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WIAW: Busy busy butta butta

Well. Creativity is not flowing this week ya’ll. Writers block? Fatigue? Don’t know. All I know is I want a big bowl of warm oats, a few mugs of glorious coffee, a few hours (mm, days) on my couch and absolutely nothing world shattering to come out of my “writing utensils”.

But no time for couch living this week. Busy busy here. So as I day dream about days off and endless mugs of java and ryan gosling stumbling in through my door, let’s simply enjoy gawking at some yummy food, mmhmm? Plus, it’s been a little heavy around here recently, so I say some simplicity is in order.

Ohhh and I hear through the grapevine it is American Thanksgiving this week, ya? We already celebrated our turkey time up here in “the north,” but I must say I’ve always been jealous of the grander scale of celebration the states seem to have.  You get to enjoy it with a more “ho ho ho” spirit approaching.  So really, many of you will be busy cooking up a stuffing storm, carving all your turkey gobbles and getting ready for time with family.  And I encourage all of this fully.

So let’s get to it!



Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party!


We had our first snow fall last night!! I hate the cold, but the first snow is always a little exciting.  Although this day of eats are from Monday (before the snow) I had already started getting into the winter season by craving all sorts of warm and cozy breakfast goodness.


Crock pot pumpkin steel cut oats + stewed apples +

pumpkin zucchini muffin + gobbles of peanut buttaaaa


Pumpkin is still a winter thing, ya? Sure. Yes. Of course it is.  It’s American thanksgiving time anyways and there’s got to be more pumpkin involved there!?


I repeat. Gobbles of peanut buttaaaaaa.


But then, this was weird. I also craved a salad. Well, I also had random things in my fridge I needed to use up, and had to pack my lunch to go, so this usually calls for ‘random salad mash time’.  I threw together a new little combination and it turned out fabbbbb.


Massaged Kale + edamame + peas + roasted sweet potato + feta  +

standard dressing of EVOO/balsamic/maple syrup/dijon/s+p


The last *sniff sniff*  of my previously mentioned ammmazing brownies.


Brownie and coffee afternoon pick me up

PS. It is also “free small coffee” time at McDs here, and you better believe I’ve been hitting that up. It’s really just about getting the free stickers that will then get me free lattes and hot chocolates later on. No shame.


I got out of rehearsal early enough to come home for a hot meal. Quite rare. I was zonked, so dishing out leftover tofu scramble and turning on the steamer was absolutely all I could muster. Good thing I love my simple dinners. Its allllll about comfort.

… and kabocha.


Steamed kabocha + scrambled tofu + steamed brussels with buttaaaa

Evening snack/dessert:

Well, that wasn’t enough. There was not enough carbs in my lunch or dinner. Not enough carbs = evening hunger.  These WIAW posts can be helpful for looking back and becoming aware of how my intake was. In this case, it has made me realize I did not have enough to eat today.

I scooped out this bowl of my homemade apple crisp experiment, and then went back for a few squares of (unpictured) dark chocolate.  Sadly, I didn’t have ice cream. Apple crisp should allllways be eaten with ice cream. Sigh. I’ll have you yet.

Homemade slow cooker Apple Crisp


Made with buttaaaaaa

……I really just had to see how many times I could say buttaaaaaaa in one post.

SO… I learned that I need to challenge myself with including more carbs in my lunch and dinner.

I learned that I should always have an emergency stash of vanilla ice cream in my freezer, no matter the time of year.

I learned that I will never get sick of pumpkin (mm, already knew that).

And I learned that tomorrow is American Thanksgiving. To all who this concerns, I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends and think of only the things that make your heart smile. I hope that you may actually unplug yourself from this online world and focus on seeing what’s in front of you. There really is a lot there to be thankful for. And of course, ENJOY all the delicious food. But remember, its not just about the food.

Tell me,

Do you still crave salad in the winter?

Are you more hungry in the evening if you haven’t had ample carbs – or other specific macronutrient – throughout the day?

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, what are you most excited for?


  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 25th Nov 15

    I crave veggies more than salads in the winter, only because it’s too damn cold to eat lettuce. Although not too cold to drink frozen smoothies. Hmm, clearly my rationale is no longer as solid as I thought. ‘Eh no matter, I eat what I crave.

    Speaking of which, your easy dinner looks fantastic. I will take a plate of those and two bowls of the apple crisp please. 🙂

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

    • mylittletablespoon | 25th Nov 15

      I’ve never been able to get on the ‘frozen smoothie in the winter’ train… but I don’t judge! You ladies do what you like! 🙂

  2. Jacklyn @ Jack's Balancing Act | 25th Nov 15

    ha LOVE your McDonalds strategy! I stopped craving salads when fall hit but a few weeks without them has me totally back on board and wanting them. Also, do you follow a recipe of your tofu scramble or just sort of wing it? I want to try one but don’t know how to give it flavour!

