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Week In Review: Fitting In. Gross.

As I come to the end of the week, I won’t lie, I’m feeling a little off.  It was a busy week, and for the most part quite good.  I had a lot of energy, which was awesome (and rather strange) but also meant I didn’t end up sleeping very much.  I didn’t get done the majority of the things I wanted to, so 75% of my to-do list is flowing into next week. This never makes me feel very good.  By the end of the week I started to feel pretty down. Which was mysterious.

I’m probably just tired.

Alas. It is now Sunday night, and this is one of my favorite times of the week.  Although I am soooooo tempted right now to list out the things on my to do list that I didn’t get done (I’m literally having to repeatedly delete the word “didn’t”), I know this is not what I am here to do. I am here to recognize and feel damn good about the things I did do. The more I partake in Meg’s Week in Review link up, the more I realize how important of work this is for me.  By coming here every sunday night and focusing on all that I did, I am strengthening the belief that I am enough, and am leaning to be okay with just taking things as they come.  Enough blabber.  What did this week bring!?


  • I rehearsed. A lot.
  • I had two script writing sessions: one a bit disheartening, the other focused and productive
  • I got fitted for this darling of a gem.  Never thought I could have over-boob.


Sigh who am I kidding. I still don’t have over-boob.

  • I blogged a lot – five posts.  I really don’t see this as any more of an accomplishment than posting twice, actually.  For some reason, I just had a lot of writing fire last week and wanted to get it all down. This included some vulnerability, which – to be honest – I think played into my low zone by the end of the week.  I’m still working on the guilt and embarassment that arises after I take time to talk about myself in these ways. Nonetheless, it was good work for me and my own motivation to post.
  • I baked another batch of Meg’s drop biscuitscheddar dill this time.  I may have used a mysterious, unlabeled flour that was hiding in my cupboard.  I think it was a gluten free blend. Not preferred for biscuits, but they still turned out delicious. And hey, this also means I made use of said mysterious hidden away flour.



  • In discovering her biscuit recipe, I also came across Meg’s acorn squash strawberry bread. Since I already had a slightly disappointing acorn, I thought this would be perfect timing.  I used whole cranberries instead of strawberries and it was faaabbbb. Squash baking for the win.



  • I refilled my homemade body wash and all purpose cleaner. For all my DIY and eco friendly recipes, head on over this way.


  • I took my “office” out of the house to organize and configure my upcoming schedule


  • I got to Shoppers for a refill of much needed home necessities: toilet paper and lip balm the most pressing
  • I watched “The Martian.” It was great!  Okay, I fell asleep, but I have full intentions of finishing it after I finish this post.  Much better than my last oscar nominee experience.
  • Went out for dinner (again! Look at this being social).  Dan and I went to Bareburger with two of our friends.  I didn’t grab a photo, but I got a quinoa burger that came wrapped in a collard leaf, with cauliflower hummus and gouda cheese which I had added. Plus a masssssssive basket of onion rings. I decided I’d rather fill up on finishing the entire onion ring basket and forego half the healthy end of my dinner for leftovers.  Priorities.

Collard Burger Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries

Collard Burger Wrap with Sweet Potato Fries

Doggy bag Collard Leaf Burger Wrap + homemade carrot and sweet potato fries

But it did make a brilliant dinner the next day. Have you ever tried making a wrap with a collard leaf? It’s something I had been wanting to try.  It was delicious and held together so well, though it was a bit tough to pry apart with the teeth.

  • The only food prep I managed was roasting up a spaghetti squash. But between this and my ability to scavenge leftovers, I’m pretty sure I’ll still be okay for most of the week.
  • I got groceries, wiped a few counters, made my bed once or twice, responded to blog comments and sent two business emails regarding finances

So although my whole week was spent rehearsing and blog writing, I still got in some other nice and functional things – and for that, I give myself a pat pat.  I almost said “fit in”… but I really don’t think I like that term. Who cares if you don’t fit in and who cares if you don’t get your to do list done.

