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February 7, 2017 Lately: Kitchen Creations

Hello Wednesday!     

Since I (1) missed WIAW last week and (2) my eating has been less than structured lately (aka many, many tupperwares and many dark rehearsal rooms) I wanted to just show you guys some of the good eats I’ve been filling up on as of late (for more Lately: Kitchen Creations see here).  Although this post may not show it, I’ve really been eating a lot of the same things over and over… and over. Same things, in different ways perhaps. Leftovers, ease, and repetition are my dear friends in times of busy long days. And if its delicious, why the hell change it?

Thanks to  Jenn, Arman and Laura for all the good eats 

Breakfasts: Muffins, blueberries and tea 

Breakfasts have, almost every day, been muffins. Homemade, or big bakery treats gifted from Dan (he’s doing real well at keeping my muffin love – and thus my soul – happy). Grabbing a piece of baking has been easy, simple, and fast… which is all I’ve really wanted lately. 

Big ol’ muffin / decaf americano


Sweet potato date muffins / peanut butter / blueberries / rooibos tea

I’ve been drinking herbal tea in the mornings now, rather than coffee (decaf or otherwise) and really enjoying it. I’ve discovered that caffeine in the mornings is really when it is worst for me, but if I hold off until I have more in my belly, a small americano or whole milk latte in the afternoon usually does not affect me as negatively. That afternoon coffee is now the biggest treat that I look forward to. I’ve also been eating blueberries like candy. I’ve been lucky to get them on sale recently, however in the above picture I had to settle for the thawed from frozen variety. 

When not enjoying my fast baking fix, I’ve been really craving breakfast sandwiches. Simple combinations of eggs, bread, cheese and ketchup continue to sound soooo good. 

Whole grain english muffin / fried egg with turmeric / cheese / tomato / spinach  / ginger tea

Lunches: Sandwiches

I ate this sandwich every. day. last week.  And I am not even close to sick of it.  In fact I can’t wait for Dan to bring me a new loaf of my favorite bread so I can start it up again. 

 Yves veggie salami / monterey jack cheese / arugala / tomato / mayo / ketchup / dijon

A loaf a week… 

On the weekend I was happily enjoying a pretty plate of Laura’s brussel sprout quiche with a simple arugula salad. Arugula is funny. I don’t actually love it… and yet, in specific situations, I do??

Brussel sprout quiche / arugula salad with goat cheese and balsamic reduction

Dinners: Patties, potatoes and ketchup

I’ve been eating more meat lately. Partly because I’ve found some good italian sausages and fish on sale, and partly because it just feels easiest right now for quick and easy satiety without any bloating (aka no beans please). 

I’ve been loving the big batch of turkey burgers I made the other week, including this zucchini salsa burgerI’ve been stuffing them into a bun with a yogurt/salsa dressing and melted cheese.

Zucchini Salsa burger with all the fixings

Not sure if I’m low in sodium or something, but my cravings for salty potatoes and all things ketchup have been pretty intense. Thanks to Heather I’ve been crushing that craving with some perfectly roasted potatoes and siding them with kale salads massaged in her delectable orange vinaigrette. I was given an orange infused olive oil for Christmas which is making my salads out of this world. 

I also made up a batch of Thai spiced tuna patties with ginger and kimchi. They taste awwwwesome but I was having a little trouble getting them to bind. Any favorite binders out there?

 Thai tuna patties / roasted potatoes / kale salad with orange vinaigrette / buckets of ketchup post pic

And of course,  I finished off my spaghetti squash by getting my stuff on. No shock value here. I love when my boat fits perfectly in my tupperware. Looks ridiculously fancy, but soooo easy. 

Spaghetti squash / marinara / roasted red pepper / spinach / italian sausage / mozzarella

Desserts and snacks:

…have been a lot of afternoon whole milk lattes, apples, chocolate puddings and my delicious fruit n cereal protein bars that I keep in the freezer. 

Whole milk latte / fruit n cereal protein square

Chocolate pudding / strawberries / crumbled chocolate cream cookies

Oh and peanut butter M&Ms are my new love hug. 

Peanut butter M&Ms. 

  Recent eats! Muffins, sandwiches, burgers, ketchup. Health food for mind body and soul. #wiaw #eeeeeats #goodeats #foodie #recipes #drool Click To Tweet

Lots of good, simple eats and lots of health for the mind, body and soul. 

