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Week In Review: Finishing Off and Flying Away - mylittletablespoon

Week In Review: Finishing Off and Flying Away

So I hear Christmas is this week. Um.. heh? Not sure how that happened, but hey, jingle all the way!

And while we’re jingling, let’s make a list and check it twice, ya?

I’m sure most of our to do lists were a bit bulkier last week. To all fellow list lovers – its an exciting time! And I’m sure the list continues to be just as lengthy, if not more so, for this week ahead. Or maybe not? Maybe you’ve conquered all your goals and shopping lists and can now just sit and drink cocoa and wait for the festivities? #applause. Whichever the case may be, Meg has us patting ourselves on the back not just for those sparkly holiday events, but for the seemingly little things we achieve on a daily basis. I’m feeling pretty bad ass about my last week, so let’s start up the check marks.


  • First things first – and which deserves a little special mention – I finished all my courses and rehearsals for the year. That makes me exactly half way through my training. The conclusion was a (massively intimidating) interview with my directors and artistic faculty. Basically, they tell you if you are cut from the program or continuing. Yep. Basically a hollywood nightmare. I am happy to say that I received some pretty wonderful, humbling feedback. I am also proud to say that I found some balls (after searching high and low for those suckers) and said some honest things in my interview that I had been struggling to bring up – concerns/issues about my own progress and with the program itself. I struggle with these conversations as I fear coming across as needy/annoying/accusatory. But what do you know… I was proven otherwise. Everything I said was received better than I could have hoped for and my concerns were more than alleviated. I left the interview feeling pretty damn proud. And relieved. Dear lord was I relieved to have this over with.

So with THAT all behind me…  I was able to enjoy some free time doing the nerdy things I love, see friends, and even relax without worrying about work. This. Felt. Goooood.

For my health and happiness, I…

  • Slept for 11 hours (the night after my interview). Didn’t plan on it – it just happened. When our bodies want something, they want it.
  • Had another epsom salt bath
  • Went to a hot yoga class
  • Went to the Optometrist, the doctor, AND got blood taken. All in one afternoon. Yeah – I know how to celebrate. 
  • Had lunch (aka much needed pep talk) with an old director/mentor
  • Posted two recipes and a personal blog post (to which I am beyond grateful and still speechless at the amount of support there is in this community).
  • Had a solid journaling session
  • Went to my friends’ Christmas Cocktail party in which I ate copious amounts of cheese (really, these parties are just about the cheese), drank a litttte too much holiday “punch” and had the most wonderful time catching up with friends I never see.


  • Saw Joanna Newsom in concert. I mean look at that harp…


On my to do list..

  • I made my Christmas gifts! FINALLY.

I made two kinds of homemade granola. Gingerbread and Chocolate. DAMN. My house has NEVER smelt so good as when these two suckers were out cooling.


Gingerbread Granola with candied ginger, coconut and pumpkin seeds – based on this wonderful recipe

Chocolate Granola with Almonds and Cranberries – loosely based on this and this recipe

Also made my own Shea Body Butter. I make the majority of my home and body care products (I need to fix and update my DIY recipe page – but my recipes are there) yet I had never made body butter before. This was SO MUCH FUN. Holy moly. So much fun, so satisfying, so easy. The ingredients can be a little on the expensive side, but I say it’s worth it for my own plain enjoyment and for the satisfaction of giving homemade, eco friendly gifts.







This was basically my heaven – a full day where I was home creating and experimenting and making THE biggest hurricane mess all over my kitchen. My internet was down all weekend so it was literally just me + christmas carols + hippy dippy kitchen parties. Needless to say, these next bullet points were a necessity.

For the home:

  • I swept, dusted shelves, wiped counters, cleaned out my microwave, and cleaned my toilet (without owning a toilet scrub, I might add).
  • I cleaned my fridge drawers. Meg made me all sorts of jealous last week for getting this done. There’s really nothing more satisfying than a newly cleaned fridge.
  • This also involved clearing out all my perishables. I made a casserole to make use of all my remaining produce and stashed in it the freezer for when I return. NO WASTE. I had to throw away a few things but made good use of probably 90% of what I had. Ye-ah. 
  • I took out my recycling and garbage
  • I did laundry – including all my bedding, sheets, towels, linens etc. And even put everything away.
  • I started a new round of Kombucha and flavoured yet another batch – pear ginger.
  • I learned – the hard and infuriating way – that if you delete pictures from your media gallery (you know, to clean up a bit, minimize etc) they also disappear from your blog posts. Or at least I think this is what happened? Regardless, I spent a couple hours re-imaging many of my posts, with more to go. To be continued.



  • I packed myself up to go home! I will by high in the sky flying off to Winnipeg today (also known as Winterpeg….the land where your nose hairs turn to icicles the moment you step out of the airport). My parents live two hours from there, and so this is where I will be for the next week over Christmas…. trying to stay warm.


