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Breakfasts This Week: Pancakes, Waffles, Bagels

Breakfasts This Week: Pancakes, Waffles, Bagels

Alright, I think I should officially start writing only about pancakes. 

Transition my blog a little bit. What do you think?

Mm, maybe about breakfast in general. ‘Cause…coffee

Nahhhh. I actually have a couple non-breakfast recipes coming at you some point soon, but for today’s purposes, it’s all about the pancakes, waffles and bagels.

Seriously, these are my top three favorite breakfast staples. I’ve decided. All I want are pancakes, waffles, and bagels. 

And if you didn’t already hear, I now have a new – working – waffle maker!! The clouds have parted and finally let me into the world I belong. 

Here’s a sampling of a few of the breakfasts from my past week.


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Favorite waffle: cornbread. Cornbread waffles are so damn good. 

I wanted to go a fancy sweet and savory route for a rare breakfast Dan and I got to spend together. I whipped up a homemade cranberry compote using frozen whole cranberries, maple syrup and vanilla. Sprinkled the waffles with goat cheese and plopped on a runny egg. The goat cheese cranberry combo was

… da bomb. 

Then I made the same recipe again and tried it with the classic avocado egg combo. Total win. Obviously.

After I had had enough waffles (if that’s even possible) I somehow got the strongest craving for chocolate chip pancakes. 

I made these guys because they looked all super fluffy, just like what I was craving. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up the fluffy version I was hoping for. More just dense and oatey. Still tasted fine, don’t get me wrong, and they definitely squashed my chocolate craving. Paired with peanut butter and banana you can’t really go too wrong. 

….but next time, I kill that fluffy chocolate chip pancake craving. 

Cheese bagels. To be honest I really prefer my cheese bagel with just plain butter, but I knew that wasn’t going to be enough protein for me and knew I needed something more, so I went with regular cream cheese. This time. 

Okay, I strayed from my top three. I’ve had a really strong craving for classic, plain banana bread for a number of weeks now. So then, a cluster of brown nanners on my kitchen counter seemed to say this week was the week. I wanted plain… classic… nothing weird or fancy. So I chose this recipe. And then went ahead and used chickpea flour and gluten free flour instead…….

Doh. Will I ever be able to bake something “normal?” (in my defense – I really only did it so I could share with Dan who isn’t eating gluten right now. It’s my generosity…. that’s all). 

Are you team butter or peanut butter when it comes to banana bread? I obviously couldn’t choose. They are both magic in their own way. So, both it was. 

Ooooooh yes. And then there’s been the nutty cereal.

My dietician would like me to add 1/4 cup up nuts to my bowl of cereal and granola. At first I thought she was just that….nuts…. but by the second time I found myself picking away at more. Like ripping off a bandaid?

And there you have it.

Now go make some pancakes. 

….or waffles. 

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Tell me,

What’s on your breakfast plate?






  1. Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table | 14th Feb 18

    I made cornbread waffles a while ago and LOVED them! Even Vegas approved, and she normally won’t eat anything that isn’t “normal.” Time to revisit them!!!

    • Cora | 17th Feb 18

      Yes!! And time for me to make them every week. Seriously you can have them for dinner too. Top them with a curry or veggie sloppy joe… SO GOOD

  2. jac | 14th Feb 18

    Yum, everything looks delicious. I love the combination of cranberries and goats cheese. Delicious toasted in a sandwich with turkey or chicken too!
    jac recently posted…Fatto Bar and CantinaMy Profile

    • Cora | 17th Feb 18

      Isn’t it so nice? I guess the saltiness and the tartiness balance each other out perfectly

  3. Susie @ Suzlyfe | 14th Feb 18

    I’m excited to see what all gets put in the waffle maker. Like potatoes or something.

    • Cora | 17th Feb 18

      A whole new world is before me!….. overwhelm.

  4. Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy | 14th Feb 18

    Breakfast – my favorite meal ever. I’ve been living off of eggs, toast and bagels too. Got a bagel on my way in to work – there’s nothing like it!

    • Cora | 17th Feb 18

      Mmmmm. Especially if its a fresh baked montreal bagel. So dense and chewy and yummmm.

  5. Patric@looneyforfood.com | 14th Feb 18

    Who needs anything besides pancakes, waffles and bagels anyway? I could live on them. Yours look amazing!

    • Cora | 14th Feb 18

      I like your thinking!!

  6. Emily Swanson | 14th Feb 18

    The super fun thing about your food is that it never fails to surprise me how you take classics and make them innovative or interesting. And they always look AMAZING. You aren’t afraid to venture into places that other cooks might be wary of, and I think that’s what has helped you recover!!!! It’s been an inspiration and a HUGE blessing to me to see how you’ve branched out and tried so many different things and how you aren’t afraid to do it.!
    Emily Swanson recently posted…Comment on Overcoming the Shame of Anxiety (My Story) by beautyinchristMy Profile

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      Haha thanks Em! I honestly think its just my easily bored taste buds and my need to try ALL the things and never do two things the same…… blessing and a curse, aha.

