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WIR: Researching with Benedict, Relaxing with Lorelai

This was one of those weeks when, come Saturday,  I didn’t think I’d be doing a Week In Review post. Like all of you, I quickly revert to thinking, “Oh but I didn’t do anything.”  I spent what felt like all my time doing prep work for my rehearsals, rehearsing, or attending class.  Because that’s what I do. And who wants to hear about the same things over and over again?

But was that really all I did?

Nahhhhh. It never is.

By the end of the weekend my stubborn self had made sure I recognized all the things I checked off my to do list.  Or, more like… the 5 different lists I now have going.  IPhone, notebook, scrap paper, script, brain…. anyone else spew lists out everywhere?

Let’s get ch-ch-ch-checking.


Join Meg and appreciate all you did in a week!

  • As mentioned, I got done what I wanted to for my character work and script study. Three good solid work sessions, including four hours at my rehearsal hall and two entire afternoons spent in cafes.
  • Went to a new cafe off the bucket list. Total win.


How is it I can sit for 4 hours at a cafe studying/writing, yet doing so in a class feels like pure torture? Hm? 

  • Baked Arman’s 4 Ingredient Breakfast Brownies. Which also meant I popped my “baking with protein powder” cherry.  I’m glad to have now found a way to use up those tubs sitting ontop of my fridge.  Sorry world, I’ve tried… I just can’t do powders.

Or at least not in smoothies.  These, however, were delicious (even if I didn’t get Arman’s crackly top 🙁 ).

  • ALSO baked my own pear, fig, chia muffins. Recipe comin’ at ya tomorrow.


  • Posted a dense, ultra informative post on hormone health. I totally understand if you never take a glance at it. I was just proud to have finally compiled all the research I had done, and extend my current health goals, out into a post. Those of you who have read and commented, kudos to you, and a huge thank you from me.
  • Responded to comments
  • Took TWO epsom salt baths, both while simultaneously watching season one of Gilmore Girls. I am working hard at this relaxation thing. 

Is that an oxymoron?

  • Emersed myself in the world of Britain by playing episodes of Sherlock and Downtown Abbey (and speaking back to the television in a british accent  – I’m not crazy).   This is my studying. Acting research is clearly the best.

Did not know there was a character named Cora in Downtown Abbey.  Has quite a nice ring to it when said with a british accept, I must say. 

  • Had a wonderful 2.5 hour phone conversation with a best friend – due time for a catch up
  • Sent three business emails – being proactive about summer opportunities
  • As promised, I advanced my experimentation with stuffing.  Stuffed squash, that is (though I could really use some of the other kind).


I made Kat’s recipe, but used an acorn squash instead – thus finally using the one that had been on my table since before Christmas. It was SO GOOD. Her idea to add salsa was brilliant (its hiding underneath the egg and spinach, I swear). The egg cooked funny. But let’s just ignore that part and move on.

  • Put away my Christmas decor and put back the regular. Hey – its still January.
  • Wiped inside my cupboards, my pantry shelves, and microwave. Took out my overflowing garbage and recycling. Showered a few times.
  • Pretty sure I prepped every one of my meals for this coming week.


That’s embarrassing.

  • Had a beautiful meal made for me.  Butternut squash and potato hash topped with Smoked Trout, poached egg and fresh dill. The boy did well.


It wasn’t until I finished this post that I realized how awesome this week really was.  I was basically immersed up to my neck in my passions and all the things I enjoy – acting, character study, cooking, taking pictures, and galavanting around my kitchen speaking in a british accent professing my love for Benedict Cumberbatch.

Let’s do it again this week.

Happy Monday!


  1. heycraftymummy | 18th Jan 16

    Oh my gosh these posts make me hungry!