Got rid of some anxieties, spoke out confidently and bashed a comfort zone, relaxed and did some nice things for my body, got back to my soul fulfilling hippy conquests, created, cleaned and minimized, spent good time with the boy and went out with good friends. And got a house. Not too shabby for one week.

I’ll be popping in from home so I won’t bid my “Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa” etc quite yet. For now – have a wonderful week and go get your list on!


  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 21st Dec 15

    Congratulations on the interview/mid program evaluation. It sounds like it went about as good as it could and you rewarded yourself with a much needed night of rest. Yes, the body definitely tells us when we’re willing and able to listen.

    You were a machine last week. You knocked your to do list out of the park and then some. The granola looks fantastic. I think all us bloggers are on a granola making, gift giving binge. Juli was doing the same thing too.

    The shea butter makes me want whipped cream. Mmm, whipped cream….

    The harp is ginormous and I’m glad you got an opportunity to see her. I’ve been wanting to go to some kind of show this holiday season, but we haven’t managed to make it happen. Oh well, there’s always next year.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Dec 15

      “Next year” is not too far away – I say put it on the front of your to do list. You deserve to treat yourself out to a show.
      Bloggers know best – gift/granola making is obviously ‘whats up.’
      I wish my butter tasted as good as whipped cream. Mmmmmmm.

  2. hungryforbalance | 21st Dec 15

    Good lord Lady! Last week you kicked ass AND took names!!
    I’m so glad that your interview went so well!! Having those kinds of conversations can be so intimidating, but it sounds like you were your awesome/brave self!
    Ummm, yeah. Could you add me to your Christmas gift list? Or at least teach me how to make Shea body butter?? So cool!!
    Happy and safe travels!!!

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Dec 15

      I wish I could air mail you some! I’ll definitely let you in on the shea butter ways. Thank you for the congrats and travel wishes!

  3. Kate Bennett | 21st Dec 15

    That interview sounds intense! I know those kinds of things can be really nerve racking, but I also think they can be great for helping me feel like I am noticed and validated. We need that every now and then I think.
    Also, you’ve motivated me. I HAVE to go clean my refrigerator. I thought about it last week when I saw Meghan’s, but it’s got to happen today, haha.

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Dec 15

      You know – you’re right. As intimidating as it was, it was a good reminder that, “yes – I, too, am seen.” Go go clean clean! You’ll feel like a new woman.

  4. katalysthealth | 21st Dec 15

    YES for DIY gifts!! Im actually making some granola as well. It just travels so well and everyone loves sme tasty granola! And I was also going to make some coconut oil whipped moisturizer, but I think I’ll pass on that this year. I’m too busy making it for myself! haha I’m addicted to that stuff right now

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Dec 15

      Oh totally – half the reason to do the granola was I knew I had to pack it all up in a suitcase. But who am I kidding, I just did it for the smell in my house and to have some for myself ;). Coconut oil whipped moisturizer? Like, just coconut oil!? Let me in on this secret!

  5. bucketlisttummy | 21st Dec 15

    WOW! You sure did accomplish a lot this week! I love love that you don’t waste any food and used it for a casserole – I was just reading an article the other day about how much food we waste (like 1/3 or something crazy!). And cheers to a clean fridge, now you are making me jealous of mine. Glad you got some good feedback on all of your rehearsals and performances. I know you have been working hard so I’m sure that must feel good. Safe travels home!

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Dec 15

      It’s all my Dad – he raised us to not waste ANYTHING. I don’t think he believes in due dates. Thank you so much – That means a lot. I know you know the feeling of having something big done with (cough cough thesis cough). It does feel good!

  6. Ellie | 22nd Dec 15

    That’s super crafty to make your own shea butter. Merry Christmas to you as well 🙂

  7. snickledpink | 22nd Dec 15

    Could you come to my house next please? ?

  8. chasetheredgrape | 22nd Dec 15

    Wow what an awesome week! Congrats for your review – I’m glad it went well and you got good feedback.
    Awesome brownie points for all those homemade gifts! And for cleaning out the fridge… I think I will wait until after Christmas for that one!
    You need to find some Barbie dolls – that house is made for playing with! Wish I could join you! Haha!

  9. SuzLyfe | 22nd Dec 15

    Girl, you did WORK. Like Crazy work! People are loving making homemade granola for Christmas gifts this year. Don’t be surprised if you get granola back, lol.
    Now, please come and clean out my fridge? Especially after kicking ass at your review, you’ve got the time, right?

  10. WIAW: Cleaning Up | mylittletablespoon | 23rd Dec 15

    […] flew home to my parents. Aka no  more groceries and clean out the fridge day.  If you saw in my week in review, I was pretty pumped by the way I cleared out my fridge.  I was able to empty a couple containers […]

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