Plus it reminded me of that corset. 

I do hope to be able to do those things I did’t get done in this coming week. But alas, if I don’t, there is always the week after that.

Tell me something great about your last week.

Have you ever had a collard wrap?

Have you seen the Martian? #spudlove




  1. hungryforbalance | 1st Feb 16

    I’m a little intimidated by collard wraps- it sounds ridiculous, but I’m afraid that all that roughage would be rough on my digestive system! (See what I did there ?). That quinoa burger though- that sounds delicious!
    The highlight of my week was the haircut that I FINALLY got. I think it has been over 6 months!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      I doooo see what you did, you clever woman you. I think I’d be too intimidated to deal with them myself too, so I’m glad I had a restaurant do all the work for me. And my digestive system was still okay!

  2. Kate Bennett | 1st Feb 16

    “I’m probably just tired” – so accurate. Whenever I’m tired, like really tired, I just want to cry and block myself off from the world. It’s like everything feels wrong. Last year I got that point and I just had to make 8 hours a priority. I’ve fallen off that a little, but I’m sure once I start getting weepy from fatigue I’ll get better about it.
    I want to see The Martian! The reviews made it sound really good! Glad to have your stamp of approval.
    I’ve never had a collard wrap, but I would try it if someone made it for me. I’m afraid I would pick the wrong leaf and ruin it for myself…
    Have a great Monday love!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Yup. Sleep is really not to be overrated. When I’m all over plain tired, I don’t even get emotional… I just turn into a zombie and can’t even think or feel much of anything. Don’t wait until “weepy fatigue” sets in to get those zzzzs!

  3. cookiesnchem | 1st Feb 16

    You are AMAZING! Okay, I laughed out loud at the over-boob part. I’ve never baked with squash, but what you did looks absolutely incredible. And those carrot/sweet potato fries – WOW! How long and what temp did you bake ’em at? I really want to try a collard wrap but I’ve never made one for myself. You can come make one for me! Plus I love pitas/wraps/bready stuff too much to give it up for a hard-to-chew leaf 😛

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      I hadn’t baked with squash either (sweet potato yes but nothing else) so was so excited when this bread turned out amazing! Mmm my sweet potato fries are baked at 400 for about 45 minutes in a thin dusting of corn starch and olive oil (and spices). The wrap was from a restaurant so I’d be of no hope trying to make either of us one!

      • cookiesnchem | 2nd Feb 16

        Okay! I am definitely going to make those. Unfortunately I don’t have cornstarch here so they’ll be missing that – what does the cornstarch do for the taters? Yes I bet the squash bread was divine! Pumpkin baked goods are always yum so I’m sure what you did was absolutely delicious.
        I love how you saved half of it to enjoy the next day! 🙂

        • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

          The cornstarch helps get them really crispy – there is also a trick you can use with egg whites. If you don’t have either just bake them on parchment as far away from each other as possible (if too close they will get too soggy)

          • cookiesnchem | 2nd Feb 16

            Okay! Awesome. Not that I mind soggy stuff – I usually like my root veggies and squash nice and soft and tender 😛 Thank you so much! I know that all your foodie tips and tricks will turn out successful. You’re the best! Have a good evening Cora 🙂

  4. SuzLyfe | 1st Feb 16

    I want all of these things. I haven’t made a strawberry bread in forever, and that needs to happen asap. I love The Martian–Matt Damon is so good in it, and so funny! I wasn’t expecting the movie to be funny, but he has great comedic pathos.

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      I wish I had had strawberries – but the cranberries made a phenomenal substitute. Loved the Martian! I wasn’t expecting him to be so funny either, but he was just so authentic and genuine – he was great!

