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Week In Review: Writing, Stuffing and Fishing

Happy Monday once again! Time to join Meg for another Week In Review.  A virtual pat on the back for both your soul and your list-loving, check ticking satisfaction. 


No real intro here.  Just literally trying to think of what I did last week. What did I tick off my to do list…

Let’s see…


  • Had two solid writing sessions and worked hard on my upcoming script.


Fueled those writing cells with my pear fig bran muffins

  • Had an awesome script writing session with my cast and director. We got a lot covered, I felt prepared with what I brought in, and many of my pieces of writing were chosen and I think will be used in our final draft.  My director is quiiitteee intimidating, so this felt good.
  • Because of the above, I received the first draft of my script and began to learn it.  I have a lot of learn. But I’m excited.
  • Published 4 blog posts and wrote a guest post for Emily’s blog
  • Continued with my stuffing experimentation/obsession.  Stuffed another Acorn squash, trying on my own creativity this time.


Sausage / Kale / Rosemary stuffed Acorn Squash topped with Feta

  • Cleared out a good hole from my freezer and dug into many things that need to be eaten
  • Emailed (and received a response) from my financial advisor
  • Went out for coffee with a best friend after weeks of attempts


  • Made awesome use of my meal prep from last week. I don’t think I cooked from scratch once. I just grabbed the ingredients or meals out of the fridge each morning and ate deliciously each day.
  • Bought and used a few new to me ingredients (“new” meaning first time actually purchasing them for my own use, not necessarily first time eating them). Having any sort of “first” is always gratifying and totally worth a check off the bucket list. 
  • Stocked up on fish (as per my goals #healthyfats)

PicMonkey Collage

First time buying canned salmon, canned artichokes (some good stuff coming up with these guys) and…um,  baby food?

Totally embarrassing kitchen trick (?).  So you have a recipe that calls for sweet potato/squash/carrot puree but didn’t plan ahead to make it yourself? Baby food guys. Baby food. 

Actually I’m still super weirded out that I did this. 



They are made with squash puree (I used sweet potato) and coconut flour so are a-okay for all you paleo or gluten free-bies. They turned out great!


  • Stocked up on my beloved spuds from the market


  • Got falafel and saw a movie. Dan and I went to The Revenant. Um. I never say I hate a movie, but I think this may be the time I do. We won’t get into that, but… ya. If you are curious for my review, I’ll gladly share a little rant.
  • Spent my saturday morning cleaning (swept, wiped cupboards, windexed mirrors) and list making (do/make/get/have quadrant style)
  • Flavoured three bottles of kombucha. Pear/ginger x2 + Cranberry/Pear


  • Listened to a pod cast. #42 and #40 from The Nourished Podcast, to be exact. This was a lovely surprise find and total whim. Not only was it a nice change from my dialect research, but both episodes focused on the struggles of my my current “situation”.  For anyone interested/struggling with over exercise, eating more and/or needing to relax, I’d highly suggest it.
  • Enjoyed more Benedict and Lorelai. We had another bath together.

….. Lorelai, not Benedict. Sigh.

Hope you all have some lovely things lined up for you this week. Even if it’s just a few moments of “you time” with your coffee mug or favorite show. These are “checks” too, ya know.

Have you seen The Revenant? I have to know, what did you think?

Do you ever listen to podcasts? 

Would you buy babyfood to use in a recipe? 


  1. chasetheredgrape | 25th Jan 16

    Haven’t seen The Revenant… And I doubt I will (even more so now!) Thank goodness David doesn’t want to see it either! Went to see The Big Shirt though, that was awesome!
    I love podcasts and rarely listen to music to be honest! I adore learning and podcasts are just such an awesome way to keep doing just that!
    I made some blueberry Kombucha for the first time yesterday… Fingers crossed it turns out as nice as the raspberry one I made a few weeks back. Normally I just enjoy it plain and unflavoured!
    Awesome week Cora! 🙂

    • chasetheredgrape | 25th Jan 16

      * The Big Short…

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      I do really want to see The Big Short. I’m sure it will be waaay more up my alley. Not to mention – Ryan Gosling. Mmmm.
      Oh that’s so cool to learn you are a podcast gal. I try to listen but always get out of the swing of it. Can you recommend me any of your favorites?? I also love the notion of just leaning.. about anything!
      Blueberry will be delicious! Although I too enjoy it plain. Kombucha must be tasting extra nice for you in the hot weather. Sooo nice to have in the summer.

  2. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 25th Jan 16

    So The Revenant was high up there on my “must see” movie list. Ugh, not sure now though.

