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Week in Review: More than Ever

Hi all,

To those Americans, welcome back from your Thanksgiving celebrations. Whatever this entailed, I hope you felt a little extra love and gratitude and that your soul now feels a little more replenished. I could feel the good vibes from here!

Not going to lie, last week was a big ol’ fart. A gooey, icky, stinky, heavy, sad, messy fart. I was so tired. And not that kind of tired where you know its because you are working hard and being all sorts of productive. No. The kind of tired where your legs feel 100 pounds each, your back aches, and you just can’t do anything… but for no real reason.  My mind, though, seemed to be more content racing around and bombarding me with some unpleasant anxiety that I (thankfully) hadn’t experienced in a good while.  Rehearsals were hard to get through.  I smashed my new phone.  Sigh. I just hate being so tired, ya know? I hate feeling like I can’t do all the things that I want to do.

I’m not sure whether the lack of energy was more to do with nutrition and sleep, recovery related physical effects, or more to do with the mental side of things. I’ve been feeling pretty down and fighting them mental battles is exhausting… more than we realize. Regardless, I’m doing what I can to try and improve things, but also just trying to accept how I feel right now and really just….wait it out until it goes away. Sometimes thats the most you can do. I know it will change. These weeks come and go and I’m sure this next one will be different.

So. With that all being said, it feels extra extra important that I look back and see all the positive things that I accomplished last week. More than everTake my mind off some of the dark and pat my self on the back instead.

Last week I…

  • Finally got to the bank to deposit a couple checks
  • On same visit,  finally did a transfering of money over to some more beneficial investment funds. At least started the process – more to do.  Let’s not talk about the hour long sales pitch I sat through, stuck in a little office, when I had planned to be elsewhere.  It was an important task to get done, but my anxiety took a beating.
  • Hardly spent ANY money. Probably my most proud accomplishment. I’m watching my budget a bit more these days and although I always have the intention of not spending, those bills just keep popping up! Where do they sneak their pesky noses in from, huh? Anyway. Thanks to a solid meal prep last weekend of delicious and frugal ingredients (aka beannnsss) + being stuck inside rehearsal literally all day and not having the time to spend money + Mcdonalds free coffee and gift card…. I didn’t spend any money until Sunday. And this was only about $15. Go me.


“Frugal Girl’s Guide to Living…”

  • Hung up a picture
  • Started a book. “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.
  • Was more conscious about unplugging (in connection with my laments over social medea that I touched on here).  Whenever I had a break or just found myself with a few free minutes, I made it a point of not reaching first for my phone. I consciously made myself aware of sitting with my colleagues and friends without any technological distraction for as long as I could. No huge feat, but its at least something.
  • Watched the first “Hunger Games,” movie. Now I can be involved in life and know what people are talking about.
  • “Let” the boy take me out for brunch……and bring me carrot cake.


Carrot Cake always comes with a smile

  • Bought epsom salts and soaked my tired body in a long bath. This happens maybe once every 5 years?
  • Met a friend who I hadn’t seen in weeks for a tea date (and used a few minutes for work before her arrival)


  • Survived 6 full day rehearsals. Sometimes just getting through is accomplishment enough.

In the kitchen:

  • Ate a small country’s share of beans and “cucurbits” (aka various forms of yellow starch)


Baked sweet potato loaded with black bean/pepper/onion/taco mix + cheese + avocado “crema” (avocado + greek yogurt + lime + garlic powder)


Mmmmm stringy cheeeeese


Roasted Kabocha piled with same bean/taco mix + kale + egg sunny style + avocado


Same same but different

  • Meal prepped with some eggs, barbecue chicken, a big batch of brown rice and a big ass pot of vegetarian curry. Huge thing with “ethnic phases” here. Last week it was Mexican, apparently, and this week… Indian? I basically get one craving and then overload it by making 5 different dishes which are all basically…. the same thing.


Meal prep Christmas Tree?

  • YO. Learned a new kitchen HACK! Did you know that you can substitute the eggs, milk AND oil from a box of standard cake mix with just… wait for it… pumpkin puree!? So… I wanted cake. I wanted it fast.  I mixed together this random box of devils food cake I had in my cupboard (some desperate last minute gift for a birthday party I apparently didn’t attend) and one can (15 oz or 1 3/4 cups) of pumpkin puree and BAM. Delicious, dense, fudgey chocolate cake was born.  I whipped up my own icing experiment by mixing 2 Tbsp cocoa powder + 3 Tbsp powdered sugar +  1/2 cup plain greek yogurt and it turned out brilliantly!! I ate more from the bowl than actually on the cake, but nonetheless, healthy icing success.


2 Ingredient hack of the century 


When time is in short supply, there must still be cake!!

I think cake is a good place to leave things.