Tell me,

Have you been eating anything on repeat lately?

Are you an arugula fan? Ketchup addict like me?

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  1. Repurposing leftovers is the story of my life. I once made savory french toast and meatballs for breakfast from a leftover Italian meal.

    I’m so excited you’re still enjoying the quiche! I’m in the arugula-loving camp, but I can see where it’s a different flavor. Oddly, I do not love ketchup. I tolerate it if it’s house made though.
    Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table recently posted…Wild Blueberry Açaí Protein BowlMy Profile

    • I think anything works for breakfast. I’d totally join you in some meatballs. House made ketchup… well that would sure beat my Heinz bottle!

  2. If we have leftovers, you know they are getting repurposed in a fun way. That said… there are rarely leftovers. I’m all about ketchup. I wasn’t huge into it as a kid, but now I’m the condiment queen and it is in my army.

  3. That quiche looks AMAZING. Wow, Laura- you are a genius.
    I am envious of all your delicious looking muffins. I don’t make muffins that much because my homemade ones are always kind of disappointing because they are tough and flat. Bakery muffins, however, would be a different story.
    I am a huge arugula fan. It’s definitely my favorite green and one of my favorite veggies overall.
    And yes to ketchup, but only in traditional ways (i.e. fries, burgers, chicken).
    Kate recently posted…A surprise dinner! (WIAW)My Profile

    • Homemade muffins are just never the same. They can taste great, but they’ll never be like the big fluffy ones we get at cafes. We need their use of sugar and oil for that.

  4. I ALWAYS re-purpose leftovers. My kids hate leftovers so reinventing them became a must to not constantly throw away food.
    Brussel sprout quiche….intrigued.
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Trish recently posted…February 7, 1999My Profile

  5. Mmm! So glad you enjoyed the dressing–I need to try it with the orange infused olive oil! I’ve been eating
    Egg salad on repeat lately…I cant get enough of it!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…WIAW: 20 Weeks PregnantMy Profile

  6. I want you to make me a sandwich!!! I can never make mine anything close to exciting enough to want to eat over and over. But I do know how to fancy up my ketchup: I add liquid smoke and some black pepper. Perfect for fry dipping.
    Jamie@TheMomGene recently posted…How to Be a Kid With Your Kid (and Not Have to Steal Their Coloring Books)My Profile

    • Haha the funny thing about sandwiches is that they ALWAYS taste better when someone else makes them. I like mine now, but I still say that my dad can make me the exACT same sandwich and it will automatically taste 10 times better.
      That tip is GENIUS. Liquid smoke is my favorite!! Thank you thank you!

  7. yum yum yum- love muffins. I want those sweet potato ones! Also m n m’s are the perfect little treat! I feel like we have the same taste buds haha. Sandwiches or wraps have been my go- to for lunches too!
    Lyss recently posted…Weekend Recap: Psychic, Starbucks, & MoreMy Profile

  8. I seriously love how you’re feeding your cravings with such good food. I love putting ketchup on my sandwiches, especially egg sandwiches. I usually crave sweet things, but after a run or a workout or something sweaty I always crave salt. O_O
    Emily Swanson recently posted…WIAW: Eating More Food and Doing LessMy Profile

    • Eggs and ketchup are made to go together. I’d add in some cheese to make it a three-some! I’ve been craving much salt lately… not sure why…

  9. Don’t be mad but…I’m not a big ketchup fan. I’ll go with mayonnaise over ketchup any day! But I love that you’re loving it. And those potato wedges with ketchup sounds amazing!
    Also those tuna patties–I’ve been wanting to experiment with some low-FODMAP tuna burgers.
    It would be tough for me to give up real tea in the morning. It’s good that you’re sensitive to how your body and mind respond to caffeine and taking action accordingly. Ginger and rooibos teas are both amazing!
    Joyce @ The Hungry Caterpillar recently posted…Recent EatsMy Profile

    • Not a ketchup fan! Well I guess when we go out for burgers and fries I’ll have your share. Mayonnaise though we’ll have to share. I’ve become quite the fan as of late.
      Man my tuna patties are just getting better and better each day. I’ve been eating them allll week and am so impressed. Definitely get your experiment on!