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 18th Jan 16

    Holy balls Batman, you managed to get a ton of stuff done and even throw in some relaxing time too…..it is work, especially in the beginning and it gets loads easier, I promise. Besides you did it with one of my favorites: The Gilmore Girls….maybe I should take some of my own advice and watch some of those today, in front of a fireplace. Now that sounds ideal. I can’t wait to see those muffins (I adore pears) and what else you do with that squash since I have a basement full of them right now. I’m envious of your pantry cleaning. I need to do that, although I think I’ll stick with the office project for now and deal with that later. We shall see.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    P.S. I picked up some Epsom Salts.

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      I’m so glad you realize that relaxing is in fact work… hard work… and thank you for the encouragement that it does get easier. I hope you do take your own advice. If there is anything better than watching GG in a bath, it is doing so in front of a cozy fireplace. Mmmm jealous. Pantry can wait.. you have your hands full!

  3. bucketlisttummy | 18th Jan 16

    Your week looks awesome. 1) Yay for a new thing off the bucket list!! 2) Your boy’s meal looks amazing. 3) Your fig muffins sound amazing. 4) You took TWO baths? Yay for relaxing! Have a super week, friend!

  4. Kate Bennett | 18th Jan 16

    Catching up with your best friend is truly one of the best feelings.
    I feel like watching Gilmore Girls while bathing would absolutely win Lorelai’s approval. My TV time is spent with Terry, or else I’d totally be watching Gilmore Girls too!
    I can spend hours in cafes and sometimes I do! I need to go at least once a week, because it’s a guaranteed time for me to get so much done.
    What kind of protein did you use for the brownies?! I am a brownie feign, but I don’t want to totally screw them up!

    • Kate Bennett | 18th Jan 16

      ***fiend not feign! Though I do feign over them.

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      The phone dates always make me wish I carved out more time each week for them. They should be a priority. hat I’m learning about Lorelai – she would be all over it. What, Terry doesn’t appreciate Gilmore Girls!? 😉
      I used Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Chocolate Infusion (only 1 scoop). It is a vegan powder with greens. Taste wise, they were great – you only noticed the powder the tiniest bit. But it didn’t give me the crackly top Arman gets with whatever powder he uses. Its all an experiment! Don’t think you can screw up anything that involves peanut butter and cocoa powder…

  5. SuzLyfe | 18th Jan 16

    Any time Benedict Cumberbatch and brownies are involved, HASHTAG WINNING

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      And now I slip into my fantasy where Sherlock and I are sitting together drinking coffee and eating freshly baked brownies…

  6. katalysthealth | 18th Jan 16

    Oh my goodness those muffins sound amazing!! I really can’t wait for that recipe 🙂
    Sorry about your egg. I have a centuries old oven, so it probably cooks really badly haha

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      Hahaha no no, I have no idea what happened. My oven is wonky. Who knows what it was thinking. LOVED your recipe! Going to be on repeat.

  7. Lyss | 18th Jan 16

    Heard so many great things about Downtown Abby, need to start it! Those muffins look amazing!! Hope you have a great day!

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      From what I’ve watched so far, it is a beautiful show!! Great characters and beautifully filmed! And who doesn’t look a good british accent.

  8. cookiesnchem | 18th Jan 16

    OMG! That trout hash! I am in love all over again 🙂

  9. Miss Polkadot | 18th Jan 16

    We’re eerily similar, lady. The introduction could have been mine word by word. Exactly capturing my mind’s murmuring come Saturday. In fact, I still wasn’t sure I’d actually post while writing my draft yesterday. Meg did a great job coming up with this link-up positively forcing us to acknowledge whatever we got done.
    And then the multiple to-do lists? As much as I want to be one of those people who keep a neat list in one place it’s anything but in my life. I like that you added things like responding to comments and a long phone call with a friend to your list. That’s what I thought about adding but ended up deleting. Why not add those, though? Blog work does take up a good chunk of time after all and talking to good friends is necessary for the soul.
    Character work sounds interesting so I think I may need to poke you about the more in my next mail. And those Pear Fig and Chia Muffins? They sound very scrumptious.