    I got the first few seasons of Gilmore Girls for Christmas and I still have not watched any. I need to change that, although I barely turned on the TV last week, minus wrapping up Breaking Bad. Hooray.

    Congrats on the script writing. It’d be awesome if your changes were in the final draft.

    Artichoke hearts along with that spuds and squash picture sing to me.

    Dates with girlfriends are pretty much the best.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      Well I’d hate to keep you from seeing a movie you were interested in. I only give my warning. And would hope you like a lot of blood. :s
      Hooray indeed for finishing Breaking Bad! I hope you enjoyed it. Those last couple episodes were killer. Now you can bring the drug drama down a notch by delving into that GG season.
      Those artichokes had your name and motivation all over them. I’ve been eating them all week 🙂

  3. Kate Bennett | 25th Jan 16

    Ooo, I want to hear about your upcoming script! Feel free to write a post all about your actress life. I will live vicariously through you.
    Not Leo’s time to shine, eh? I haven’t seen the movie, but I am remember very well all the movies I actually didn’t like… #1 in that spot is Neighbors, and much to my dismay they are making a second one!
    Also, salmon cakes are my fav. My mom would always make them alongside grits, so now I do the same.
    Yay for another great week!

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      Haha. I will try and fill more in here and there about my acting life. In short – I’m working on a couple projects right now and one is actually writing a two act play based on the life of Mary Astell. Its such a cool process to be in the beginning steps of a show and to be able to create the actual words that I will be speaking!
      Nooopppeeee. Leo Leo Leo. Poor guy. I still hold him in high respect… but this was not one that I’ll be remembering him fondly for. Never heard of Neighbors! Now I’m curious…

  4. bucketlisttummy | 25th Jan 16

    KOMBUCHA – Ahh, I want. I love podcasts – I just love the feeling of learning, even in a fun way. Too bad about the movie, I hate when I leave movies feeling like that! You win some, you lose some. Congrats on your draft script – that’s awesome!

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      Mmmm yes. I wish I could send you a bottle. Or a scoby baby so you can start brewing your own! It was too bad about the movie, but its actually providing me with a lot of laughter just from having the experience of hating it so much! Haha.

  5. hungryforbalance | 25th Jan 16

    I just started watching Gilmore Gitls this weekend! Needless to say, so far I am a fan!
    That script writing sounds very cool! And it’s very cool that your director appreciated your work!
    Thank you for the heads up about that movie. John and I don’t get out too often for movies, so I always want to be sure that it is really worth it, you know?

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      Ahh we are very in sync then – I only started GG the week before last. It grabs you fast. Can’t believe its taken me all these years to see what all the hype was about.
      I’d definitely say if you don’t get to movies often, please don’t make this the one for a special date :).

  6. SuzLyfe | 25th Jan 16

    So glad that you loved the meatballs! Aren’t they amazing? And that reminds me to get myself a squash to stuff. It has been far too long. I saw The Revenant in Mexico (shhhhh) and I thought that the cinematography was great, I though each of the actors did a fantastic job, but I didn’t find the movie to be life changing. In my mind, Best Picture of the Year has to be life changing.

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      They really are! I couldn’t believe the texture and moistness – from such a lean meat! The cinematography was well done, but yes, life changing… not exactly. Get squashin some squash!

  7. Jacklyn @ Jack's Balancing Act | 25th Jan 16

    I’m with Kate – it would be so cool to learn more about your acting (if you’re comfortable sharing, of course). I know virtually nothing about the process of preparing for a play and am so curious! Good to know about The Revenant. Josh saw it and didn’t think I’d like it and this solidifies my lack of desire to see it. Can’t wait to see what you did with the artichoke hearts. I LOVE them but similarly, don’t think I’ve ever bought them. Hope you have a good day, Cora 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      It’s a fun/creative/difficult/stressful but very rewarding process! Its not often you get to write the show from the beginning, so this is a neat experience for me. Interesting to collaborate ideas with other actors, too. I’ll keep you all updated as to how it is going :). Many people I know have loved the movie…. so I suppose my humble opinion shouldn’t be taken TOO strictly (but yeah… don’t see it). Thanks lady!

  8. cottercrunch | 25th Jan 16

    oh i sure do need to see that movie. It’s on my list! p.s. those cakes –> LOOK FAB! thx friend

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      They were fab! Such a unique recipe. I hadn’t seen any other fish cakes made with these ingredients. So thank you!

