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Week in Review: Playing like Child. Baking like Grandma

This is my favorite time of the week. Sunday night. When I get to just sit on my couch – tea on one side, some form of chocolate edible on the other – and do a mental scan over my last week, thinking of all the things I did. It is not the time where I think of the moments that were hard, or how I wish some things had turned out differently. Its not the time for when I think of the things I did not accomplish and so must stay on my to-do list. Nope. Its when I get to show myself some bloody appreciation. And smile at the small things.

Meg – with her same adoration for checking off lists –  helps me do so on a weekly basis. Do yourself a favor and join in her party.

Last week I…

  • Acted as someone 20 years younger than me —- twice a day, every day. I made hundreds of small children laugh and made their parents and grandparents do the same. Some days are hard. But having a job that has the ability to make people of all ages smile is truly wonderful.

And one day I’ll be able to give you all free tickets so I can do the same for you (but preferably playing someone over 10 years old, please and thank you)



Dressing Rooms. Where the real drama lies. 


I know you are all jealous of my costume.

Why yes, those are cats wearing 3D glasses.  And dogs with bonnets. 

And….. I do it all again this week.

  • I took out my garbage and overflowing recycling bin. Seriously, its the small tasks that are the hardest.
  • Delved into my peppermint chocolate baking. The craving hit this week. It hit hard.



Made Dana’s black bean brownies. Seriously this woman is the brownie queen.


And Alexis’ peppermint chocolate no bake bites (non protein version)…

…..twice. We won’t discuss the first failed attempt. Throwing out a whole batch of baking has got to be the saddest thing.


Both with added mint and candy cane fun



  • Watched “The Santa Clause”…… also twice.
  • Recorded a new song – a gift for my pa’s retirement. I won’t be at his party, which makes my heart break, but at least my voice will be there.
  • Made spaghetti squash lasagna with tofu ricotta. Thanks to seeing a few lasagna recipes floating around last week (looking at you Kate and Jacklyn), I got a craving like no other. Consider craving squashed. (…..I had to).
  • Made a loaf of bread using Aquafaba….. Aka chickpea PEE. Coolest. ingredient. ever.
  • Planned and wrote a list of what I want to make for Christmas gifts, which included recipe planning and a list of ingredients I will need. List love is real.
  • Responded to four emails that I had been leaving hanging.
  • Got the necessary groceries and treated myself a few times, but still without spending too much money.


  • Really, really realized how important having time to myself is. With this show, and then training and rehearsals on top of it, my time for anything else is beyond sparse. Being an introvert, I’ve learned I need alone time in order to recharge. Without it I just feel depleted. So those moments – even if short – where I get to just be quiet and write or bake or read are unbelievably special.

And that’s it! It helps to keep the light on the positives. I hope you all have a lovely Monday that starts you off for an even lovelier week.

Tell me,

What’s your favorite thing you did last week?

Would you rock the tights?



  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 7th Dec 15

    I spent last night recovering too. It’s so important, especially when you’re an introvert. I love that the Hubby, a huge extrovert, gets it and lets me be. He also made me dinner: an Apple Cheddar Panini and did most of the house cleaning this past weekend so I’d say I’ve got it good.

    Congratulations on tackling those pesky emails. I know exactly what you mean and you put them off, again and again, and it feels so good when they’re gone.

    All that peppermint….mmm, I’m salivating and overdue for some breakfast. 🙂

    Congrats on the successful shows. Too bad you’re not in Cleveland because I would love to come see one.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      It’s so important to have someone who understands the whole “needing time alone thing.” Good on your hubby. My bf Dan definitely understands that I need time, and continues to stick around. Buuuut he didn’t make me any cheddar apple paninis so I’m going to have to say something about that… 🙂

  2. Kate Bennett | 7th Dec 15

    Time to myself is one of my favorite things ever. Nothing helps me re-charge like it! I think one of the coolest things about acting is getting to be someone you’re not… so while playing a 10 year old may not be your dream role, I can imagine it was SO fun.
    I am making those peppermint bites soon (hopefully tonight), so hopefully there is only one attempt!
    Yay for spaghetti squash lasagna!! I need to try tofu riccotta soon!
    <3<3 have a great week!

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      Oh don’t get me wrong, getting to play a kid is awesome!! We should all be allowed to do so from time to time. My next role can just be something a bit more classic I think… The balls are delicious – definitely make them!

  3. Juli | 7th Dec 15

    I’ve learned I need alone time in order to recharge. Without it I just feel depleted. <- YES YES YES! Exactly while I pass on almost every Christmas party this year. Time with myself is so valuable for me right now.
    I have a date with myself and a cup of coffee at my kitchen table this afternoon. The coffee and I are going to write a few lists too. 'All I need to do before Christmas' 😛 Wish us luck!

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      I’m so glad you understand. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who passes on numerous Christmas parties. I think some people are just designed to recharge when surrounded by people, and others…. aren’t. I’m learning to be okay with knowing thats just who I am. Sounds like a HOT date you’ve got planned – making me swoon just thinking about it. Enjoy every sip and every bullet point! I think you two will hit it off.

  4. Gretchen | Gretchruns | 7th Dec 15

    Those tights are amazing!! I don’t think I could pull them off, but you look great in them! Those cookies also look great. For some reason I never make peppermint cookies! Thanks for sharing the recipes so I can try them out 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      If you like peppermint – do it!! They are delightful. And I think anyone could pull off those tights with a little confidence – loud and proud!

  5. bucketlisttummy | 7th Dec 15

    You seemed busy in the kitchen, but in a good way. Boy do I know about the tragedy of throwing batches of cookies away. It’s such a travesty. Honestly, I love wacky and bright colors so I would TOTALLY rock your tights!

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      Right!? So sad. I have to carve out a part of every Sunday for at least some baking and cooking. I find it so soothing to just put on some christmas carols and bake away. It definitely helps me come down from the week and relax. Heck ya you would rock those tights!!! 😀

  6. hungryforbalance | 7th Dec 15

    I bet you are the most awesome fake 10 year old ever!! I used to act in high school and a little in college. It was one of my first loves. There’s just something about getting to be up on stage and forgetting about ‘you’ for a while, you know? I wish I could see your play. I’m sure it was and is amazing!
    You know I love the peppermint and chocolate combo!! I’m checking out those bites for sure!!
    I hope you have a fabulous rest of your Monday!!!

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      Heather! That’s awesome!! Maybe you should pick it up again one day!? I know you’ve said before you are quite introverted… and I am too, very much… yet people always think actors are extroverts. Soo not the case. Like you said, its about getting to be “someone else” that is so freeing. I think both you and Matilda would LOVE my show.

  7. Stephanie Leduc | 7th Dec 15

    Wow, I didn’t know you were in plays, that is awesome!! Good luck on another week of being a 10 year old! I think it’s pretty cool that you can use the “chickpea pee” as an ingredient, I only learnt that because of blogging! Those peppermint cookies are looking so good, peppermint and chocolate is an amazing marriage.

    • mylittletablespoon | 7th Dec 15

      Yep! That’s what I “do.” :). Aquafaba is so cool! I haven’t used it in baking sweets yet but really want to try it in a brownie recipe.

  8. chasetheredgrape | 8th Dec 15

    Yay I’m glad the show kicked off with a bang! Wish I could come see you, I love a good smile and giggle in a show!
    The Santa Clause is one of my favourite movies, Tim Allen is comic genius! I’m just waiting for a cable to arrive in the post so I can watch my DVDs from the UK – hope it comes soon, I need some Christmas movies!

  9. cookiesnchem | 8th Dec 15

    I really want to see how you did with the aguafaba!

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