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What I Ate Wednesday: And In Reality....

What I Ate Wednesday: And In Reality….

Happy Wednesday, friends. 

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday is brought to you by a slice of “….and in reality.”   A look into both the world of the theater, and the world of reality behind a food blog. I did not plan for my eats to be so randomly located and non-ideally timed today, but in the world of theater… that’s really what they become. When rehearsing and/or performing a show, you really are at the mercy of when the Stage Manager or Director allocates break times. And since performances are in the evenings and require a good 1-2 hours of warm up/prep/getting ready before hand (some more than others), meals tend to be eaten at less than ideal times (read: 11 pm dinners). This day (Monday – our second last day of rehearsals before opening on Wednesday) was just kind of a messy one all around, and involved a lot of going with the flow where I really couldn’t preplan how the day was going to go. Or if I did, that plan changed. 


Thank you Jen, Arman and Laura


I wasn’t called for rehearsal until noon, so I was looking forward to a nice quiet morning with one of my favorite at-home breakfasts. Pancake got made, pancake got plated, pancake got photographed…. and then I learned my internet wasn’t working. There was work I was really needing to do before going to the theatre, so I threw my pretty plate into a tupperware and biked to Starbucks.

At home it looked like this…. 

breakfast baked pancake reality

Single Serve Pancake: 1/3 oats / 1/4 whisked egg whites / 2 Tbsp pumpkin puree / pumpkin pie spice / 1/4 tsp baking powder / salt / stevia / vanilla 

In reality, a little more like this….

breakfast baked pancake reality

8 AM: Coffee / Single Serving Pancake / Banana / Raspberries / Peanut Butter


I wanted to crush the craving I had for a BAT (Bacon, Avocado, Tomato) sandwich. Before throwing it in a tupperware, I got the typical instagram glamour shot…

bat-sandwich reality

Smashed Avocado / Turkey Bacon / Tomato 

While in reality

Rehearsal (costume preps/fitting/music transitions) was scheduled 12-3 …  I think it should be illegal to schedule any sort of work smack dab overtop a typical meal time, no? … so, knowing I had to have something before we began, I scarfed down what I could outside the dressing room while checking the call board and schedule for the day. I only had time to eat half the sandwich, plus I just wasn’t that starving yet considering it was before noon, annnnnd I had to get into a corset right after. So into the fridge the other half went.


11:30 Half a sandwich


Our “dinner” was scheduled from 3-4 (ha). It was our only real break of the day so I was torn between eating my dinner at this time (I was pretty hungry since only having half a sandwich) or just having a hefty snack. I opted for the snack idea since I was feeling a little down and had the sneaky suspicion a latte would bring some comfort. I usually don’t have this full of a snack, but I knew this was going to need to last me until whenever our run was finished. And really didn’t know when that would be. 

latte snack reality

Whole milk latte + 2 protein cereal squares (whose recipe was supposed to be up yesterday but, thanks to the internet disappearing on me, didn’t happen. Ah well. Come back friday for this tasty snack). 

And yes, this latte/snack did exactly what I was hoping. Whole milk lattes are so good. They are so naturally sweet and comforting. 

Anyhoo, before my snack looks like this, in reality….

…it actually looks like this. I pack about 4 different options into a tupperware because I have no idea what times I’ll be able to eat and/or what I will feel like in the moment. I always want options, ya know?

snack suitcase reality

Snack suitcase


We prepped from 4-5:30 and then had our run from 5:30-8. Then we had notes from 8-9. So I didn’t get to have my dinner until I was back in my dressing room at 9/9:30. The good thing is a) my snack really did well at keeping me going through the run – the caffeine gave me a boost but having it with whole milk didn’t give me anxiety or any sort of shakes, and opting for whole milk made it more satiating – WIN and b) the show I am doing is so crazy and intricate and busy that not one of us has a moment to stop. Therefore I have zero time to even think about if I’m hungry, or to let in any thoughts about what my eating has been like that day. It’s just so tertiary, which is good. 

On the weekend, my dinner looked like this. So beautiful, ya?

rice noodles reality

Rice noodles / Edamame / Peas / Peppers /Kale sauteed in my favorite Maple Miso dressing from this recipe 

And in reality….