  7. danielle | 14th Feb 18

    i’m totally all over your cranberry with goat cheese creation right now!!! i would love to try that waffle, how fun is that. i’ve never had a waffle maker – i have never even thought of buying one. do you love it? i know you cook MUCH more than i do, i’d feel funny having one. but who knows. my favorite appliance is still my nutribullet. i love how i can whip up my pancake batters and grind in some nuts and seeds and coconuts right into the mix, as well as all my favorite sauces and soups… ohhh i miss being creative in the kitchen but life now means that i cook less, but i stress less as well. i’m enjoying food that others make for me. i do want to start adding in some salad only because i love salad and it’s really not that hard 🙂
    breakfast for me is later in the day and starts with raw veggies and some nuts, then something hot and yummy. sometimes. other times it’s something sticky and gooey and sweet! mmmm happy valentine’s day friend <3

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      Cooking less = stressing less? I think this is a positive sacrifice. At least for the time being, right? We go in phases. I’m sure a cooking phase will come back at some point… maybe years down the line…. but some point. And when that time comes, yes, I think you should get a waffle maker 🙂

  8. Ellie Pell | 14th Feb 18

    The monthly bagel at work for February is chocolate chip. I’ve been crushing those lately. They are even good (gasp) by themselves! There are significant chocolate chips in them, that I just nuke em for 30 seconds and the chocolate chips melt and oh baby, such a good snack!

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      Dammmmmnnnnn. If there’s enough chocolate chips… that’s enough for me! I need to find one of these. Haven’t seen a chocolate chip bagel in years.

  9. Kat | 15th Feb 18

    Theres nothing wrong with a little breakfast overload. It IS the most important meal of the day, after all. AND by far the best meal if you ask me, because as you said, coffee. Duhhh. We’ve actually been doing breakfast for dinner a lot more lately and I’m not complaining one bit. What’s better than pancakes in the morning? Pancakes in the evening 😉
    Kat recently posted…Vegan Red Velvet CakeMy Profile

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      Can there be coffee again? I’d totally be all over breakfast each meal of the day if that was the case.

      Nah, I don’t need it. As long as there was chocolate in the pancakes.

  10. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 15th Feb 18

    I LOVE CARBS and therefore this post. I need a waffle maker now. Oh and you should totally make my granola. I do a 50/50 oats to nuts ratio. It’ll make your dietician happy.
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Sweet and Sassy Snickerdoodle Granola RecipeMy Profile

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      I love carbs too. I really do. And sweets. I want your granola.

      …. this are my thoughts on morning not enough coffee brain.

  11. Hannah | 15th Feb 18

    I would like to eat all of this. I haven’t been spending more than like 2 minutes making breakfast recently, so I may be having some pancake/waffle withdrawals….

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      I say, take ONE morning to make a batch of pancakes. Then pull them out of the fridge/freezer all week and you still won’t have to spend more than 2 minutes making your breakfast!

  12. chasetheredgrape | 15th Feb 18

    I don’t think its bad to alter recipes, as long as, if they don’t turn out, you don’t blame the recipe creator! (Which of course I know you wouldn’t). Drives me insane when you read comments about recipes gone bad and you find out they subbed banana for spinach, or something super random! Ha!
    I like reading about breakfast, eating breakfast, dreaming about breakfast…. Ah it’s my super happy moment every day. Every bad mood can be turned around with breakfast food. Aaaaand now I want a waffle maker!!!

    • Cora | 21st Feb 18

      Ahhhhh yes.. that horrible bane for probably all big recipe bloggers out there. “Your recipe didn’t turn out for me!…. I used coconut flour instead of whole wheat flour but I don’t know what went wrong!” Poor bloggers.

      Seriously, if I’m home all day, it’s so hard for me not to have breakfast for every meal.

  13. Kristy from Southern In Law | 16th Feb 18

    Ooooh I need to make waffles this weekend because yours look SO good!!!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: Detours and Wife CakesMy Profile

  14. Elena | 17th Feb 18

    Wow these menus look delicious! I am gonna try all of them at home next week!
    Elena recently posted…Best Copper Cookware Set Reviews for 2018: Top Models RecommendedMy Profile

  15. Kaylee | 18th Feb 18

    YAY for the waffle maker!! Glad it is finally working for ya. They look superb.
    As is with most winters, oats have been my go-to lately: in oatmeal form or in baked oatmeal form or on some warmer days overnight yogurt-filled form.

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