  10. Girl, you’re killin it with the sandwiches and burgers. I may have to make an egg and turmeric sammy today! And I could live with muffins every day for breakfast – I wouldn’t be mad. It sounds perfect to be able to look forward to coffee or latte’s in the afternoon.
    Sarah @ Bucket List Tummy recently posted…Day in the Life and What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

    • You know as much as I hate the fact that I’m so sensitive to coffee, it is nice to have it be a real treat to look forward to. You appreciate it sooooo much more. Especially with an afternoon muffin on the side 🙂

  11. I’m the same with arugula, either love it or hate it on things. Depends on my mood I guess. And I usually do oatmeal for breakfast, but you’ve got me thinking I might need to start trying muffins!
    Patricia @Sweet and Strong recently posted…Les Mills Bodypump 100 Initial Training ExperienceMy Profile

  12. We had BLT’s with avocado last night and I couldn’t wait to have another sandwich for lunch today. I don’t eat sandwiches very often, but man- I love a good BLT!
    Jen recently posted…Why Does The Scale Matter?My Profile

  13. Ummm your food = 🙂 <3
    Seriously it all looks SO good! I haven't had a sandwich in so long due to me not wanting to buy GF bread, but now I'm craving one like crazy. Normally I just use rice cakes and make an open-faced sandwich of sorts lol
    Kat recently posted…Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Pretzel CookiesMy Profile

  14. Hmm, I think the only thing I eat consistently everyday is peanut butter. I’ve been trying to mix things up as I have opportunity and, well, I like to! I’ve started to make a few sauces on my days off which I pair with a grain and bean each day of the week. Makes things interesting. This week I made TVP, which I haven’t had in years! Such a good vegan ground meat replacement!
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Fueling Two Days in the Life (a double long run weekend)My Profile

    • It’s great when you have a sauce and can pair it with so many different things. It feels like you are having completely new meals each time.
      TVP is such a godsend! I’m always amazing at how easy and fast it is to prepare.

  15. I am always pretty bad at repeating the same meals over and over but hey! If it aint broke, don’t fix it! Lately my meals on repeat have been baked oatmeal with espresso almond butter and cherries and toasted sandwiches with ham, cheese, mustard and aioli (weird combination but it’s SO good!)

    I have only recently started to like arugula. It was always something that taste AWFUL to me but now I love it!
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recipe: The Best Paleo Zucchini BreadMy Profile

    • I don’t think there’s annnnytthinggg wrong with that. Especially if you like it. And based on your kitchen skillzzzzz how could you not?
      I love that espresso almond butter – but mixing it with cherries would be amazing!! And actually that doesn’t sound like a strange combination to me. Sounds delicious.

  16. Want to know an interesting fact – I have never had a PB M&M… In fact I only tried a peanut M&M for the first time a few months ago. Long story short I didn’t like milk/ dark chocolate growing up and only in the past 3 years have I started eating it again – one great example of how your palate changes with age!
    Right now I have a weekly meal plan that we are just loving having week in and out. I swear not having to make a choice about what I am going to eat is such a stress reliever! In terms of snacks I am eating apples all the time- they are ideal out of the fridge to cool me down!
    chasetheredgrape recently posted…5 simple tips on making life easier #5TTTMy Profile

    • I think PB M&Ms are fairly new? At least, they aren’t always available or easy to find (just like the dark chocolate ones – my favorite!). I don’t actually like the peanut M&Ms, so you weren’t missing much. Regardless, pick yourself up some PB ones if you find them!
      That’s awesome. Not having to think/plan meals through the week is suchhhh a nice feeling. I’m so glad you are enjoying the plan you are on.

  17. All I seem to do lately is eat the same few foods over and over again. For the past month I have been having the same protein/coffee drink and I dont think I will ever get tired of it!

  18. Actually following your example and enjoying a blueberry muffin at a coffee shop this morning. Made my mouth, tummy and soul happy. ? I don’t know why I rarely do this for myself. It’s lovely. Also sharing my recent eats on the blog! Hope to this more often since my lack of posts as of late is kinda sad.

    I’ve been digging avocado and all the different types of squash lately though I’m never not into those really. I’ve got to try turmeric with my eggs! Yay to arugula but a thousand times nay to ketchup ? I don’t know what it is but I absolutely HATE ketchup.
    Kaylee recently posted…Recent Eats: FebruaryMy Profile

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