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Nov 15

      Aha. I’m a professional at getting free grub. Oo tofu scramble! I posted a recipe for my tofu scramble here http://mylittletablespoon.com/2015/10/31/vegan-breakfast-for-dinner-recipe/ but when I’m feeling supppper lazy all I do is sautee some onion and garlic with the crumbled tofu and splashes of almond milk to keep things moist, and then add a mix match of spices to taste – always turmeric, usually cumin, salt+pepper… sometimes curry and sometimes cayenne or red pepper flakes for a little heat. Its seriously SO easy.

  3. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables | 25th Nov 15

    I definitely still crave salad in the winter! Although I usually like them heartier. Kale salad with apples and walnuts is my favorite right now! 🙂

    • mylittletablespoon | 25th Nov 15

      YUM that sounds marvelous and perfectly winter-y. There’s always a way to make salads last through the year I say 🙂

  4. Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian | 25th Nov 15

    I agree that pumpkin is still a thing even in the winter! I always try to have a slice of pumpkin pie at Christmas Eve dinner even.

  5. hungryforbalance | 25th Nov 15

    Yes to all the BUTTAAAA! That apple crisp looks amazing!!!
    I usually crave cooked salads in the winter time, if that makes sense. I guess it would be more of a medley 😉
    Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes! The sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce is always my favorite.
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. Arman @ thebigmansworld | 25th Nov 15

    Um… Butter needs to be its own food group 🙂

    Pumpkin and kabocha all in one day? I’m turning orange with excitement!

    • mylittletablespoon | 25th Nov 15

      Oh gosh its such norm for me I don’t even realize! I’m perma beta carotene loaded my skin should really be orange. 🙂

  7. Kate Bennett | 25th Nov 15

    I crave salads year around! I could probably eat one everyday.
    I really need to use my crock pot more because I love it so, but man I hate cleaning it! It’s seriously my least favorite dish.
    I’m pretty cognizant of having some kind of carb at every meal or the meal just won’t feel complete.

  8. Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me | 26th Nov 15

    Homemade apple crisp…. mmmmm! Can you ship some my way? Please and thank you. 😉

  9. Beauty in Christ (@Emily11949309) | 26th Nov 15

    Do you still crave salad in the winter?
    Yes, but I think my most favorite way to have veggies is in soups, stews, chilis or roasted veggies.

    Are you more hungry in the evening if you haven’t had ample carbs – or other specific macronutrient – throughout the day?
    For sure! 🙂 I have a difficult time getting in enough protein and carbs everyday.

    If you are celebrating Thanksgiving this week, what are you most excited for?
    Cooking food with my family. I’m actually not looking forward to the turkey trot as much with the snow forecast. O_O Secretly hoping we get snowed in.

  10. chasetheredgrape | 26th Nov 15

    I am so confused with cravings at the moment – my head is still in UK mode and therefore wants warm comforting cozy food… Buuuut my body is in full on Australia mode and wants, nay needs, cooling foods! So my meals are pretty all over the place at the moment! But iced coffee and watermelon are daily necessities! Haha!
    I always try and tell myself that I don’t need more carbs at meal times, especially lunch and dinner but lo and behold if I don’t have them the hunger monster comes full force! I am getting better though!

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Nov 15

      Ha! That does sound confusing! But just the fact that you have iced coffees thrown in there makes me jealous. I guess its sometimes more about doing what you need to do for future sake, and not always just what you “need” in the moment. 🙂

  11. Miss Polkadot | 26th Nov 15

    One day we’ll meet and I’ll get to try all of the delicious food you’re preparing 😉 – wishful thinking?! Really, though, you ate some pretty good food. Especially that bowl of oats in the morning. Mmmh.
    Hunger hits big time if I don’t eat enough carbs throughout the day. I don’t consciously count macros but obviously know which ones certain foods are high in plus we intuitively crave our personal best macro balance in anyway. It looks like you did well following your butter cravings :).

    • mylittletablespoon | 26th Nov 15

      Wishful thinking, heck no! When we have this meeting we will eat allll the most glorious food (as long as you make me all your veggie, chili, polenta goodness). “We intuitively crave our personal best macro…” oh man you just put it perfectly.

  12. cookiesnchem | 29th Nov 15

    Gobbles of peanut buttaaaaaa. Gobbles of peanut buttaaaaaa. Gobbles of peanut buttaaaaaa.
    I’m repeating after you! 🙂

    Your meals look insanely good here, especially that breakfast with pumpkin and gobbles of peanut buttaaaaaa. 😉

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