It was thrown into a tupperware and wearily eaten as I collapsed in the dressing room. Heels off. Corset loosened. Makeup somewhat smudged away. Stockings still on. 

dinner-dressing-room reality

9:00 pm: Rice noodles in dressing room 

 dinner-dressing-room reality

That wig? Only one of the number of costume changes I have to throw myself in and out of. #Imtoosexyformy….

No sweet evening snack on the couch for me this day – I was tired and full enough when I got home I just went to bed. I won’t be getting my relaxing evening snack time for a while now. But that’s the life of the theater… 

Last night however (Tuesday), I did come home after our run at 11:30 pm and had a brownie and a pudding, so it will always be changing. Not ideal, but I definitely need sustenance after the show, which will be running for 2 weeks now, whether that be dinner or dessert or snack or…

Sometimes food needs to just be functional. Not for pleasure or leisure; sometimes not at ideal times or in ideal circumstances; and sometimes not even when you are hungry. But you have to feed your body to feed your passion

Feed your body to feed your passion. Sometimes you have to let reality win. #reallife #sustenance #foodforfocus #wiaw Click To Tweet

Tell me,

Do you find it difficult to change up your eating times/habits/routine if your work or school schedule requires it? 




  1. Heather @ Polyglot Jot | 9th Nov 16

    Sounds like you still got in a good day of eats! I like this format–very creative! I definitely have a hard time some days with my work schedule. It’s very rigid the times I’m “allowed’ to eat or take a food break. Im not always hungry during my designated eating times and other times am starving and waiting waiting until it’s time!
    Heather @ Polyglot Jot recently posted…Link Love: Recent ReadsMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Heather, I’m sure I knew at one point but I forget – what is your job? It does sound you don’t always get the most ideal schedule, which as I know, can be pretty difficult to manage… though unfortunately doesn’t often have a choice behind it πŸ™

  2. Marina @ A Dancer's Live-It | 9th Nov 16

    Definitely agree with this, my class schedule limits me to eat at certain times. Some days I know I’m not necessarily “hungry” at that time but I know it’s the only time I have to eat so I eat! No shame in that! πŸ™‚
    Marina @ A Dancer’s Live-It recently posted…Warrior Woman Wednesday #22My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      No shame… but it does take practice and mental dedication. Something that I’m SO much better at now, but still have to fight a lot of the thoughts in my head that go along with it.

  3. Kat | 9th Nov 16

    Haha my reality never looks like what makes it to the blog! Then again I dont want all ya’ll to know how much of a hot mess that I am. Seriously.
    I have such a hard time switching up my eating patterns/times/ect because I am such a routined person. In fact, vacations are one of my biggest stressors simply because of the food aspect. Especially being gluten-free now. I try not to pigeon hole myself into certain foods and times to eat but patterns and routines are hard for me to break!
    Kat recently posted…[WIAW] Don’t Be Afraid To Treat Yo Self!My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      I think you should show us a reality post one day!! How interesting it would be to see the real life behind the BEAUTIFUL photos. We all love you as a hot hot mess!
      We’re in this together, Kat. I totally understand and feel for you here. I’m not even gluten free, so you have an additional challenge facing you.

  4. Lyss | 9th Nov 16

    I have to change around my eating times/what I’m eating a lot based on school. If I’m super busy, I’m not going to have time to sit down and have a meal, so I eat stuff on the go- protein bars, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, nuts, etc. That’s reality and I always remind myself it’s okay to do that! Just gotta go with the flow πŸ™‚
    Lyss recently posted…You can’t do it allMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      I’m getting there…. I do it now, but it still takes some mental battle to remind myself its okay.

  5. Sarah @ BucketListTummy | 9th Nov 16

    Yessss, so with you that sometimes, we just need functional foods. Whole milk lattes are my favorite snack for the extra protein and fat. Pairs perfectly with chocolate or your protein cereal squares (so excited for the recipe!). My reality is very similar to yours – colors are not as bright, things are thrown into tupperware and it looks WAY less appealing. But that’s life!
    Sarah @ BucketListTummy recently posted…Wild Blueberry Sweet Potato Wheat BreadMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      I’m craving another whole milk latte right now. Its both functional AND comforting AND delicious. Definitely would go best with chocolate.
      I love beautiful photos so I’m glad that’s a part of blogging. But it ain’t always real life.