  9. Miss Polkadot | 25th Jan 16

    Tell me/us more about your theatre life and script writing! Please?! Whenever you drop a hint on it in your posts I want to find out more details as it sounds like a wholly different [work] world. In a very good way.
    Okay … I wasn’t going to say anything but since you asked: baby food is nasty – over here, that is. I once bought pure pumpkin to use in a recipe as our lovely old country does not know about the existence of canned pumpkin. I seriously questioned if the manufacturer was trying to poison poor little babies. No way I was going to use that. The fruit and grain baby food jars, however, make for a tasty emergency snack. So be warned if you ever find yourself in Germany 😉 .
    On a last note I’m happy a coffee date snuck its way into your list. Time spent chatting with good friends should be a weekly happening for everybody.

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      It’s definitely an interesting world. But as you know – getting engrossed in a piece of writing (or any creative process) – can be sooooo rewarding. It’s been really neat to see the phases of creating/writing a show from the beginning. You become so much more attached! Have you ever dabbled in play writing and/or stories??
      Bahaha. I don’t see how baby food could differ from country to country. But that’s awful! My sweet potato stuff worked just fine. That being said, I did not eat it by itself. Definitely not brave enough for that.

  10. katalysthealth | 25th Jan 16

    Congrats on a fabulous script writing session girl!! That has got to make you feel so good that your work got noticed and selected. You must be doing something right 😉
    I’ve been stuffing squashes left and right over here since they’ve been on sale for $.88 a pound recently. I literally buy one or two each time I go to the store [which is once a week] and then I just stuff them with whatever I am craving that day!

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      Thank you! It really did feel pretty good. In this industry you need all the encouragement you can get.
      Holy price check batman! I’d be raiding that grocery store every 2 days! That is what is so great about squash – you can literally stuff them with ANYTHING. The perfect meal vessel.

  11. Ellie | 26th Jan 16

    I saw the previews for the Revenant and I wanted to hide. It made me feel so cold all over and it looked creepy!
    On a better note, I love listened to Shawn and Meg! They are super adorable and although I don’t think they would do a good job being my health coach or whatever, I think they are honest and nice and know a lot. I love podcasts, they are my life blood 🙂
    I have tried sweet potato baby food and wanted to cry. Why do we feed children that?!?!? Just give them bananas and apple sauce for God’s sake.
    I enjoyed your post on Emily’s blog <3

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Jan 16

      I wouldn’t even call The Revenant creepy. It was just… gross. To an unnecessary amount.
      Ooo what are your favorite pod casts!? Any to recommend me??
      I didn’t try the baby food on its own – I just know it worked in the recipe. Now I’m curious to try though. And I do have more in my fridge…. hmmmmm

      • Ellie | 27th Jan 16

        I love: Fearless Rebelle Radio, Finding Our Hunger, Mind Body Musings, The Rich Roll Podcast, The Sporkful, Stuff You Should Know, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Running On Om, The Plantriotic Podcast, Serial, This American Life, Food Psych and Invisible Office Hours. 🙂 I’ve got quite a nice list

  12. Lyss | 26th Jan 16

    I’ve heard great things about that movie! And I love podcasts. Maddy Moon’s podcasts are my favorite! 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 27th Jan 16

      I had heard great things too…. I suppose I’m just not in the general consensus. Oh Maddy is lovely – I’ll have to look up her podcast!

  13. Arman @ thebigmansworld | 26th Jan 16

    omg I AM IN LOVE that you bought baby food haha- It’s my ultimate hack and I may or may not have a recipe coming up so get your goo goo gaga on.

    Also, congrats on the script- I find this all so facinating!

    • mylittletablespoon | 27th Jan 16

      Bahahahaha. This has officially taken my pride out from under the sewer dumps. As long as you approve I’ll boast it to the world. Thanks sir!

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  15. Juli | 27th Jan 16

    How awesome is that coffee shop picture? I want to be there right now and just inhale the atmoshere and a coffee haha.
    Congratulations on the writing. It must be very cool to be involved in the whole process. I mean I am working in a whole different world but I find myself way more engaged into trainings or workshops that are based on my own concepts and methods. Definitely a way to boost the passion about a project!

    I giggled like an idiot about the bathing with Lorelai not Benedict thing. And then I pictured Sherlock Holmes fully dressed sitting in a bubble bath!

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  17. masala girl | 30th Jan 16

    do you have a recipe for your kombucha posted??

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    […] I watched “The Martian.” It was great!  Okay, I fell asleep, but I have full intentions of finishing it after I finish this post.  Much better than my last oscar nominee experience. […]

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