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WIAW: Good Food

Happy Wednesday! I’m taking the opportunity to put a little sparkle in “hump day” and celebrate food. WIAW style.


Thanks to the ‘fabricator,’ Jenn! and Arman for hosting this week’s party

As I mentioned on Monday, I ate dammmmn good well last week. I wish I got more pictures of some of my eats, as I was taken out a few times (bonus) and was proud of my choices.  But oh well. The food continues…just a little more leftover style.


My breakfasts have felt weird lately. I’m usually so into making sure my breakfast is, well, awesome. It is my favorite meal after all. Not that they haven’t been good, but I’ve just been so laid back about them. For the past week I’ve literally just decided what I was going to have the morning of as I open my fridge, and its often been something to just use up random leftovers. Actually, it feels pretty awesome. There’s been a few times where I’ve had something that was totally “meh – that wasn’t that good,” and yet, I haven’t really cared. I find myself thinking, “it’s just food – I just need something to sustain me through the morning,” rather than, “omg this has to be perfect and if its not its going to ruin my day.”  Food freedom….yes. 
IMGP3273Leftover gluten free pancakes (1 pumpkin 1 blueberry) + peanut butter + DIY pumpkin yogurt

For the yogurt I just mix 2% (or greek when I have it) with pumpkin puree, a whopping spillage of pumpkin spice and a pinch of stevia


This guy was a mean example of leftovers-turned-epic salad. Leftovers + a little meal prep = fabulous meal in 5 minutes or less. I marinated a block of tofu in my favorite smokey-miso marinade and roasted my usual batch of sweet potatoes on sunday so this guy was a piece of cake.

Damn. I should have had cake.


Shredded kale + quinoa + nuts and goji berry trail mix + smokey miso tofu + roasted sweet potato 


I’m not a big trail mix person, at least as a snack option, but it is so awesome for adding into salads. You can turn an ordinary salad into something fancy with one single buy.

Afternoon snack:

Cookies? No surprise here. But I do think this was the last of my fridge stash. So for the first time in weeks I will be cookie-less! Looks like I get to bake this weekend. Maybe I’ll even pull out some new recipes. OooooOoo.


Flourless chocolate chip cranberry cookies


I had a short day at rehearsal so I had time to make one of my favorite all time recipes. I first made Kristy’s Cheesy Cornbread Waffles with Cauliflower Lentil Sloppy Joes years ago, and it blew me away. It does require some extra prep time, so I don’t get very many occasions to make it (#5minutemealsplease). But damn, it is delicious. Basically this is a vegan lentil sloppy joe mash, plopped onto of a vegan/gluten free cornbread waffle. Such a fun creation.

Now I don’t know if its my old, second hand waffle maker or just me, but my waffle skills are definitely crap-ola. As much as I am sure I’ve waited long enough, I never do! I always end up popping the top too early, making my waffle fall apart and stick to the sides and make all sorts of awfuly waffley-mess (sorry I had to). It’s a true test of my patience, I tell ya. Good thing waffles still taste amazing no matter the form they end up in.


Cheesy (gluten free) Cornbread Waffle with Cauliflower Lentil Sloppy Joes (Vegan)

topped with avocado

The sloppy joe includes liquid smoke, which was also used in my tofu marinade above. Liquid Smoke has got to be my favorite secret ingredient. Have you ever used it? A little goes a LONG way, so a bottle lasts you forever. It brings out such amazing flavor.


Those little crevices. So perfect for holding all that deliciousness.  If they didn’t take the extra effort, I think I’d maybe even choose waffles over pancakes? Gasp.


Night Snack:

Whoa. Okay, so, I didn’t think I was on this whole salted caramel/salted chocolate train. But… count me in. A friend bought me this chocolate bar and it is ah-mazing. I had half of the bar plus some pear for my necessary evening sweet. Sorry, forgot to take a picture.


Chocolate to cap off the day… always. 

And that’s a wrap. Or a burrito… or taco….

A day of food.

Because although food is just food…its also real good.

Tell me:

Waffles or pancakes?

Do you have trouble making waffles… or is it just me?

Salted chocolate fan?


  1. Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets | 21st Oct 15

    A cornbread waffle with cauliflower sloppy joes. I am enamored!!

    Happy WIAW and thanks for linking up.

  2. Kate Bennett | 21st Oct 15

    That cornbread waffle is so going on my to-make list!
    I find the more busy I get with school the less attention I give to making amazing meals. I guess we just got to go with the flow and do what works best.

    • mylittletablespoon | 21st Oct 15

      Exactly – that’s precisely what life is. It can feel good sometimes to actually not have time to worry about “special” meals – because you are busy doing other things for you life!

  3. melissa | 21st Oct 15

    I love your lunch! It’s definitely something that I woud love to eat. I’m not pancakes or waffles fan! Weird I know, but I prefer savory breakfasts. Maybe I would like a savory cornbread one?

    • mylittletablespoon | 21st Oct 15

      Ooooo how interesting! I usually say I don’t like savory breakfasts, but then I have one, and I always love it. I think you’d like this waffle – it would definitely suit your savory needs. Topped with a runny egg perhaps? YUM.

  4. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables | 21st Oct 15

    OMG I love cornbread waffles but I’ve NEVER Thought about adding something savory on top! This is genius! I’m definitely trying that soon!

    • mylittletablespoon | 21st Oct 15

      Ooooooo exciting! Do it! If you’re an egg fan – throw some yolk porn on there too!

  5. Lauren | 21st Oct 15

    oooh! Waffles are my favorite!

  6. Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me | 21st Oct 15

    That yogurt concoction sounds delicious! I need to give it a shot. It also sounds like it would be good heated up. hmm… so many options!
    Waffles or pancakes? pancakes all the way, but I wouldn’t turn down a waffle either.

    • mylittletablespoon | 22nd Oct 15

      Oooo heated up eh!? I’ve had it over hot apple crumble – so yes, I see this being pretty divine.

  7. Jacklyn @ Jack's Balancing Act | 22nd Oct 15

    Ahh everything looks SO delicious 🙂 I’m definitely a fellow waffle-making struggler haha! Mine always stick and break apart too. But still so good. I’ve never tried liquid smoke but am officially on a mission to find some!!

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  9. cookiesnchem | 27th Oct 15

    I am drooling just looking at your photos! Those chocolate cookies look amazing, as does your breakfast… and lunch and dinner 😉
    I cannot make pancakes for the life of me. The vegan pancakes I made once became a sticky mess that wouldn’t cook. I definitely prefer pancakes and I do like salted chocolate 🙂 So good!

    • mylittletablespoon | 27th Oct 15

      Pancakes can be a little tricky – I’ve had a lot of experimentation and a LOT of failures!

      • cookiesnchem | 27th Oct 15

        I find waffles 10x trickier than pancakes! 😛

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