  6. Emily Swanson | 9th Nov 16

    I do find it difficult to change eating habits, and I love to see how you adjusted Cora; you still fueled so so well, and all of your meals look like they were really good for a full day. πŸ™‚ Your days make me tired. πŸ™‚ I think it would be fun to do something like this. Can I borrow your idea for another week?
    Emily Swanson recently posted…WIAW: Confession Time: Why I Hate Saying Goodbye…My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Of course you can!!

  7. rachel @ athletic avocado | 9th Nov 16

    Haha I love the pure honesty here! Let’s be real, the food I eat looks nothing like my Instagram or blog photos lol!
    rachel @ athletic avocado recently posted…Sticky Bun Vegan Cheesecake {Paleo + Gluten-Free!}My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Nooooppeee. I love beautiful photos so I’m glad that’s a part of many blogs. But let’s be real it ain’t always real life.

  8. Evangeline | 9th Nov 16

    I love these type of posts. Blogging life can seem so perfect and picturesque, but in reality, it’s messy and busy. That pancake looks awesome and so do the rice noodles. Drooool.
    Evangeline recently posted…WIAW #13: The Election + Overthinking β€œHealth”My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Yep. I love the photography element of blogging – but it ain’t always real life.

  9. Patricia @Sweet and Strong | 9th Nov 16

    I need routine, so being off really messes up with my eating habits. I loved the reality pics, I always take nice pics for the blog but in reality by the time I eat my meals they look nothing like that lol.
    Patricia @Sweet and Strong recently posted…Cardio and Abs Circuit WorkoutMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      I’m learning to not have routine – because I often just don’t have a choice behind it. But its hard and something I’m still trying to learn to live with.
      I love beautiful pics! But yeah, its not how it usually ends up…aha

  10. Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood | 9th Nov 16

    Looooovee this post. I was telling my husband the other day that i take semi nice pictures of food but the reality is i eat about 2/3 of my food standing at the kitchen counter with a baby on my hip, ha!
    Morgan @ Morgan Manages Mommyhood recently posted…Comment on Pumpkin Cookie Dough Muffins by AudreyMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Lol. Blogging is just so funny…. I really wonder what others might think if they could be a fly on the wall.

  11. Susie @ SuzLyfe | 9th Nov 16

    There is a reason that you all don’t see glamour shots of my food… because I a) have horrible lighting in my apartment and b) I just consume things and ain’t got not time for that.
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…How to Turn Your Dog into a Running Partner (Whistle Review)My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      And that’s okay! Though it would be fun to be a fly on the wall.

  12. Miss Polkadot | 9th Nov 16

    That finishing line! So true.
    It was really interesting – you know I’m curious about your theatre world – to get a better idea of what a typical day looks like for you. This sounds seriously stressful and straining. Major kudos for managing this kind of schedule. I think it’s living our dreams that evokes unknown resources of energy and the right spirit to stay motivated, hm? Fingers crossed for your show!! I wish I could see it.

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Definitely. Its hard, but the passion behind it always wins. Which is a beautiful feeling, though still takes mental effort. Wish you could come see it!!

  13. Ellie Pell | 10th Nov 16

    I really enjoyed this insiders look into your day at the theater. I have a different work schedule everyday, however, I usually eat at the same times, it just depends on whether that is when I’m on break or if I just eat while I’m working. Sometimes I wish I had a more relaxing meal, but if one out of my three meals is nice and relaxing, that’s enough.
    Ellie Pell recently posted…Mendon Ponds 50K 2016 Race RecapMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      That’s soooo nice that you have a job that lets you still kind of eat when you need to. Of course it isn’t always ideal or pleasurable to feel like you are eating as you work or on the go or out of tupperwares, but that’s something that’s really hard to avoid.

  14. chasetheredgrape | 10th Nov 16

    Because I always have lunch at home, it’s always hot, even if it is just heating up leftovers. Then on Sunday at the competition I knew we needed to pack a lunch and I was like ‘ah what do I do’? Have my meat and veggies cold of course, but there was that moment of ‘how do I make a cold lunch again!?!’ panic! Ha! But I’m sure cold lunches will be on their way very soon – who wants a hot lunch in the summer!?
    I think you did a great job considering all the time constraints – I do the same as you, bring more than I need so I have different options at the time!