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      I’m so glad you did. Meg is sure on to something with us. My favorite aspect of this link up is to appreciate those “small” things you think don’t deserve a spot on the list (e.g. phone call / daily blog tasks). They are still things you’ve gotten done so why wouldn’t you pat yourself on the back for them? I challenge you to let us know those things next week 🙂

  10. Juli | 18th Jan 16

    I love love love working in coffee shops and I love that you manage to do this every week, take and post pictures. I live my ideal working environment vicariously through you!

    Let’s talk Benedict Cumberbatch. I love him as Sherlock! He has something so freeingly boyish in that role. I adore it. I am deadly jealous that this is studying for you!

    • chasetheredgrape | 19th Jan 16

      I don’t really have a crush on Benedict… But as Sherlock… Woah! Is it strange to have a crush on Sherlock Holmes??!! 😀

      • Juli | 19th Jan 16

        Oh gosh – exactly my feelings 😀

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      Coffee shops truly = my happy place. Not only is this the only place I actually get work done, just the environment and being around others makes me feel calm and grounded. I just love it. And I love that you agree! Oh Benedict. I’d learned by now that he is fabulous in himself… but Sherlock. This is going to take me back to the days where I was helplessly in love with fictional characters. aka Aladdin.

  11. Ellie | 19th Jan 16

    I liked your post on hormone health even if it was looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong. I can tell it’s something you think about. Depending on the powder (not hemp, ew) I mix mine into two mashed bananas. Add a tablespoon of coconut flour and you have a delicious mashed…bowl? Idk but I am loving it lately. You can also microwave it if the morning calls for a nice warm breakfast. Happy Monday!

    • mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

      Haha was it really thaaaat long?
      That’s an awesome suggestion. Sounds like it would be a mix between a yogurt bowl and warm pudding. Or ice cream. I need to find more ways to use up this stuff.

  12. athleticavocado | 19th Jan 16

    I cannot wait for that muffin recipe you have going on tomorrow! They seriously look and sound ah-mazing 🙂

  13. chasetheredgrape | 19th Jan 16

    Hooray for an awesome week! And I’m away to check out your hormone post…
    Both Sherlock and Downton Abbey are amazing! watched the future length Christmas special at the cinema this year… It’s the only way I could see it… And I am so grateful… Even if I did have to pay when it would have been free on TV back home in scotland!
    And downton abbey – luckily my parents brought the final season on DVD with them to Australia! So binge watching that now!
    And smoked trout… Aka heaven!

  14. mylittletablespoon | 19th Jan 16

    They don’t play it in Australia!? How come!? Thank goodness for your parents. Keeping you up to date on pop culture. Life necessities.

    • chasetheredgrape | 20th Jan 16

      I think they do eventually… All depends on whether or not a network wants to pick it up and pay for it… 🙁

  15. Stephanie Leduc | 20th Jan 16

    Ouh, I am loving the way that squash looks, must of been delicious! The trout hash looks yummy too! I did not click on the brownie link (blame pure lazyness and my computer being too slow), but what are those greenish lumps?! Haha, still looks delicious don’t worry, I am just seriously intrigued!

    • mylittletablespoon | 20th Jan 16

      Bahaha. Those must be the chunks of banana. But you are right – they totally look green!

  16. Arman @ thebigmansworld | 21st Jan 16

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so squashed beautifully…Wait that sounded so wrong.

    Naw, I’m sorry you didn’t get the crackly top- which protein powder did you use? So far, readers have had success with vega and casein blends (along with the 3 linked in the post). I hope you’ll enjoy Saturday’s offering 🙂

    Um..Don’t hate me but my sister and I consider Downton Abbey a televised sleeping pill 😀

  17. WIR: Writing and Stuffing and Fishing – mylittletablespoon | 25th Jan 16

    […] be exact. This was a lovely surprise find and total whim. Not only was it a nice change from my dialect research, but both episodes focused on the struggles of my my current “situation”.  For anyone […]

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