  5. bucketlisttummy | 1st Feb 16

    That bread is made out of squash?! Holy moly. Need to try this. Thanks, Meg! I find that its easier to focus on all I “didn’t” do as well, but it’s so important to pat ourselves on the back for what we did do! Each week brings new challenges, difficulties and arising situations so there’s no free-pass for things to do. I love your DIY all natural cleaning recipes – I need to make these happen. Have a great week, Cora!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Yeah! Like a banana bread but using squash puree instead. It was SO good. “No free pass for things to do” – I like this. You can never really plan a week and what you will get done ’cause someone always loovesss to throw you a curve ball.

  6. katalysthealth | 1st Feb 16

    Oh man I remember shopping for a corset for my friend and trying to squeeze her into that thing. What a torture. I was like “are you sure you wanna wear this?” haha And those biscuits….YUM!! I need to work on creating some gluten-free biscuits. I miss them so much!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Oh man someone actually wore one out of choice!?! Oie vey. My ribs are currently screaming “whyyyyy?”

  7. Stephanie Leduc | 1st Feb 16

    This past weekend I went Ice fishing so that was definitely something worth highlighting! I can see how much these posts can be helpful, it’s important to focus on the good instead of the bad, and these posts are helping you do just that! I am very intrigued by the wrap but have to agree that it does seem hard to pull apart with the teeth, I am not opposed to trying it though! The bread and biscuits you made look soo yummy, and it’s kind of cool you get to wear a corset!!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Ice fishing! Amazing! I’ve only ever gone once or twice, and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it (and that I didn’t actually freeze). Yup this is exactly what these posts do for me. Forced positivity 🙂

  8. danielle saucy smith | 1st Feb 16

    I love this, I’m new to your blog and it’s great! I absolutely love the DIY cleaners, will be certainly checking those out. Props to you for baking and cooking, I cooked once this week – vegan chicken fried mushrooms with vegan gravy -for my non-meat eating hubby. He loved it, I still wanted a burger but admit it was quite yummy 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Thanks for stopping in Danielle!
      Vegan chicken fried mushrooms with vegan gravy? Ummm. I would like this on my plate please. It screams comfort food.

  9. Miss Polkadot | 1st Feb 16

    Why do we tend to have the same thoughts upon sitting down to write our Week in Review posts every week? Because the “temptation” to list everything I -didn’t- get done was immense. Like you. I concluded it’s okay and yes, there always is next week to tackle these points. I shouldn’t let you wait for a reply longer, though.
    I need to catch up on your blog and will do once today’s headache and nausea pass so I can fully focus again.
    While not usually a fan of burgers the one you got sounds really good. Gouda, hummus … mmnh.
    The best part of the past week was meeting my little nephew for the first time. Cuteness overload.

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Oh girl no need for a reply and no need for catching up – you are a busy (birthday celebrating) lady! To have your presence at all is a pleasure.
      I think we both did a good job this week of keeping the “didn’ts” out of the way. Meg should be proud 🙂

  10. Juli | 1st Feb 16

    Even if you got ‘nothing done’ (what’s cleary not true!) the going out and having burger part would have made up for it completely! I don’t eat enough burger lately. I think you might just have inspired my dinner tomorrow 🙂

    ‘Who cares if you don’t fit in and who cares if you don’t get your to do list done.’ <- love it and I try to remember this right after having done everything in the limits of my personal ressources of the week. Because that varies, too.

    Apologies my thoughts are a bit over the place 😛

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Haha you are completely right – just the dinner out made any negative thoughts about the week somehow disappear. It must have been the gouda.

      I love this —-> “the limits of my personal resources.” We can’t force through things that come up or how we end up feeling. Some weeks we just don’t have much to draw from and there’s not much we can do about it.

  11. Gail | 1st Feb 16

    Scored a big one with last night’s spontaneous supper creation of chicken and mushrooms stirfry accompanied by a kale – brussel sprout -garlic medley. The boy added rice and quinoa to his meal. And this was followed up by a rhubarb-strawberry-blueberry crumble and coconut cream. Holy moly! Tastes of spring on a midwinter evening! As an aside, I will be proud to report to the naturopath that I had a complete gluten and dairy free meal.

