the butt so I don’t bring them to my new place. Dan says hi!!

      Hope you are well <3

  20. danielle | 6th Sep 17

    that’s totally bananas!!! i work in property management and type up contracts and addendum regarding bed bugs daily,literally daily i have type up documents about these creatures from hell. its’ like one of those things you warn everyone about but never hear of people having them… but they do. i know of a couple that got them and they are hellacious! to say the least. i’m so sorry, that must have sucked balls. ugh.
    our city got hit by a massive hurricane and catostrophic flooding last weekend.. and honestly i can’t even say how i feel because i’m still in a bit of shock. i worked non stop because under stress, i go straight into action, mitigation mode. i got into another zone.. and i think i’m still there. so much shit has happened in the last 10 days that i just think i need a big drink, but i can’t because our little one caught a cold. so i’m on standby for that stiff drink for awhile… but it’s fun to daydream. i love to have things to look forward to. in the meantime i’m enjoying all the cafe mochas i can stand, and also all the cereal. who knew that a hurricane would bring out the non existent cereal lover in me??? it’s a love hate thing. right now i kinda love it…

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Oh gosh Danielle I am thinking of you – and everyone else who has been affected by these hurricanes. That is way more catastrophic and life-shifting than bed bugs!! If bringing out the mochas and cereal can be a silver lining through it all… then bring it on!! I hope your little one is feeling better by now <3

  21. Miss Polkadot | 8th Sep 17

    Dang it, life has really been enjoying the whole curveball game in your life lately. First the stomach issues, now bed bugs. Ugh. I’m very impressed by how you handled it, though. Don’t ask how I would have [and truth be told: After initially reading your post – as in: the day you published it – I looked up how to spot signs of bed bugs and inspected my apartment suspiciously; I’m super anxious regarding things like that]. So yes, you definitely have all the reasons to be proud of yourself!
    Second and way better than bed bugs: that picture of you and Dan is so sweet. And two weddings in two weeks? Very very sweet, too. Love is in the late summer/autumn air … Why can’t some of my friends get married, too, now ;)? I hope you had the best time in Vancouver – both attending the wedding and exploring the city + food options [that hopefully sat well with your stomach]!
    Miss Polkadot recently posted…Virtual Coffee Date #2My Profile

    • Cora | 9th Sep 17

      Be careful what you wish for… soon EVERYONE you know will be getting married one after another and you will be spending oodles of money going to each, buying gifts etc etc. Ugh. Wedding season is fun, but damn expensive!

  22. Kaylee | 11th Sep 17

    Well, funny that you mention the Truman Show because I literally just watched that for the first time last week after a friend had recommended it to me. And I honestly laughed at that peeing in a cup accomplishment. Oh, the little things.

    EEEK I am SO SO SO sorry to hear about the bed bugs. I had some in an on-campus apartment a few years ago and that it something I wouldn’t wish upon even my archenemies. Yup, was living out of garbage bags for months too. I can empathize a little too much. Definitely did not think it was something that happened in real life. On the plus side: a) That was totally awesome of your landlord!!!! and b) Glad you were able to recognize the good things that happened too.
    Kaylee recently posted…Week in Review: Movie Watching & Dog SittingMy Profile

  23. Where My Life Is A Mess. And Where It Isn't (Thinking Out Loud) | 12th Oct 17

    […] garbage bags full of washed laundry all over my room. Continued precautions from my recent bug episode…mixed with laziness.  80% of my clothing is in bags, which makes the search for […]

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