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Ahhhhh, interesting! Its amazing how we don’t even realize how routined we have become until we are faced with something that challenges it, eh? I wish I could have more hot lunches…. so I bet if I were to have a full day at home I would be in the same predicament as you and panic at the thought of what I should have.
      You’ll be doing the opposite of me from now on – salads and sandwiches for you – hot meat and chills for me.

  15. Kate | 10th Nov 16

    Dream job would either have a kitchen OR allow me to go home for lunch. I love hot lunches eaten at the table. Not getting that right now either. After all these years I still feel like I could pack my lunch better.
    Your day definitely sounds insane! I hope it calms down a little bit soon. I need that me time. I’m glad you got some in the morning!
    Kate recently posted…Am I rambling? (WIAW)My Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Yupppp. Hot lunches at home are such a luxury – but they are so rare that they always feel so strange!

  16. cookiesnchem | 10th Nov 16

    I know I tell you this all the time, but you inspire me so much! Thanks for keeping it so real, girl.
    I completely agree. I hate it when meetings and classes go during meal time, and there’s no way around it. The worst is when you have class from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, or when meetings go from 5:00 to 8:00. :'( I don’t mind eating in class, but sometimes I just want a warm, microwaved meal! I love all the meals you have here. You are insanely busy, but I think you manage your time so well.
    cookiesnchem recently posted…My Favourite Tofu Hash, Zucchini Bread, and Overnight Carrot Cake OatsMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Aw, thank you hun. That means a lot.
      And I know!! Those are the worst times!! I really have to wonder what people are thinking when they make those schedules – or at LEAST give a 20 minute meal break or expect to see people eating in your class.

  17. Casey the College Celiac | 10th Nov 16

    First of all, why have I never heard of a BAT sandwich and damn girl, that noodle dish looks awesome! I can definitely relate to struggles with changing schedules…I’m a VERY regulated eater, so I definitely don’t like it when meetings cut into my meal time. However, I absolutely LOVE the last line of this blog…and food is definitely a must to kick ass on a daily basis πŸ˜‰

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Preach. I’ve been faced with challenges that have forced me to become less regimented about my eating. Its hard and still takes mental effort, but I’m getting better at it…. I don’t have a choice!
      Keep kicking ass and get yourself a BAT!

  18. Sarah | 10th Nov 16

    I definitely am a creature of habit. I am learning though that my recovery means learning to be flexible and still nourishing my body appropriately. It is hard but necessary and practice makes perfect-well close to “perfect” πŸ˜‰ Your eats look great chica!
    Sarah recently posted…WIAW: Sharing My Day in MealsMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Exactly. A huge part of recovery is the learning to be flexible and not have to be so regimented. I do it now, but i still have to battle the thoughts that go along with it. I don’t suppose those will go away anytime soon, but as long as we can give in and eat when we aren’t maybe “comfortable” doing so, we are fighting against it and soon it will become normal.

  19. Kristy from Southern In Law | 11th Nov 16

    I am so with you on the whole milk lattes – they are so much creamier and more satisfying! Mind you, I will go for an almond milk latte over a whole milk one if the cafe I’m at makes their own almond milk or has fresh almond milk as they’re always super creamy too!

    I can usually change up my schedule, however, if I have to wait too long between eating I tend to turn into a bit of a hangry beast πŸ˜‰
    Kristy from Southern In Law recently posted…Recent Things: All Things Sweet and Hoarder ConfessionsMy Profile

    • Cora | 12th Nov 16

      Interesting! I always find almond milk lattes a little too watery… but if they made their own? Holy that would be nice!! Waiting too long to eat makes Cora NOT nice to be around.

  20. Toddster | 13th Nov 16

    Greetings !! I was curious & wondering if you ever drink cocoa ?? and if you have ever heard of people putting berries or choc-0-chips in their pancakes ? also if you ever eat sunflower seeds ? I bike a lot and often eat bananas with cherries and I drink a lot of grape juice , do you Cora ? ….Just subscribed 2U Cheers
    ————–>> Todd

  21. My Kind of Marathon: Eating for Performance (WIAW) | 15th Nov 16

    […] small and frequent is better than large and infrequent (not only is it better but really it is the only option, given the odd timing of the shows). I’m finding smaller, dense things are just so much more […]

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