The rose of my week, though, were the comments that I received from all of you. Seriously, even a few words of support or understanding can truly turn a day around, and I appreciate it more than I ever thought I would. Thank you, thank you…. thank you.

Now go see the lovely Meg and join her list party. Making this list of accomplishments has seriously turned my mood around.  It can do the same for you!!


Hope your week ahead isn’t a fart.  And if it is… pat yourself on the back for just being the rock star that can get through it.

How would you describe your last week, in one word?

What one thing did you accomplish?  What was your “rose”?

Do you ever feel exhausted for no real, known reason? 




  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 30th Nov 15

    We all get gas from time to time (maybe even more so now that I’m pregnant…Shhh, our secret) and some weeks are just smellier than others. I think what’s super important is not to beat ourselves when those weeks happen, but instead give ourselves a little extra love and kindness, by taking Epsom salt baths for example. I bet it felt amazing.

    Also congratulations on the food prep and money saving. Both were equally as impressive in my book, especially since my cooking is minimal these days. Snack patters: now, those I can do. 🙂

    Chin up, give yourself lots of love and remember there are better weeks to come.

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Nov 15

      Your secret is safe with me :). And you make those snack plates look like food for the gods, so i wouldn’t worry about changing that up!

  2. Jacklyn @ Jack's Balancing Act | 30th Nov 15

    Aww I’m sorry to hear about your week. Good for you for being conscious about acknowledging the good. I know that isn’t usually the first instinct during a crappy week but it goes such a long way. I am impressed/envious of your lack of spending 🙂 It’s crazy how quickly little purchases add up in a week eh? And ohhh that is a GREAT discovery about the cake!! I hope this week starts off well and that you find yourself feeling refreshed. Thanks for always being so honest about where you’re at!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Nov 15

      Thanks Jacklyn. I’m trying to go by the whole “fake it till you make it” approach a little more :). Oh my god how those seemingly “little” buys and “quick” grocery shops add up so quickly will forever baffle me! I already know this week won’t be quite the same on the spending front. Thank you!

  3. Kate Bennett | 30th Nov 15

    I’m claiming this week as a good one for you! You’ve got such much to pat yourself on the back for. Anytime I manage to not spend a lot of money I feel like I deserve an award :D. I’m planning to do some grocery shopping in my pantry to help with that this week.
    6 days of rehearsal must be so intense and exhausting! You should REALLY feel good and be a little easy on yourself- I remember how all-consuming play rehearsals are.

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Nov 15

      I like your claim :). Grocery shopping in the pantry and emptying out the freezer always feels SO GOOD… especially with the savings it brings (and then you get to treat yourself to one big fancy fun grocery shop and fill it all up again!)

  4. Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me | 30th Nov 15

    YAY for watching your budget. I have a difficult time doing so, especially this time of year, but I have also been mindful of it recently. It really makes a difference!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Nov 15

      Definitely with this time of year and december coming up, I know my spending won’t be staying so low. But yes, even little things can make a big difference and although I’m ALL for treating yourself, it does feel SO good to save when you can 🙂

  5. hungryforbalance | 30th Nov 15

    I LOVE the pumpkin and chocolate cake mix trick!! It’s so convenient because I ALWAYS have pumpkin, but don’t always have the egg and oil. I will have to try your frosting recipe next time.
    I’m sorry that last week was no good (although the English teacher in me is applauding your descriptive word use 😉 ). I hope this week is a million times better!
    Your Indian themed food prep looks delicious!

    • mylittletablespoon | 30th Nov 15

      It was amazing!! Almost couldn’t believe it turned out so well! And thank you… my english teacher always said I used too many descriptive words 🙂

  6. Brittany | 30th Nov 15

    I’ve been tired too, but I know why. My eats have been off and on balanced vs. horrifying. HA.

  7. jejansonius | 30th Nov 15

    The alchemist is an amazing book! I just read it and it took me about three days because it was so good!

  8. chasetheredgrape | 1st Dec 15

    Well done on the food prep! I loooooovvvvveee not spending any money, it’s my favourite thing (not) to do! And having lots of yummies in the fridge and cupboard ready to rock makes it so much easier!
    Fighting those battles in your head is exhausting…. Physically as well as mentally. Just do the best you can and keep being that awesome person that you are! 🙂

  9. Juli | 1st Dec 15

    I feel with you on the tired part. Last week I have been so insanely tired and now with the jetlag it only slowly gets better. Luckily I can work from home today so I could sleep in sort of. Hang in there maybe it’s the change of season because everyone around here is tired at the moment.
    Thumbs up and fist bump for meal prepping and all your food. It looks so yummy.
    Hope this week will be better for you! Looking forward to read about it next Monday 😉

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  12. Hallux Valgus | 9th Dec 15

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