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Dannnnggg. Just the sound of the kale brussel garlic medley has me swooning. Not to mention the crumble. Gahhhhhh. Boy did good.

      Boy (and girl) did reaaal good.

  12. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 1st Feb 16

    I think blog writing can be tough. We never give ourselves enough credit for that. Most posts take me anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to write and edit. That’s a big chunk of time. Also, I can confirm the world is a much bleaker place when we don’t get enough sleep. I always start to feel funky and overwhelmed about things. Instead of stressing and trying to accomplish all the things, I take a nap and it helps me shift my focus to the point where things almost always look up.

    I love the Cheddar Dill Combination. Those drop biscuits are just awesome. You can do pretty much anything with them. I usually make a double batch and then freeze the dough in drop biscuit form so I can just whip a couple out on a random week night. I’m thrilled you made the Acorn Squash Bread. I should make a loaf too since I still have unused squash in the basement. Maybe this coming weekend….

    I did no meal prepping either. Somehow I know we’ll still survive. 🙂

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      You are right. Especially if the creative juices aren’t flowing – blog writing can be very tough. But even when they are, it still takes more time to create and edit the post than even I imagine when I begin. Good thing I (we) enjoy it.

      Sleep is something I wish I didn’t need. But one sure can’t deny its importance. All things turn funky when we don’t get enough.

      Meg – that bread was SO good. Slathered with peanut butter. Oh man.

  13. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) | 2nd Feb 16

    Yup it’s totally okay to not fit in girl! 🙂 I haven’t done any weekly meal prep lately besides doing some this morning for a couple in our church who just had a baby! :)) That Collard leaf wrap looks amazing! I’ve only ever had collared greens, and they were way too salty for me.

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Aw that’s so great of you! They will appreciate it immensely!! I’ve never had just the collard greens, but now I’m curious.

  14. Ellie | 2nd Feb 16

    Hmm something great about my week…I made Ugali for the first time! It was fun and I love the taste and texture of it. Simple grains hold up so well.
    I have not seen the Martian but I will read the book eventually =P
    Someday I’ll wear something tight enough to have overboob ahhahaha

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Well it didn’t happen for me so I’ve completely given up that hope…

  15. kyrabocha | 2nd Feb 16

    i love the quote you mention at the end. It makes me think of, “we’re human BEings, not human DOings.” even still, from the outside looking in, it seemed like your week was heaps full of activity — and jam packed with the things you seem to be passionate about!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Whoa I love that quote! I don’t think I had seen it before. Some devil in my brain likes to believe I am a “DOing” I think. Pish on that. Thanks lady 🙂

      • kyrabocha | 2nd Feb 16

        Glad you like it! 🙂 Same here. It’s really hard to combat the mind devil cleverly disguised as “productivity.”

  16. Lyss | 2nd Feb 16

    I have been loving your blog lately. Something great about my week was going out Saturday night and having fun with my friends! That collard leaf wrap looks so good. I have never had one! Love that quote you included too. Hope you have a great start to your week!

    • mylittletablespoon | 2nd Feb 16

      Aw, Lyss, thank you. Yes for going out with friends! Those nights are so needed for our souls (and silliness). Hope it was a fab time and that your week has started off well!

  17. chasetheredgrape | 2nd Feb 16

    Oooh I have always wanted to try a collard greens wrap, that whole meal looks delish!
    I had one of those weeks last week where I literally couldn’t remember anything I did – sigh – but it’s a new week with new challenges that I am pumped to face so onwards and upwards! 🙂

  18. Joyce | 2nd Feb 16

    I can so empathize about feeling discouraged about all the things I haven’t gotten done–even though there are lots of things I did get done. Thanks for reminding us to focus on the positive. (I’d never have over-boob either. Not to save my life. sigh)

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